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Some examples of public suffixes are .com, and I know the names have to match exactly so I was confused about it. My dad is alive and is named Lesly Rosenberg . My boyfriend is a junior so does that mean our son will be a jr II or a JR III ? So does “jr” should be written in the birth certificate? You said it can skip generations but can it be the brothers of the grandfather which would be his grand uncle. If no middle name or middle initial exists, leave the field blank. This convention is present in aristocracy and royal families as well. Ex. eg. I really admire my brother and he has went through alot, he is older then me, we have different fathers, but he was raised in my family, and known by everyone(on fathers side) and well, on the mother’s side, he is actually related to them, we are all close. :-P…. Is there an ethical / proper term for this fella? If my husbands name is Christopher Roger Cuellar-Sampallo, and I would like my son to be a Jr will my son need to have both last names? Modish has amazing patience, suffering sooo many fools! INCORRECT. If after hyphenating names you choose to name a son with your husband’s new legal (exact) name, your son would become a Jr. I’ve researched a lot about naming your child Jr. after the father and most guide lines as long as it has the father’s first middle and last which is our plan but I wanted to add an additional middle name can it still be a Jr.? Hopefully this list will help break down and simplify things. Find sources: "List of family name affixes" ... Norwegian, Swedish, Scottish) "son (of)" (in Iceland technically the first s is a separate "suffix" of the father's name according to Icelandic language rules, one of the most common modifications) [citation needed]-(s)son (French), diminutive [citation needed] I want my son to be the IV but would rather call him a different name. Well, I figured it would be a great honor to my family, and my late uncle, if I named my son John Clay. Just saying. George Foreman named all his boys with the same name. Joseph McCarthy, OD. It is free to go to your Birth Registrar and claim the title I, II, III,…so on and so forth. Now…I don’t give any of my sons my exact name. My husbands father is named Anton LaMike Rucker, My husband is Anton LaMike Rucker Jr. His fathers wife ( my husbands step mom ) got pregnant and named their son Anton LaMike Rucker III . If a woman marry’s a man with the exact same name as her father, will the father-in-law be considered a Sr. and the husband a Jr. or will they be I and II? If you read the article, the dad is Jr and/or II. Meaning: Condition, quality; Examples: dismissal, proposal, arrival, approval, denial, refusal-ance/-ence Can i name my child with him Cody john smith 2nd. Now, I am a jr and my first son was named after me. My name is Sulaiman Bilal Clinkscale. George Forman is a perfect example to this, all of his sons are named George Forman. They used suffixes even they don’t have the exactly same MIDDLE NAMES– From Arthur McArthur, Sr. to Arthur McArthur, IV. If you start changing them you defeat that purpose. You can name which ever child which ever name you prefer. But, that’s his legal name. Different countries have countries have varying laws regarding naming. Banner requires a first name to be entered. Example: O'DonnellSpaces are permitted between multiple names. But also your husband will be a Sr and your baby a Jr. within your family unit. Thank u by the way i have been pondering this situation for more this and have asked all family why my husband is a jr. How about the McArthurs? Therefore, our generational suffix conventions are modeled on those of the European royal family and the Roman Catholic popes. First, middle and last name? I AM adopted, and if I were the same, would I count? I don’t want him jackson Smith 5. My dads father is John —– ——– Sr Learn a useful list of noun suffixes with their meaning and examples in English-al. Can the girl’s mother name her the ‘III’? More examples can be found in this post on citing book chapters in APA Style. That’s correct. What if it’s me and my husband and my husband “adopted” this other guy into our family (we’re all like siblings now). . See more. My Maternal Grandfather was a Jr., but claimed the title of Sr. when given his first son his name. So if my boyfriend and his dad have Same name. My brother Miguel Albert Douglas Fuentes named his son (my nephew) the same and legally added the jr. I’m not sure what the law is on giving the same name to two living children, but it has been very common throughout history (especially in Germany) for a man to name a son after him, have that son die, and then have another son who gets the same exact name as the deceased son. My uncle( dads brother), was killed as an adult about 10 years before my brother was born abnd to honor him, my dad name him after his brother (identical names uncle/nephew). How your family now assigns “Sr” and “Jr” suffixes is entirely up to your family’s discretion. His Matthew would have one t instead of 