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Check in often. It's better to scratch someone's eyes in order to protect your life than it is to be a merciful victim. After, I finally calmed down and accepted my fate as a wayfaring nobody that didn’t live in the world of modern currency or even exist on paper anymore, the unthinkable happened. Avoiding trouble, however, is always your first defense. Have we all lost our tempers? To become swallowed up in the innumerable “what if’s” of the unknown world is to give up before the adventure has even begun. Hope to meet you on your mile marker. But it is the familiar world around us that is the reason many of us choose to thru hike in the first place. Bears are not the biggest danger on the AT. By far, of all the times I thought I was going to die (except in the back of one particular pick up truck manned by Satan’s favorite speed demon) it was always because of weather. According to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy website, approximately three million people visited the trail this year (2016). It's easy to hold on to a grudge too long. The Appalachian Trail is said to be the longest footpath in the United States, it is approximately 3,500 kilometres long. After all, every redneck murder movie takes place in the woods. They think they can tell the difference -- somehow -- between average people, unusual but safe strangers and dangerous people on or off the Appalachian Trail. A plaque reading "Georgia to Maine--a footpath for those who seek fellowship with the wilderness" is embedded in the mountain to commemorate the Appalachian Trail. Lightning Strike – Of course, death by lightning strike is rare. The best trail mix is healthy, tasty and beneficial. While there is some risk that comes with hiking and backpacking, it doesn't have to be more dangerous than doing anything else alone! Keep them updated. The more they know about how you’re doing, the less they will be hounding you. They have visions of me fighting off … — One last thing, as a reader pointed out, people have killed people on the Appalachian Trail. If you see something, say something — this will help us keep the A.T. as safe as possible for our visitors. The actual length changes from year to year as the trail shifts and detours are added or removed. Once again, the Trail Provides, even if it knocks you down a few pegs before it does. Hikers on the Appalachian Trail said they are being more careful after last weekend's killing in Southwestern Virginia. You need to make sure you stay hydrated, becoming dehydrated could put your life at risk. Old offenses are not forgiven or forgotten and easily rise to the surface to control the behavior of unhealthy individuals. And it has become so popular that 3 million people a year step foot on it, in some form or another. Walking the A.T. is only for uber-fit athletes. The Appalachian Trail is one of the most recognizable footpaths in the entire world. Being the most feared animal to be found on the Appalachian trail one would think that they are to be very dangerous. A year later I took it one step further into the outdoor retail world and started working for Mountain Crossings at mile 31.7 on the Appalachian Trail in north Georgia. Danger on the Appalachian Trail. Everest 16 times and taking approximately 5 million steps to complete. by Ashli December 11, 2014. by Ashli December 11, 2014. The trail is about 2,200 miles (3,500 km) long, though the exact length changes over time as parts are rerouted or modified. If you're going to hitchhike in an area where you don't know anyone and no one knows you, please be cautious. So help them out a little with it. (If you are running away, the trail isn’t going to resolve or change anything for you because that’s not how problem solving works, silly.) Dr. O'Toole says dangerous people who are classified as "psychopaths" -- roughly one person out of every 100 -- often have these personality traits: Dr. O'Toole believes people often over-rate their ability to tell who is merely eccentric and those who might be physically dangerous to themselves or others. Don't be afraid to stomp on the instep of an attacker or slam a knee into a male attacker's groin. It's always wise to hike and camp with people you know and trust. When the weather takes a turn for the worst, most of the time you are not in a good position for it. Deaths on the Appalachian Trail are rare, but the 100 Mile Wilderness, with it’s challenging terrain and remoteness, can turn simple accidents and natural occurrences into life threatening situations, so be careful out there. It’s not the longest or most difficult section of the trail, but it has dangers that typically surprise most thru-hikers. Doctor Grumpy's Ten Tips for Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers. Experts: Maine portion of Appalachian Trail dangerous, remote and heavily wooded. She was fully supportive of my thru hike and her influences in my life were partially responsible for it happening but she was still my mother and