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Rot Beldorion, genannt Der Prächtige, war ein Hutt - Jedi des alten Ordens und der einzige seiner Spezies, der je zum Jedi ausgebildet wurde. Though the centuries-old Dark Jedi was powerful, Organa was able to move more freely and bisected the Hutt at the mid-section.[1]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Einmal reiste Beldorion mit seinem Partner dem Jedi Taselda nach Nam Chorios, angeblich um Therans Antriebsmechanismus zu überprüfen. When not plaguing Tatooine and other planets with their Hutt Cartel, one of them was dicing up Jedi with a red lightsaber. None of these are very friendly and all are criminally … He was trained at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant . Beldorion Taking on missions from the Jedi High Council, Beldorion was dispatched to Nam Chorios with fellow Knight Taselda in 400 BBY. Zugehörigkeit [Source]. 9 meters[2] Well, … Er bereitete große Schwierigkeiten mit seinen neun Metern. Er vermied auch die Unbeweglichkeit der Hutten in seinem Alter. Beldorion graduated from the academy and was taken as a Padawan by a Jedi Master. Next up is Beldorion, the only Hutt known to be a Jedi Knight. Discovered by the Jedi Order circa 400 BBY, records indicate that Beldorion was the only known Hutt to enter into the Order. Nal Hutta[1] 443-347-9272 Eldwyn Missler. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Beldorion was somewhat adept in the Force, though by the time Leia Organa Solo encountered him in 13 ABY, his strength had greatly decayed as a result of centuries of Dzym feeding off his energy. Biografische Daten Heimat Beldorion had some skill using Force persuasion, and his gaze was considered by some to be hypnotic. Beldorion was a Hutt who trained to be a Jedi sometime before the Clone Wars (the only known Huttese Jedi). So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. Jedi-OrdenGalaktische Republik. Beruf / Tätigkeit Geschlecht When angered by his servant, Liegeus Vorn, he would occasionally u… Following years of travel and study, Beldorion passed his Trials of Knighthood and was elevated to the rank of Jedi Knight. Ein langer, schneller Hieb mit dem Lichtschwert tötete den Hutten. Let's compare the Legends character Beldorion the Hutt with a canon Hutt that shares some similarities with him, Grakkus the Hutt! Ungefähr dreizehn Jahre nach der Schlacht von Yavin reisten Luke Skywalker und Leia Oragana Solo nach Nam Chorios, um Seti Ashgad zu treffen. He had a strong affinity for the Force (a trait not often … One of the main reasons why I like Beldorion The Hutt is because Beldorion is a Hutt and was also a Jedi. Homeworld The most famous Hutt and the first to be depicted, from whose design template that later used for other members of the race is derived, is Jabba the Hutt, who appears in the films Return of the Jedi, the Special Edition release of A New Hope (in a formerly-deleted scenem… Species Having crafted a lightsaber with a purple blade, Beldorion would change the trajectory of his lightsaber strikes in a battle, demonstrating some attributes of the seventh form of lightsaber combat. After being sent to … Name: Beldorion the Hutt Status: Fallen Jedi Knight, deceased Period: Old Repulic - New Republic Sex: Male Race: Hutt Weapon: Stolen lightsaber Notes: This large Hutt once trained as a Jedi Knight. His name was Beldorion, and Leia cut him in half with a light saber 757-260-2613 Devaki Verhey. Beldorion wird im Buch Planet der Verlorenen als Beldorian bezeichnet. While originally prepared as Beldorion's meal, the Droch known as Dzym came to conspire with the Hutt, helping the Dark Jedi remain strong and youthful in exchange for the freedom to access the planet's rare Tsil stones. Er … The Dune Sea and Jabba the Hutt's Sail Barge. Height Beldorion was a Hutt Jedi Knight serving the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic roughly four hundred years before the founding of the Galactic Empire. Hutt Dabei verfielen die beiden der dunklen Seite der Macht. Died Obwohl Leia nicht weitgehend im Lichtschwertkampf ausgebildet worden war, hatte sie Kampftraining und einen scharfen Einblick in die Macht. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Nevertheless, he was still powerful enough to generate huge Force storms. Beldorion was a male Hutt Jedi Master serving the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic roughly four hundred years before the founding of the Galactic Empire. He operated during the time of the Old Republic, going back as far as 400 BBY. His name was Beldorion the Hutt and was a former Jedi Knight around 400 years before the Galactic Empire took over. Dabei traf Leia Beldorion, der sie anschließend gefangen nahm. 757-260-3100 Nellda Snelson. Ihr zwängt euch da wieder ein viel zu steifes Bild auf... Zudem ist das keine wirkliche Umfrage . Hutt Lillie. Skin color JediDunkler Jedi May 28, 2014. 13 NSY 443-347-2677 Elijha Tabbert. Similar to worms, Hutts were hermaphrodites which meant they had both male and female reproductive organs. Artist Spencer Brinkerhoff periodically does a sort of contest in his thread at the Rebelscum forums where he will post a message containing the word “GO!” and the first person to post a character name afterward will get a free sketch card of that character. 443-347-1312 Landa Rindt. He had a cocky attitude and would never accept defeat. Spezies Hutt[1] 443-347-7238 Pen Seelig Nachdem er auf den Planeten Nam Chorios geschickt wurde, errichtete er dort eine Diktatur und verfiel der dunklen Seite der Macht. 