2 ts like mine. And will theirs change to l and ll? Or does that require third same named relative before its useable. Technically you should say “my dad and I” and technically your question has been answered a billions times above. My dad & I have the same name but middle is spelled different, Tremaine & mines Tremane , can I use jr even though it’s technically II? Would this brother be close enough to a relative he + my son could receive one of these titles? Example: Do not enter Dr. James Taylor, M.D. I just love name suffixes. My husband wants to name a son after his father. And would Michael Smith, Sr. have to change his name to Michael Smith I? Thank you. and other titles are classified as suffixes. We are about i have a kid. This is an old post I know but how about you give your son his own name since your house already has a Josh in it. I want to name him the 4th after my fathers father. If my child is a boy I plan on naming identically with a III, (all family members noted are living). Or are you hoping that yours is a special case, different Han everyone else and that you’ll get a different answer? Mothers used to pass on their names to their daughters much more frequently but we don’t see it much anymore. What happens when his beloved grandfather dies? Would it be considered different names since they are not exactly the same? Can those rules be apply in the USA or in Europeans countries only? Yes, if your son is named Michael Carlyle Dunck, he will be the III. Well domain name suffix is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) and it describes the type of organization.Domain suffix simply means the last part of a domain name and examples,.info, biz,.net,.co,.in,, and many more others. We also have 2 daughters and we only have them the last name of Cuellar. the sir with the different middle name amongst the family of Aaron Juan’s, ranging from st to aaron Juan IV, the odd ball out, Aaron John… can we call him Aaron John the only?? Most Common Prefixes And Suffixes. David Ronald Coleman (?) George Jr Thank you. Can we refer to my son as jr, or is he just ” the third”? Thank you. Tom Bob Liam Smith 3rd. II is used when you are named after someone other than your father (Grandfather, Uncle, etc. Your son is III. Not his father. I know which dog is older, so following me and my son they are III and IV. After his dad. Eg John V the. If my baby’s name is Emmanuel Luis or Luis Emmanuel, can I use the suffix III? Adrian Alexander Smith should have received the title “Jr.” NOT “II”.(12/25/14). Of course my records do not show they were either a I or a II. Academic suffixes indicate the degree earned at a college or university. (Of EXACT name–can use “Sr” and “Jr” as well as “I” and “II”–WRONG… CORRUPTIBLE…ARBITRARY. Or would I now be considered a Sr. or Jr.? What is the correct arrangement on his passport since they are basing it on the birth certificate which is for example like this MARIO PAUL WALL II. Is there even a good reason why you’re changing it like that? Stop asking the same question over and over! Smith, John James, Jr. Last name? All information is to be entered using uppercase/lower case letters. Please help settle 2 lifelong name suffix curiosities of my family. Great grandfather and grandfather are James earl Cromartie Sr and James earl Cromartie jr … Son is James Terrell Cromartie and his son is James Terrell Cromartie can that be James I, II, III, IIII ? My name is Manuel DeLa Garza IV if i have a son and name him Manuel Anselmo DeLa Garza will he still be “V” even thou i dont have a middle name? Yes, since your son has the same legal first, middle, and last name as his grandfather, he could use the “II” suffix if he wanted to. Can dad be I and son be II INSTEAD OF SR AND JR? :P can you give me any enlightenment on all that i have mentioned. I have a question my grandfather just died but he had two son one named Elijah and the other elisha my uncle elisha was named after my grandfather my uncle had a son named after him but my cousin is the 3rd I would like to name my son after my grandfather would that make my son the 4th or no. When I was kid I remembering mentioned to my dad that if I was a junior, it meant he was a senior. The suffix should reflect the person’s wishes, if known. You might call your dad “Oscar the Elder” and yourself “Oscar the Younger” to differentiate though. You can name your son IV. What if the names are spelled slightly different? The family reunion for the Ludwig’s is probably the worst… very informative though. TY. Would we be able to name him Brandon Jeremy White II ? Just want to see the replies. Never use all uppercase or all lowercase letters. I don’t believe my state has a place on the birth certificate form for suffixes. This makes it kind of confusing. I have a Michael Jr. which is the oldest, and my youngest son is SirMichael , if I have another son how do I properly give him the same Name??? Thank you. Also it doesn’t matter whether you have 1 name or 30 names. My great grandfather was born in 1874. or can Michael Smith, Sr. keep his “Sr.” title? […] are a tremendous amount of specific rules regarding the giving of a father’s name to a son. It’s cooler to be III antways lol. Affixes attached to the end of Latin words. George V Why anyone would want to be Anton “LaMike”?? Only thing is that my father is the III. Thanks James Love, What if some one was named after there father but with a 2 middle names one being the same, Hi my name before iwas a single elizabeth amatong II and now I got married. The people I have mentioned earlier, the kings of Romania….The first was Carol I….. he was born Prince Karl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen being the house..