what happened in the last episode of ashes to ashes


Directed by Bille Eltringham. I found it odd that both season 2 and 3 ended with Branch getting shot. First, I liked the opening music to this episode. …The owl is used as symbolism in the show. However you can hear the flat line noise when she's talking to Gene outside the pub so she was still alive when Ray, Chris and Shaz walked into the pub (heaven) so couldn't go with them. Of course even if the owl is not a symbol someone died, it would not mean one of the two Connally’s is not dead but I do now believe that Martha’s spirit is not at rest and is trying to communicate with Walt at the end of the season 3 finale. Writer Matthew Graham He feels responsible for Hector’s death, prelude to Henry storyline for season 4. emsA2 – I wanted a like button fro your comments. Ashes to Ashes (2008–2010) Series Cast & Crew. The writers created a storyline for Vic that made her very unlikable and unsympathetic for some viewers. Did you get that figure from the Longmire Posse group? Series 3, Episode 8 Unrated HD SD. That’s a little flip about mental illness so no offense to anyone. DrewOFB, A very quick check says the song was “Lawdy” by The Vespers. Ash vs Evil Dead S01E08 Ashes to Ashes. The shaving creamed reflection, Branchs envisioning warrior mode in his imninent actions to battle against his dad. What makes this show so great is the characters and their interactions especially with each other in solving crimes. That seems to be who the character is to me and I feel like he is lost without it. Tieing in with Gene telling Alex that he last saw his over a pint. Then in the Red Pony Henry says to Vic “I think you are spending too much time with Walt you are picking up his speech patterns”. Season 3’s “Wanted Man” featuring Peter Weller was one of the strongest episodes. The season finale was a great episode with my favorite line of the series: “Walt punched me.” I don’t want to see Branch turn into the nemisis of the Sheriff’s department. No violence. Quite a artistic creation. In a season of incredible performances from the whole cast, Robert Taylor delivered powerfully in the scene when Walt finally lets go of Martha. The only way I stumbled on Longmire before it premiered was because of the wasteland of programming and I happened to be watching The Glades which promoted Longmire. Keep up the good work!! Barlow did seem a bit shaky there at the end. Ashes To Ashes was the follow-up show to Life On Mars, in which Sam, who was played by John Simm, apparently became trapped in the1970s after being hit by a car. As to the Walt and Vic relationship… the writers have handled this with “kid gloves.” Other than glances and appropriate caring touches, there has been little hint of anything else. So as you said we all have a right to our opinion and that is mine. This is the third episode of the series to be directed by a member of the main cast. But then I have never seen Martha as some sweet little wife who just waved Walt off in the morning with a take care of yourself dear and went back in the house to bake a pie and do some knitting while she waited for him to come home in the evening with his supper ready for him. Lucian is eccentric crazy, a lot of fun, love the character but I worry a bit when he is carrying a gun. OK, Walt & Vic can get together as long as it is done well. note(s) (requests) in it. Overall I reckon this wasn’t as good a final episode as the final episode of Life On Mars, but then it wasn’t as good a series as Life On Mars. Ashes To Ashes co-creator Matthew Graham has described last night's final episode. I really don’t care how Vic dresses; love Ruby and Lucian; and the Ferg is a hoot. Why is it still functional in s3.10? Longmire averaged 3.5 million this season (almost 3.7 for the finale); a bit off from S3 (3.7). are for watching things over a year old, LOL. Cady clearly saw more than the wound. No I’m joking, it’s Gene Hunt.” Plus, to a Dutch crim: “I’m arresting you for murdering my car, you dyke-digging tosspot.”, BACK TO THE ‘80S Odd little snippets of things: the aforementioned It’s A Knockout, a mention of Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World, Keats saying he likes Betamax because he’s “a sucker for quality”, a little “Tainted Love”, “Beat It”, “Club Tropicana” and “In The Air Tonight” and a questionable few bars from “Chariots Of Fire”. Craig’s latest book Any Other Name was so good with Vic getting the best of Lucian with her come backs and Walt watching it all unfold. I suspect that that episode has inspired several fanfics and I look forward to reading everyone else's interpretations. © So I can’t say for sure that the owl in Longmire has always symbolized Martha but I think it does. I’ve enjoyed the weekly re-caps, as there is always some little “gem” that I missed while watching. if they take longmire off there is only reserection left. I didn’t know Longmire existed until a few episodes in last season. I think Warner Horizon produces Dallas and Rizzoli and Isles but don’t think Shepard/Robin/Baldwin/Coveny are invovled. I am glad that Henry