443-347-1237 Cane Wigner. During her captivity, Organa was able to regain possession of her lightsaber and engage her captor in a duel. Beldorions Koch war ein Kubaz, der im Jahr 13 NSY im Dienst des Hutts Beldorion auf Nam Chorios stand. Fact Files of the week: Beldorian the Hutt (Jedi) Wookiepedia: Discovered by the Jedi Order circa 400 BBY, records indicate that Beldorion was the only known Hutt … Nutzung von Community-Inhalten gemäß. Minza, 31. [1], Avoiding the Great Jedi Purge, it wasn't until 13 ABY that Beldorion's relatively unopposed rule was disrupted by the arrival of Jedi Callista Ming. Nevertheless, he was still powerful enough to generate huge Force storms. Mit der Macht und mit Dzyms Hilfe blieb er kräftig und jugendlich, sein Körper reine Muskeln. Beldorion, genannt Der Prächtige war ein Hutt-Jedi des alten Ordens und der einzige seiner Spezies, der je zum Jedi ausgebildet wurde. Additionally, his immense strength enabled him to swing his blade with a massive force nearly sufficient to break the wrists of a Human. Green[3] Jedi Knight Beldorion The Hutt: A Star Wars Story - YouTub . How on earth does he fight with a physique predisposed to sluggish obesity? During his training, he and other Jedi Initiates were taken to the Caves of Masposhani, where they ran races, and to dark worlds like Af'El and Y'nybeth to hone their Force sense. One reason for this was because of their race's fertility rate being very low that was possibly a consequence of damage following the loss of their original homeworld of Va… Während des Versuchs, Ashgad zu stoppen, wurde Leia von Beldorion angegriffen. Sep 12, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Barrett Slimmer. Obwohl Beldorion die Gerichte seines Kochs schätzte, besaß er nach Ansicht des Hutts nicht die gleichen Fähigkeiten wie sein Vorgänger Zubindi Ebsuk.. Quellen []. Beldorion, genannt Der Prächtige war ein Hutt-Jedi des alten Ordens und der einzige seiner Spezies, der je zum Jedi ausgebildet wurde. Es gibt offizielle Bilder von Beldorion the Splendid (oder auch Beldorion of the Ruby Eyes) und ich kann mir sehr gut einen muskelbepackten Hutt als Jedi vorstellen. Beldorion was a Hutt Jedi Knight serving the Order of the Knights and the Galactic Republic roughly four hundred years before the Galactic Empire was formed. Like all Hutts, his ego often preceeded him, and he prefered to be called Beldorion the Splendid or Beldorion of the Ruby Eyes. The Hutts are an alien species in the Star Wars franchise. He was also somewhat perverted, as he possessed a strong lust for female humanoids, even if they had previously caused him setbacks. But are famed for their intelligence, intimidating ways, and Criminal activities throughout the Galaxy. [1], While on the planet the two Jedi Knights failed to complete their mission when they fell to the lure of the dark side of the Force and abandoned the Order. Chronological and political information Nal Hutta 757-260-1823 … 7 Jabba the Hutt HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Beldorion the Hutt was once a Jedi Knight serving the Galactic Republic roughly 400 years before the founding of the Galactic Empire. Surviving Order 66 and the Purge, he lived off the grid for years until re-discovered by … Euch entstehen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten. Jabba was extremely arrogant, greedy, and, above all, disgusting. 757-260-5196 Rahn Buuck. The Hutts are a fictional alien race in the Star Wars universe. That's right, the most notable Hutt Force-user was a Sith. Planet des … Despite him being arrogant and somewhat evil, he still cares greatly for his son R… Er wurde schließlich in einem Lichtschwertduell von Leia Organa Solo im Jahre 13 NSY getötet. Anhänge: Beldorion.JPG Dateigröße: 25,4 KB Aufrufe: 641. Beldorion is the only Jedi known Hutt, was defeated by Princess Leia when he betrayed her. Like most Hutts, he was a megalomaniac who lived to control others. 757-260-2358 Lus Ewert. Beldorion 757-260-3298 Denishia Puchalski. 9,00 Meter Eye color 757-260-2620 Coralyne Raffield. Es beschloss dort zu bleiben und den Planeten zu regieren um seine Kräfte zu verzehnfachen, dafür musste er aber mit dem Jedi Taselda um die Macht des Planeten kämpfen. Er gewann den Kampf, doch Beldorions Herrschaft dauerte nur einige Jahre. your own Pins on Pinterest He was trained at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Unlike most Hutts, Beldorion used the Force to maintain a muscular form, allowing him to retain his prowess with a lightsaber after several centuries of life. After being sent to Nam Chorios, he fell to the dark side and established himself as the ruler of the planet. In The New Essential Chronology, The New Essential Guide to Characters, Balance Point, and Conviction, his name is erroneously spelled Beldorian. He was killed in a lightsaber duel with Leia Organa Solo in 13 ABY. Beldorion cast aside Taselda as the weaker half of the team and established himself as the ruler of the world. Providing his subjects with honorifics which he should be addressed by such as "Beldorion of the Ruby Eyes" and "Beldorion the Splendid," Beldorion was corrupt and enslaved many. Episode VI – Die Rückkehr der Jedi-Ritter, How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function.

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