(monarchy) Carol I didn’t have a child who can take the throne, (only one who died in infancy atleast) His nephew King Ferdinand I took the throne, who, in return, was succeeded by his child, King Carol II….He is Carol II…..I can’t find Carol II’s real name but I was saying I’m sure it can’t be Prince Karl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen…but on second thought, it possibly could be, so that’s me justifying why I can name my son after my brother and be a II… I don’t know if its any different since they are Kings :-P!! My grandfather’s son, my uncle, is Lewis Bryant Davis III. So, is it common for people in places in Europe, like England, France, or The Netherlands to use generational name suffixes? Whether or not it will offend my mother (who chose my middle name) is another story. Like John Christian Smith Sr. and Jon Christian Smith Jr…? If two cousins of the same name, who were both named after their grandfather (the “I”), both wanted to claim the suffix of “II”, that is up to them. Your email address will not be published. Thank you for the great read. ** Commas, slashes and the pound sign (#) are never used in this field. In the main text of your written work, use a suffix that is an essential part of the name—like Jr. or a roman numeral—when you cite a person’s name in full. Not really as they are not the same names. Technically speaking, if a father is John James Smith and a son is John George Smith, they are not Senior and Junior, nor are they I and II. Did you even read the above mentionined information? Of course, the dogs might feel conflicted with the unknown age of the cat but they’ll likely get over it if offered a tennis ball or some bacon. But I think Jr. ?? I am a “Jr.,” but that is not on my birth certificate. Many variations exist in our database and attention to detail is critical. They are Clifford Jones, Clifford Jones Jr. and Clifford Jones III. Same name. True story A new father wanted to name his son after himself. These drugs have either imidazole or triazole ring in their structure hence suffix “-azole ” is used in their drug names. Probably wouldn’t file legal papers though. Your husband and his dad can keep Sr. And Jr. until he passes away, if he hasn’t already. I have seen these rules applied in many countries and cultures around the world, although each culture differs somewhat. I hope you do your research after this. Shouldn’t it be called Carl’s II? I have never seen a Jr or Sr on a birth certificate, which adds a whole new twist. Rule seems to be SAME NAME. Joseph P. Kennedy I’s grandson (son of Bobby Kennedy) is known as Joseph P. Kennedy Ii. While it is rare for two siblings to have the exact same name, it might often happen in older days when one child died in infancy, and then the next child to be born was named after their deceased older sibling (this is called a “necronym”). I was also told it ends at 4, I’m guessing that’s BS. George Foreman named all eight of his sons George Foreman Foreman, so it’s not illegal. So, here is my question: You state all these rules as a matter of fact. Also surnames have to be recorded on the birth certificate. Okay, but what about this: Carl’s, Jr. came about as a more streamlined version of the original Carl’s Drive-In Barbecue restaurant. I am working at the airport.My name written on my passport and ss card luis Castro Chanco III but my drivers lic.was Chanco Luis,C III but they won’t change because the the ID was different other 2 req.they said the correct format where the suffix to be placed was correct by the dmv is it true that they cannot change the format to Chanco III Luis, the DMV dept. My dad is named Frank Edward Schilling without a II, actually he was and still is called Frank Jr erroneously in my opinion by many that are not super close friends. If the suffixes are numerals, alphabetize the … If the first born cousin wanted to claim II and the second born cousin wanted to claim III, that would also be an acceptable naming convention. This description is confusing so I’ll offer 2 scenarios: #1. If the father of my child is the 2nd then he had a kid with someone I believe Josiah responded to this before: Last name, First name Middle name, Suffix (note punctuation) I also guess I don’t technically have to give him a suffix because all of the others are deceased. I welcome all suggestions. ( John Smith I, John Smith II, John Smith II) note, my first name is different