is free and the truth is about about Barlow. All episodes of Ashes to Ashes. Regardless, I think that Vic is one of the few good female characters on tv. I tried watching the Walking Dead after it had been on a season and just had no idea what was going on. But it also provided a dash of ambiguity and a hint of continuity that said the series could go on if they chose to do so. There are so many better story arc’s for Henry’s character. As you say, this is just one of the many nuances that make this a “different” show. If Ridges had killed Branch at the end of last season, this season would have been even more dark and intense as they investigated his murder. A Haunting S07E05 Ashes To Evil. of episodes24 Production ProducerKudos Film and Television for BBC Wales with Monastic Productions Running time60 minutes Release Original network BBC One B… Reply. Some might complain that it was stretched out to three series, where two might have been better, but I’d counter that it was wise to give as much exposure as possible to the greatest TV character created in the last ten years: the mighty Gene Hunt. I have no problem with that and felt Sean should have been (as in the books) gotten rid of in season one and the entire “Gorski” plodding plot was unnecessary and/or WAY too long. I don’t like the idea of Branch in any other job but with the sheriff’s department. Thank you for the kind words, [b]egmiller[/b]! It’s a writing tactic that allows the audience understanding of the plot point. The season wrapped up the David Ridges storyline, as well as Vic’s stalker situation and Henry Standing Bear’s plight. The thief stabbed her in the abdomen with a … Warner actually films the show and sells it to A&E, as I understand it. And, strangely, from the ‘90s Oasis’s “Wonderwall”, and from the ‘50s, Dixon Of Dock Green! And Walt’s not going to kill anyone, especially not the wrong guy! “Ashes to Ashes” wrapped up a couple more of the main arcs and ended with a riveting season finale that was quite satisfying for this Longmire fan. I will say a prayer to the “Corporate Gods” tonight that they see their way to continuing this good show and if not, I’ve got a feather for them. Here’s my off the wall suggestion: this show needs a Clydesdale advertisement to demonstrate strength and determination right along side beauty and gentleness. 20:54. Your email address will not be published. Longmire turns to strike the swine with a closed first—but instead belts Vic squarely in the face! And why was Ridges going after Branch so adamantly? Who called Walt’s home phone? They don’t even respond on their various Facebook pages. The Season 1 DVD didn’t come out until a year after season 1 aired and when asked about Blu-Ray version, nothing. I didn’t know the renewal of Longmire was an issue with A&E. I just like this show regardless if people think some of the story arcs are unbelievable or have holes, Walt ignores jurisdiction, stretches the law, etc. It's revealed that Gabriel has been posing as Xavier for ten years. If the arc is well done, like Ridges, I don’t mind. I’ll take it one step further. If the finale is an indication I think the writers will develop the Walt/Vic relationship slowly and do it right, it will work, and not be the “typical” main characters getting together to the detriment of the show. He started asking about Ridges, once he put two-n-two together. Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) finds Branch Connally (Bailey Chase) walking down the road, shotgun in hand. But as we both stated – all are entitled to their opinion. More episodes would be nice. Instead we get the same cliffhanger of Branch in danger as last season. Cady seemed wimpy to me this year, but in her defense, she’s had a hard year. Nicely said, Virginia! Near TV. Is this correct? I didn’t even realize there were people ranting about the Walt/Vic dynamics. And thank you for the compliment. I loved the humor. PBS is doing the same thing with the final three episodes of Poirot. With Philip Glenister, Keeley Hawes, Dean Andrews, Marshall Lancaster. why f……… with a good show. It’s the embodiment of Martha, the symbolism for her.” That was written when seven episodes of season 1 had been filmed. What father doesn’t know his adult sons coffee preference (they really are strangers to each other). Is Branch dead? I really want to see Walt, Vic, Lucien and Henry work a case with banter between all 4 of them. I just pray that we get another season, and that the showrunners go back to having the team solving murders. Why did Henry take Hector’s drop jar? Vic should have just been divorced from the start. Is Barlow that big a sleazeball? I also agree that there seems to be more to Barlow’s malice toward Walt. Those story arcs were part of the cause for so many Vic haters and strong feelings Walt and Vic should not get together. While the 'Rose Tyler/Doctor Who' origins of Sam's surname are well-documented, it seems at least possible that Gene may have been named with the graphic Cockney rhyming slang "Berkshire Hunt" in mind. Isn’t that what Netflix, etc. I knew enough to tell me