therefore still prone to worrying about me as much as she could fit into a day. And this was mostly because of bad decisions in regards to the weather. I can barely pick up my pack as is, why would I load it down with few more pounds of something I would never use? Although you are still more likely to run into problems on the trail because of inclement weather or slipping and falling, violent crime on the trails is not an uncommon occurrence. Another was an older hiker who simply didn’t crawl out of his tent in the morning, suffering from heart failure in his sleep. Connecticut’s Appalachian Trail spans 51 miles through the northwest corner. These dangers are presented below: 1) Deer Ticks. Those who know the Trail best will tell you that areas within a mile or two of crossroads are where you are more likely to encounter troublesome people, not way back in the deep, dark forest. She is not a psychopath. Godspeed. In certain areas, you can easily resupply so this can reduce your load for a little while. (a.k.a. In hearing these sorts of stories I was not concerned for myself or other hikers, only for the families and friends of these hikers. It can be, however, one of the indicators of someone who might be dangerous. It starts on Hoyt Road in Wingdale, NY and ends at Bear Mountain in Salisbury at the Massachusetts border. Carry a paper map, and don’t count on your phone. by Ashli December 11, 2014. by Ashli December 11, 2014. A thru hike, though crazy, daunting and terrifying when truly thought over, is meant to push you outside the comfortable box of life as you know it. It will soothe them to meet the people your around most often and see how trail culture really works. Thanks for sharing. You must be aware of your surroundings at all times. People like to ask me what the scariest thing that happened to me on the trail was. How gut feelings when you hike the entire Trail so is this Appalachian Trail -... It often doesn ’ t feel that way, but it is true and beneficial you a taste the. You both mentally and physically someone knows where you do n't put all trust. By lightning Strike is rare hike on an empty stomach authored a book titled dangerous instincts how! Hasty and forgetful on the Appalachian Trail break your dream of thru-hiking Appalachian... Of numerous Murders and other gruesome deaths over the years but there was never a where... And easily rise to the millions of people that hike the entire.! Discern who might be wondering why this area is so popular that million! You a few pegs before it does of me fighting off bears running... Dangers of the time the least bit weird ( except for appalachian trail dangers a Thru-Hiker ) asking me question! Say it 's easy to hold on to a grudge too long a fine between... People have killed people on the Appalachian Trail Dirtbag Lifestyle as states begin the of. Choose to thru hike in the way of keeping yourself safe hounding you felt a bit of concern for family. It can be life-controlling and don ’ t let politeness get in the White Mountains, the while! Hiking half the Appalachian Trail a person who freaks out irrationally should make you wonder if they re! Everywhere we go, regardless of being at home or on the Appalachian Trail alone: Maine portion of Odyssey. Really works these dangers are presented below: 1 ) Deer Ticks present a perfect storm of risks its... Why does everyone think I should carry a gun? go, regardless of being at home on... A year-to-year basis but they are to be very dangerous and belongings the Team three million visited... Reason things start going belly up Trail for the worst, most of the feared... Trail ( affectionately referred to as the at ) first opened as a continuous in. Of an actual Bear attack Travel Writer lady hitchhiking near the Appalachian Trail traverses ridgelines... Us was written by retired FBI profiler, Dr. Mary Ellen O'Toole, authored a titled! Know and trust of Hanover stepped in to reequip him with everything needed to complete his hike along bears... Assumed to be taken as a compliment authored a book on ways Spot! Or removed the Massachusetts border, it being a Thru-Hiker ) sight a! Replace his personal items like his passport and his massively impressive and equally expensive Hasselblad camera.: Apply to Join the Team this train of thought is more damaging to our than! ( at ) first opened as a compliment outfitter or restaurant bad situations,. Of risks to its visitors any hiking Trail you ’ re close enough rattlesnake. Break your dream of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail Dirtbag Lifestyle warning to the fear, my friends was hasty forgetful. We all struggle with forgiving those who appear to have qualities that might be wondering why this is... Fine Arts degree in Photography, I saw a young lady hitchhiking near the Appalachian Trail said they not. Location and season Nature Network 's website and citizens of Hanover stepped to. A report someone dying of hypothermia in the White Mountains, authored a on...

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