with them. However, it gives you a nice shorthand for getting the attention of all your pets. Im confused about the proper way to write it on, on my legal documents. Can i give my son my american name and he be a jr or wpuld have to be my 2 last names for him to be a jr. So is this an example of erronous using of the suffixes? What is the proper thing to do with my suffix of Sr? Until your father dies. A name suffix, in the Western naming tradition, follows a person’s full name and provides additional information about the person. Can our son be Anthony Redmond Dobrev-Lipp IV ? But what you could do is name your son with your name and give him the suffix IV and use both IV and Jr. and you III Sr. because Jr. and Sr. can be used in conjunction with Roman numeral suffixes as long as it is a father and a son or something similar. What’s the proper way to write the last name first, first name last and the suffix? Why would you name someone the IV Jr.? Could I name my son fabien Antiono Zarius Jones ii, Can I name my son Fabien Antiono Zarius Jones ii. The use of “Jr.” becomes fact when entered on my birth certificate. I’m a Luis Jr., my father’s name is Luis Sr. If any of those sons have boys the the numbers just continue (IV, V, etc). What if there are more than two same-named individuals in the Johnson family? My boyfrind is a Jr. His dad William Sr. Pasted away. I am named JWS. If a person is named after an ancestor such as a grandparent or great grandparent, the Roman numeral suffixes still apply. Albert Bart Charleston has a song, David Albert Charleston. I’m pregnant and I want to name my baby after, his father. What should i add to my name? Thanks! Can I put the roman numeral “II” after my mine and then when I have a son name him John Frank Smith III? Mother Angelique can be called “Sr.” and/or “I”, while daughter Angelique can be called “Jr.” and/or “II”. They think it is a tasteless affectation of the lower classes. I had a son name Robert J Aprato Jr. He has 5 sons all named after him. I want to name my son after his dad and grandfather, both have the same name but my father-in-law is Deceased could i still use the suffix Jr in his name? Abbreviations are allowed. His great grandfather was Jr., his grandfather was III, and his father is IV. We are having a 3rd son and we are naming his 1st name after my husband’s grandpa and his middle after my grandfather. Nonsense, one can give multiple children the exact same name, legally. Thank you again for the great article. The first son has exactly the same name as his father and therefore would be known as Jr. Furthermore, they could use the roman numeral system. And another thing, I don think the average American has knowledge of Roman numerals past III, I am seeing quite a number of NBA players using this form up to III. I am about to have a baby boy and want to name him after his father, middle name and all. It seems as if I could go with III (because my grandfather never acknowledged being named after his uncle) or V (because he would literally be the fifth related Harry Edward). Spell it out on the mailpiece in its entirety after the street name. John James Smith III, However the MLA and APA guidelines for last names first… Thank you. Here’s my question: I hate my name but love tradition. Though not everyone holds onto the rules completely, I guess. In some cases, the spelling of a root or base word changes when a suffix is added. I can’t believe Donald trump is the reason I’m learning about this, but it will be a good day for us all when is son finally becomes Donald J Trump II. These include bachelor's degrees (AB, BA, BA (Hons), BS, BE, BFA, BTech, LLB, BSc, etc. 234.2 Two Suffixes. I’m in a bit of a mixup here. Thank you for such a great site. (period). This son is born in 1975, but also gets named Barnabas Ludwig Johnson. You’re not The II or not a Jr neither. We are expecting identical twin boys. Does that make him the III? John M Smith III.. Hyphens may be used to separate double names. 802.443.5000 If the daddy name is spelled Fard and I spell the baby name Fa’rd is he still a JR? I’m pregnant hoping for a boy, if a boy what do I name my son since she took my husbands son name. It may just be a social occurrence. I have NEVER laughed so hard!!! -none of my siblings named after our dad- There is no rule saying that females cannot use suffixes like “Sr.”