I wasn’t interested in a show about Zombies. I think the writers might go in a different direction than killing one of them off. During the last episode, Hunt is revealed to be part of a supernatural world, a form of limbo, populated by dead police officers. I liked that Branch has discovered his father hired out the murder of Walt’s wife before Walt learned it. Maybe? Worse of all, Branch got into a corrupt scheme with Nighthorse to get elected Sheriff that set almost everything bad that happen into motion. But Alex is distracted and, with encouragement from Jim Keats, she decides to pursue her own investigation to the bitter end - did Gene really murder Sam Tyler? I noticed the writers tried to fix that by claiming that Vic did not know he was married, but by then of course, it was too little, too late. Episode 9 comes out today “What Happened to Carolyn Blankenfeld?” Chris has written the team a letter. As to Branch and his dad. The Glades and Longmire were both on Sunday night for season 1 of Longmire. Favorite line remains, “If you do the job right, Walt, by the time you put down your sheriff’s badge, you’re a wanted man.” Ed, I neglected in my recent comment to thank you for the name of the music at the opening of “Ashes.” I like it when they use music to complement a scene, not as a substitute for dialogue or action. I agree with those that have commented about how it might be hard to join Longmire as a viewer Season 3 and beyond because you don’t know what is going on with the character’s stories. I think the whole Martha being killed story arc wasn’t needed. … Very much appreciated. By the end you realise why this third series had been so much glummer than its predecessors – it had to be, because an upbeat seven episodes followed by this downbeat eighth one would have been weird. Especially after the punch in the kisser. Is stopping the guns a way to stop herself getting shot in 2008? At least cable shows have so few episodes per season it’s not hard to catch up. Another indication of people not liking storyline or direction ( not necessarily regarding Walt/Vic) is the decline in viewership. As with all episodes, there is a contained story to do with gang-land diamond smuggling, but that is only a sidetrack from the main story, which is what everyone is interested in. No words needed. Was there any significance in the appearence of the colour red (the red balloon, Alex's blouse, Gene's car, some of the office equipment in the police station, various others)? We just started watching Longmire this year, this past May. 2. Sadly no John Simm cameo here. The very first episode of the Life on Mars sequel, following the exploits of detective Gene Hunt. With Peter Falk, Patrick McGoohan, Rue McClanahan, Richard Riehle. I went back to S1 and the S2 to catch up. I have watched Longmire from the beginning of S1 and then I read the books. Thanks. I’m a latecomer to posting comments but I’ve enjoyed reading the recaps and viewer’s comments. HOOTIE–WHO, LONGMIRE…A CONNALLY CONUNDRUM…BRANCH OR BARLOW…OR BOTH? All the tributes proved just how many people Hector had helped and how much he was missed. Learn more, Our reaction to the finale of BBC One’s series, Writer Matthew Graham Director David Drury. I felt like he was at Hector’s wall to honor him but then it seemed like more than just that when he took the jar. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! Your email address will not be published. – better be.) My favorite part of the finale was the banter between, Vic, Walt and Bear…much like the recurring theme in the books. So Ifeel there’s a very good chance. Interesting take on Barlow and Walt and one that I hadn’t really considered. So that’s why (in terms of story justice) Longmire got to shoot Ridges himself, even though he doesn’t yet know that it was Ridges who killed Miller Beck. It seemed to have old Very moody and evocative musical selections on this program. What I have missed this year is the interaction with the Rez, especially Mathias. I was surprised at Henry pouring one for Cady, he’s enabling her. Still, having Barlow as the mastermind was inspired writing. I have lost a lot of shows I like because of low ratings. Branch’s may have been a case of temporary insanity but he definitely went over the edge of mental stabilty this season. Was it a salute to Joe Tuck, the driver who died, a toast to the season, a toast to the audience, a bit of all three? Episode 3.08 . In that case, Branch would have been a shoe-in. BTW, as to Branch firing a warning shot… Remember the Owl showed up… the messenger of death. I hate these reality shows . Walt and Vic will ruin a perfect working relationship if they move to a personal relationship. Was it concrete or cement rather than paint? Not only did Barlow funnel money through Nighthorse to support Branch’s campaign for Sheriff, he also made a significant payment made to Nighthorse’s business the week that Martha was killed—a payment intended for a “soldier,” with no questions asked. I wish I knew more about the contractual relationship between Warner/Horizon and A&E. Was it a symbol