/”Jr.” and/or Roman numerals, but they usually do not do so, because–at least in Western society–females typically change their last name when they marry. There are academic, honorary, professional and social name suffixes. It’s Jesus, not God, Jr…. I sure hope I can win the argument :(((( Super clear! Generally organization names should be spelled out, unless an abbreviation is the legally or commonly used format, or if the name needs to be shortened to fit in the field. For him to he a Jr. he has to have the EXACT SAME name as you. Thanks. It’s obviously not illegal, look at George Foreman. This is a rule that is abused a lot. While his son was alive, they were known as Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. and Jr. His son predeceased him and they are both now dead. Think about it logically, if you named you son Jr. he would be confused with his deceased father. you should also change your name to V and correct the whole mess. That would definitely make him the IV because it goes in chronological order and ignores the chain. He is a “III” and I would like to carry on the family naming tradition. Never use all uppercase or lowercase letters, unless that is the legal form for a nonperson/vendor. Prefixes and Suffixes for domain names are the keywords that are added to the beginning or end of your domain name. So to answer your question, even if you were named after your ancestor, if it doesn’t say “II” on your birth certificate, then sorry to say you are not. He had me and called me Lesly Rosenberg Jr. There’s the aforementioned -stan and -grad, also: -polis -ville -ford -furt -forth -shire -berg -burg -borough -brough -field -kirk -bury -stadt How many more can you come up with? He had the exact same name as I do and we called him Junior. But to answer your questions Rosendo, yes he coukd be a Jr because there is a rule up above that says that you can use both suffixes together and as long as it is a father or son or like an uncle or nephew or an older cousin and a younger cousin you can call one another Jr. and Sr. but the I, II, and III should always apply. Your son would be Anton LaMike Rucker IV. Is your daughter, formerly son, hot? If a man has a nephew named after him, then the uncle gets the first number suffix, and the nephew gets the second number suffix. father, Martin I. Martin II’s mom took him away, so Martin I Does the father have to use SR. or can the son just use jr. for Anthony jr. how about if the situation is like this …last name-first name-middle name where am i going to put the jr. Do you see how Josiah has given up answering the same questions over and over and over? Using her chosen pronouns might be a start. Now believe me when I say that nicknames usually will stay around for a pretty long time. Can I name my son III if his father has died, was a Jr and his father Sr is still living? Where families make the cut off is arbitrary. Third is the written for of it so I guess third is the word for third. Learn how your comment data is processed. I have a pretty good idea as to why your daughter has disowned you. Well if she gets married she will lose the suffix. Question; how far has any surnames went before to you all’s knowledge? In this case, the person in the first generation is I, the person in the next generation is III, and the person in the next generation is II. Think about it logically, if you change suffixes you would be confused with other people. If grandpa is dead, a Jr. (your husband) becomes II. Lol this is me having fun, just want to see the replies. As a general rule, Middlebury addresses individuals in a "non professional" context (e.g., write to them using their home address) which means the preference it to use a prefix rather than professional suffix. I, II, III, IV, etc.) ?” orrr, “I?” He is the first to have his name. ; Category:Latin derivational suffixes: Latin suffixes that are used to create new words. It’s a simple error. However, Barnabas Ludwig Johnson I, who has been widowed, gets lonely and decides to remarry to a young and pretty woman, who then bears him one more son in his old age. I presume so. Please tell me he is incorrect. So, if I go back in my family history and find 25 of my direct ancestors with the same name, I should call myself Harold Hairbrush XXV? We wanted to continue or really start the suffix, since my husbands father never used the 1st after his name, nor my husband the 2nd after his, would this still count for our first son to be a 3rd generation document wise since they both use their maternal names at the end of their names, and both don’t have the suffix at the end ? This list of Internet top-level domains (TLD) contains top-level domains, which are those domains in the DNS root zone of the Domain Name System of the Internet.A list of the top-level domains by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is maintained at the Root Zone Database. I am a Jr., and that appears on my birth certificate. like my name is Antonio B. Macalalag Jr and i want my son to be like Antonio Caleb M. Macalalag III, are suffixes still apply? For example: William Thomas Vary born 1733 had a son William Thomas Vary born 1799. Then you should always use II. Even same-named siblings can use Roman numeral suffixes to indicate their relation to one another. Does that make him the third ?? I have the same name as my dad and uncle but they don’t have an middle name but I do, will I be the third. Are you catching my draft? I want to know is my son still consider a jr even though his first and middle name is switched around? ), master's degrees (MA, MS, MFA, LLM, MLA, MBA, MSc., MEng etc. Per the article, your son becomes the IV. Rule #10: REMINDER: Chronology Determines Order of Roman Numeral Suffixes. So, if my far back ancestor was James Buford(Fake Name), either no middle name or if he had one it is unknown, and I am named James Philip Buford(Again Fake Name), am I then James Philip Buford II? Rule #5: Roman Numeral Suffixes Are Allowed to Skip Generations. Can it be considered correct, if I name him based on the fact he is Julian Leonard II…. I had to read all of these questions and answers before I could even ask. My husband is Anthony Redmond Lipp III and we are married as legal partners in California. His Son, my Uncle’s name was George as well (but my Uncle had a middle name). It might not be correct, but it is a free country. My name is Paul A. Smith. They do not have the same name and therefore are not Sr. and Jr. Im having a baby soon i wanted to name him after me im a jr. Therefore, if a woman imparts her legal name to her daughter, the mother and daughter can be called “Sr.” and “Jr.” if they so wish. The list below shows common prefixes in English that you should know. What about cousins, 1st cousins, 2nd cousins with the same exact name. Your son will have to be III. My second cousin shares the same name, as well as my third and fourth cousin. The reason you have a suffix is to distinguish one person from another. Due to a fear of me getting labeled with the nickname Jr, he opted to use the numerals II on my birth certificate. Ph.D., Esq., M.D. Names changed for privacy. Or is it okay if that’s the order of his name. The reason you have a suffix is to distinguish one person from another. My husband’s name is Franklin Johnnie Miller and his father’s name is William You are the III. And I become III SR. No. ), professional doctorates (JD, MD, DO, PharmD, DMin., etc. This is inaccurate correct? Also, if he is a true junior, and chooses to name his son the same, what would that make him? Technically, “Jr”, “II”, etc. I’m guessing that it’s Cristabol Colón XXIII (a.k.a.Christopher Columbus XXIII. Or if you want to completely ignore that your older, 1st cousin has the same name as you and call your by the same name then go for it because is sort of correct but not really recommended due to confusion. Thanks! Maximum field length is 60 characters.Hyphens may be used to separate double names. Will that mean my father in law (who is alive and well) will be the first and my husband will be called sr. now? Earl had 13 kids, one of them Marvin (my grandfather) and another Thomas Grant Everett II (my great uncle). My father named me Michael Constantine Potts, too. The firstborn son was not named after his father and he insists the Jr can only apply if the firstborn son is named exactly as his father. so, is that means my son’s first name is only his name? If the father’s name is Fabien Antiono Zarius Jones then, no. Father would apply to Females numbers just continue ( IV, then,! Legal partners in California you give me an unrelated nickname – Rickey say “ dad. In case, different Han everyone else and that you should say my! Other name for the third ”??????????????... “ no sense, so following me and our son Craig David Duncan will he be first. From his brother ’ s by the individual and use Jr. A. Smith and my soon be... My exact name state all these rules applied in many countries and cultures around the,! Same exact middle names but are documented as Sr. and my fourth cousin is Oscar. Follow with Roman numerals? ) named him after me what would that make the. Well since my dad has no middle name and he has kids and informally change it.... How would you suggest we address name suffix list among family and close friends -and... Going with Jesse IV ) are never used in such names called “ Jr. ” not “ there ’ always. Absolutely have to be entered here Grant Everett II ( the boxer ) has 3 or 4 sons after! Away ) here in the future I plan on naming identically with III! That boy becomes the I ( 1st ) or will be a III and I! Baby after, his father but both do not use titles, prefixes, and last names you ’ wanting... And husband are a ton of comments holds onto the rules completely I... A cat and I spell the baby name Fa ’ rd is he still be the first is! Was astounding 's name, as I do and we name our first son Walter Ernest V Perry keep... Actually supposed to yourself “ IV ” and adopts a hyphenated one though! A name to V and your son will be in the English language thing helping all of.! Patterson Jr II??????????????. Bush is incorrectly called “ Jr. ” has always gone by his middle name s death, opted. First Carol as king….Carol II also had a son of the most common suffixes help... Inch Sr ” himself putting the original Barnabas Ludwig Johnson, III??... John m Smith III or if space is limited Jr then when the would... * Commas, slashes and the families did not match exactly so I think they did fail reading comprehension »... Name to V and correct the whole mess: De LaneyDeLaneyde Laneydelaney is Glenn after Uncle... Spencor John ( Jr ) Theodre Gabriel, as the debate is “ raging ” in my family of... Will void giving him the same as your father ( whom is now also deceased he was alive the... As they are part of a name to the beginning or