that he was at risk of dying? A&E was never the right network for Longmire. S3 was too much serial story. She was on “24” a few seasons ago. We knew that Walt and Henry are the fantastic duo, but who knew that Vic and Henry could play so well off each other? What would be the best network for “Longmire” to find a new home, assuming A&E pulls the plug? I think Henry took the jar with requests for Hector’s services because he is going to take over the role of providing justice to the Cheyenne when they can’t get it anyplace else. Unless he felt it was so urgent he wouldn’t get there fast enough or he was driving somewhere else but needed to tell Walt why? But there is clearly a strong strain of it in the Connally family. Here’s that list of theories to do with Gene Hunt, and next week, we’ll have more Ashes To Ashes theories! Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. His little fit last week was overdue, IMO. Watching Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is a decision everyone must make for him/herself. Or Branch just grabbed and deflected the shotgun. As someone who’s seen every single Mars/Ashes instalment I spent a lot of this one with a furrowed brow, a little confused and mildly disgruntled about what was going on (my notes include the scrawled exclamation made half way through, “They’re all DEAD...?”). I have removed A&E from my channel lineup. I do not have A&E as part of my limited satellite package (cutting costs) so I watched the first two seasons of Longmire by borrowing the DVD’s from my public library. Hope for another season where we can find out. I don’t think Hector would have kept old notes around. Or how about Walt finally appreciating that other blond woman who likes him? Reply. In recent years, I’ve been gladly disabused of this notion and nowhere more intriguingly so than with the second season of You on Netflix, based loosely on Caroline Kepnes’ sophomore novel,…, A year ago, I saw the trailer for Prodigal Son, a new series on FOX, and loved the premise: the son of a serial killer becomes a profiler while battling his own demons and missing memories. But it is a good finale, although it is quite a depressing and unsettling one. Without a doubt. I do remember them talking about deciding who Walt would see IN the cabin and choosing Cady because they believed Walt would only see Martha just before he died. A&E gets first right of refusal, and then any other network could work out a deal with Warner. Really enjoyed the humorous banter between Walt/Henry and Vic/Henry. It seems too easy and common. Cady clearly saw more than the wound. Throughout the episode we've also had 'the pub' and 'drinking' mentioned. I can’t wait for Season 4. In my mind, yes, but I read somewhere that TPTB (The Powers That Be, term I use when I don’t really know who has the power to make decisions for a television show) are trying to read the tea leaves and think that it is 60-40 AGAINST the VicWaltship among Longmire viewers. Answer Save. Walt saying goodbye to his wife was an unforgettable moment. Barlow had a shotgun and to use this to shoot Branch he would have to standup and turn around. I couldn’t see Lizzie for Walt. I was glad that the writers added some realism and had Walt suspend Branch although no doubt he will be back. What happened in the last episode of Ashes to Ashes? I think TNT should pick it up, put it on Monday at 10pm eastern after Major Crimes and match the number of episodes with Major Crimes. Plus TNT would actually promote Longmire. It has been reported that A&E is contracturally obligated to make a renewal decision by August 31st. 1. Simon Neary is a gangster Gene has wanted to nail for years. For me it worked in Bones both with Booth and Brennen and Hodges and Angela, worked in The Closer with Brenda and Fritz, and also so far has worked in Castle. I myself didn’t like the Gorski storyline. I’d hate to see that here. Henry genuinely asks, “Someone stole a corpse?” Ferg comments, “I know. I have to say the Baldwin/Coveny written episodes are my favorites. She was never that into him in the first place. Chris wrote the team a letter, you are not going to want to miss this! Sorry, this is terribly long but like everybody else Ashes to Ashes left me with so many thoughts and questions. Meanwhile, Gene uncovers police corruption. Great story, even with all the holes, but we thoroughly enjoyed the best of the Longmire storyline. Dmr412, I have no problem with people voicing their opinion pro or con. Deeply appreciated. Let’s hope another network is smart enough to pick Longmire up. The kind of thing that just leaves you breathless. Both the Walt and Vic characters have been encumbered, by the writers, with way too much baggage. Thanks; hope it’s a short hiatus. I agree with [b]Dog[/b] that Sean should have been gone in season one and that the Gorski story was a mistake. Ha! Never apologize for the length around here. Alex Drake = Alive throughout whole 80's series cos not dead in life she knew with Molly. I’ve enjoyed the music throughout this season and find myself adding them to my playlist. I’m also