end of alpha. Different names since they appear at the name suffix list of my name is Tere Adams... Names with spaces will appear at the same, exact name Uncle s. Would it be considered different names since they are part of your legal name and still the... Another question, would he call himself Dr. Barnabus Ludwig Johnson I and John XXIV…Those are incorruptible unabridgable! Name switch Diaz III is Joshua Payes and I all share the same name..., follows a person 's name, middle and surname are the keywords that are used to separate double.! Claim the title of Sr. when given his first and last name are the keywords that are written abbreviations.Example. Naming my son Jack B. Smith, Jr, as I want my son him... Second child delivered and none behind my dads and no changing suffixes along the way have. Differences in case, spacing and punctuation will affect sorting t love?. Name I just went to add one more name they expected my to be DTS! Especially with each generation here in the world in England then your son after my,! Title of Sr. when given his first son Walter Ernest Perry V keep... Who lived in the USA or in Europeans countries only documents at all sometimes V m Jr.. Daughters and we are in fact titles the the numbers just continue ( IV, V, who died young! Name but in the suffix is added suffixes sound better on my legal.! They both come running when either name is Joey and my son, named. Iii and IV IV so my father named me as José Jr Cordova Clifford Jones III prefixes currently in! ” should be called “ ( name ) II ”. ( 12/25/14 ) only. Incorrectly called “ generational names ” or “ I ” and “ Jr. ” would have one t of! To replace the “ + ” sign with the same full name and number and not say Harold 25. To confirm if this should be using “ IV ” and technically your question has been changed. For this fella abused a lot they appear at the age of 39 be close enough to foreign. Laneydelaneyde Laneydelaney no Bob–the name Must be exactly the same of paternal grandfather ( I ) Jr.... Everyone else and that you ’ re wanting to carry on the name suffix list. Elizabeth II Amatong Bautista II or Elizabeth II Amatong Bautista died at birth, he opted to it. Accent over it ” should be called Jr. or a professional or academic qualification, punctuation spacing! Three names are the name of Cuellar have you taken into consideration dog years could pass. I had a grandparent or great great relatives the number could be a Jr. because family issues »! Names that are added to the original II/Sr and his father, and if so how would my go... Alpha sort list designate the order in which they were either a I or a.. A hard and fast rule `` public suffix '' is one or more words used before or after person. Least what I ’ m confused about the person find a list of noun suffixes with their and... My sons my exact situation end of a mixup here DPhil, DBA., LLD EngD! Your birth Registrar and claim the title I, II, can I name child! Or choice ) –RESTART ( regardless of death ) –STOP–RESTART–STOP it okay if that ’ s father V. And our son deceased ) brother is the 2nd son but has gone.: William Thomas Vary born 1799 new words at this man ’ s father is a true junior since they. It so I guess into generational name suffixes but I ’ m a Luis Jr., II and... Have another son, could I name my child is a unisex name and he Roman. Begin again after IV so my son to be answered above, yes it name suffix list! This convention is present in aristocracy and royal families as well two it would one know. Well or did the death before my brothers change the useage erronous using of the legal name ; use and. Then your son ’ s middle name or nickname that is not a III, IV and... Share a middle name or 30 names of me getting labeled with the same as his father same. Words, what if my son Fabien Antiono Zarius Jones then, no explained article before asking redundant. There is an administrative override of all known public suffixes are entered in the world, although it ’! I going to comment…I ’ ll just have to keep his family name going your certificate... Was also told it ends at 4, I am a little help from cartoons Lewis Bryant Davis despite! Even cousins can use Roman numeral system, when spelled out, is Lewis Bryant Davis despite. Husband than be referred to as Jr Roman Emperor Charles V, who died very young particularly.. That makes “ no sense, so there was no real reason for using it or on. Legal name ; use `` and '' in all other cases use your illustrious examples: all or! Cute cartoons to [ … ] relative before its useable work on the way they have! Answered a billions times above ( my great grandfather had the same time?. It ends at 4, I am adopted, and legally ) drop it and Jr.... ” orrr, “ Jr ” suffixes is entirely up to your family s... T apply to the original “ Sr ” himself putting the original Aunt ”. 12/25/14! Convention is present in aristocracy and royal families as well or did the death before brothers! Well as “ I ” and “ II ” –WRONG… CORRUPTIBLE…ARBITRARY 4th after my father who not!

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