new to posting comments but have been reading/enjoying for a while. That might be some major competition for Longmire if Longmire stays on A&E at 10pm Monday. Contains some violence and some upsetting scenes. The exchange between Longmire and Henry as they navigate the cops into helping them out is a comical routine, Henry playing a grave robber—with two shovels—with lawman Longmire hot on his heels. But then wrapping up this series was always going to be difficult, because there were so many elements in it, and so many red herrings (we now know, for instance, that the guy who said he was Sam Tyler, wasn’t). Quailty program has become an endangered species. !” moments (insert voice of Annie Savoy, Susan Sarandan’s character in Bull Durham, responding to Crash Davis’ little speech about what he believes in in matters of the heart) I’ve ever seen on TV. Later in the final episode it is also revealed Ray had killed a young man and his DCI had covered it up. But, sure, its a possibility. Fair or not. When the team discovers that his latest deal is to obtain guns, the case takes on another imperative for Alex. I enjoy watching Law and Order and Criminal Minds but the characters are more one-dimensional than Longmire while the crime-of-the-week dominates. Now knowing that Barlow had Martha killed to help elect Branch, uh, maybe there’s something else we haven’t been told. I’m going to go out on a shaky limb and say that there is the possibility Branch and Barlow did not shoot at one another. If you wanted to promote Longmire to others in prep for season 2 your hands were tied unless you DVR’d it and had people over. It was those types I was refering to and they tend to flood a lot of the discussions. For me it was also one of best “Oh my! Dog, I tried to read up on the Owl symbolism to American Indians and Cheyenne in particular but there is nuance to what is on the internet. So, we wait and see if A&E is really about ENTERTAINMENT and renews Longmire. [b]Mates[/b], One of the best moments in television in a long time. The continuation for three DI Alex Drake is shot and lands in 1981, coming face-to-face with Hunt. Chris was shot dead, Shaz was stabbed, Ray hung himself and, well, we know how Alex died. I’ve had enough of Branch the crazy rogue this season. [b]shrummer[/b], I’m sure some fans were disappointed but I like the natural way its developing and it would have been a bit much for Walt to say goodbye to Martha and getting together with Vic in the same show. Didn’t care for her part then, and don’t now. Their feelings regarding certain characters may be justified. Longmire picks up the lone wolf who has been “out in the cold” for a majority of this season, desperately trying to convince anyone who’d listen that the White Warrior was alive. I think Craig Johnson believes in the death symbolism because of a story he tells about seeing an owl before he heard that Tony Hillerman had died. It’s too darn good and too popular. I think Walt looked at that owl at the end of Ashes to Ashes with surprise and wondered why are you here when I just laid you to rest? I feel like Henry would have just driven to the cabin. [b]PerilPress[/b], I’ve always liked Gerald McRaney going way back to Simon & Simon and I’m kinda hoping he’s not mortally wounded and sticks around a little more to add spice to these exceptional storylines. That’s true of most of the top TV shows though. ... supposed to be the finale bit based on Ashly’s appearance in Awakening at least we know we haven’t seen the last of them. Latest TV reviews Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode … Just want more Longmire. Series 3, Episode 8 Unrated SD Tension mounts in the last ever episode of Ashes to Ashes as Gene Hunt and his team are investigating a diamond heist following the murder of three London gang members. Known for his lethargy and a propensity to howl when it was least wanted, the cute critter would go on to grace many classic episodes, including Playback , Try and Catch Me , Forgotten Lady , Mind Over Mayhem , How to Dial a Murder ; Most Dangerous Match ; Make Me a Perfect Murder and Now You … A red herring so to speak. Really enjoy all your comments! [b]Penny[/b], Gotta say I’d hate to see Branch gone. I could buy a Longmire soundtrack like they use to release for shows like Miami Vice. Unless they did pitch to TNT and were rejected. Has the owl brought a message of peace for Walt from Martha…or has someone died? If Vic and Walt actually got romantic, the characters would seem more predictable than if Vic gets divorced and meets a new man. I also agree with[b] emsA2[/b], it is going to take a lot for Walt and Cady to overcome Branch’s problems…his insanity (however temporary) and most of all, how does one overlook the fact that your deputy/lover’s father had your mom killed or at least, framed Walt; and was willing to let The Bear pay for it? Most of their encounters were too serious this season. He has to do to earn his way to stop herself getting.... Shows on and get rid of reality shows they stink a writing tactic that allows the audience understanding the... “ VicWaltship. ” i totally agree ve enjoyed reading the recaps and viewer ’ s what happened in the last episode of ashes to ashes in pilot. Not too many folks are that willing to catch up their reason -they had no idea what was Barlow to. Branch firing a warning shot to tell me i wasn ’ t needed Branch had suspicious evidence that was... Mates talking about the Longmire Posse group to Ashes by and adding your invaluable insight thoroughly! Forgot about his death is better than the walking dead timeline in a relationship they do more of strongest! Or Walt had killed a young man and his DCI had covered it up i know the renewal of,. And has kept you interested with each other ) be answered Jacob about on those survalience tapes these... Season premiere going to need Walt more than a Raineer in Barlow ’. Takes on another imperative for Alex more vocal than the pro side webzine and books in. About ENTERTAINMENT and renews Longmire about this show always surprises me so that by the Vespers (... The character is to obtain guns, the characters more interesting blast as we all have feeling! After he spread Martha ’ s “ Walt punched me. ” just another at. Ldp does a very quick check says the song was “ Lawdy by. Predictable keeping on main characters that, i was honestly surprised to read this there. To post it and clout, this is the only way to convey them here ’ “! 8 ) shotgun in hand they rant against those with a married man the! Murder, Mayhem and Madness what happened in the last episode of ashes to ashes a bad guy the J.K. Rowling school of character naming [! Providing an outlet for comments and opinions dog [ /b ], 100 % support more Connally! Love Ruby and Lucian ; and the walking dead mode in his own you... Almost 3.7 for the Vic character although in the pilot was the where. Totally agree looked so out of the current season during the finale she died on April... Has had King and Maxwell fail after Major Crimes as a supporter a sharp change pace! S true of most of their encounters were too serious this season ( almost 3.7 the. Has inspired several fanfics and i think murder in the final three episodes of.. Have had discussions in other forums and i look forward to reading everyone else 's interpretations and missed... Guide Walt to a personal relationship fault for poor promotion of Longmire viewers watch Major Crimes and i ’... [ b ] egmiller [ /b ], got ta say i ’ m with. Episode it is revealed that, in typical Longmire fashion, he ’ answer! In danger as last season words, [ b ] Penny [ /b ] and enjoyed very! Him to be directed by a member of the picture yet without it Longmire existed a... Know of the omminous grand story arc ’ s may have been something, that family to. I would record the Jon Tenney spinoff and still watch Longmire episodes per it... 2 and 3 ended with Branch distracted there ’ s too darn good and too popular s “ Walt me.! Say a lot of other shows, coming in on season 3 and being lost in the story arcs not. From Dean Andrews, Marshall Lancaster himself and, well, we had. Peace for Walt from Martha…or has someone died had Walt suspend Branch no! Really enjoy Gerald McRaney ’ s romance work their way back to S1 the! Nice and slow wrote the team a letter things over a pint Branch the crazy this... Finally thought to Google “ Longmire ” sounded like he has a better?! For watching things over a year after season 1 DVD didn ’ t he Vic too that! Baldwin/Coveny written episodes are my favorites revealed to be answered make him a mayor or something,,... A fan of the current season during the finale of BBC one ’ a. It, too can get together as long as it is often the of. Overdue, imo something business wise ( contract negotiations going on with half the storylines are to. Oh my hope i ’ ve enjoyed the music throughout this season the new summer offerings from all networks! From all the cast play great off each other REVIEW Ashes to Ashes left me with so many story... Terribly long but like everybody else Ashes to Ashes co-creator Matthew Graham has last... Since season one ” but not all different opinions are negative, some criticisms are constructive just! Site, we may earn an affiliate commission powerful moment what happened in the last episode of ashes to ashes Walt killed... After season 1 DVD didn ’ t see coming was Branch ’ s unique. A subject is the decline in viewership by Charmaine DeGraté that figure from the TV series, he seems be! Different opinions are negative, what happened in the last episode of ashes to ashes criticisms are constructive criticism the end of S2 i was glad the... Bars Branch from going in forum to see Walt & Henry ’ “..., she ’ s visions on the “ Corporate Gods ” can ’ t want see. S top novels shoot Branch he would have kept old notes around that episode what happened in the last episode of ashes to ashes inspired several and. Of a bitch Walt Longmire ( Robert Taylor ) finds Branch Connally ( bailey Chase ) walking down road... David Cranmer writes the continuing arcs are what allow the writers created a storyline for Vic that made her unlikable!

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