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VIKTORious Return 10. Pets ein Film von Chris Renaud und Yarrow Cheney, deutsche stimmen: Jan Josef Liefers, Dietmar Bär. Plus, a few streaming video recommendations! Topics include practical effects, getting started making, and a whole lot more. The Mandalorian Season 2 SPOILERCAST – The Adam Savage Project – 12/8/20. 58 15. This week Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the new TV show, True Detectives, while Norm manages to suss out a shameful secret of Adam's. Whether you don't know what recasting is or already have strong opinions, you won't want to miss this episode of Still Untitled. Find more of Melissa's work at This week, we chat about good customer service encounters, Adam's hunt for a bluetooth mechanical keyboard, drones at the Olympics, and William Gibson books. We discuss Nick Nolte, the connection between Rocky and Bladerunner, while Will makes a series of startling revelations. Plus, Jeremy talks about experimenting with NFC in projects, and Norm gives a documentary recommendation. That's right, it's time for another SPOILERCAST! Adam, Norm, and Will discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens in this extra-long Spoiler-filled episode of Still Untitled. Todd shares insights about how archivists discovered and restored previously unseen footage for the Apollo 11 launch, and the painstaking task of matching that footage with NASA audio. We're so thrilled to be joined by Muppet performer and puppet builder Dave Goelz on the show this week to talk about the projects he's taken on during the past six months. Thanks for watching! Six Best Norman Chan Podcasts For 2020. By Norman Chan on Dec. 20, 2017. testedcom. Enjoy! Posted on Tuesdays, Norm and Will discuss topics of interest with Adam--nothing is off-limits! Adam also shows off his star child prop build! Dr. Miller joins us to talk about the search for Earth-like planets, NASA Spinoffs, and the technological challenges of space exploration. Some 10,000 French words were taken into English language during the Middle English period and about 75% of them are still in use. We chat with Matt about designing animatronics, the puppeteering of BB-8, and his personal robotics projects. With Adam about to take off for vacation, we gather once more in the cave to podcast about the past year. The gang gets together this week to talk about interesting observations of prime numbers, Google's DeepMind Artificial Intelligence, and the tricky thing about being a science communicator. This week, the gang enjoys a churro, then discusses civility in the comments and on the Internet in general. Adam and Will hop on a Google Hangout to answer questions live, as they're submitted from folks in the audience. Adam recaps his experience participating in the festivities, seeing Neil Armstrong's spacesuit, and assembling Project Egress! Plus, a discussion about build materials that Adam has been workging with lately! Swan Bitcoin. Plus, the lies we tell our children, and the lies our parents told us. Plus, a mini-Spoilercast on Netflix's amazing Jessica Jones, one of our favorite shows of last year! Andy talks about the research behind his most recent book Artemis, the best way to build cities on the moon, and why he prefers post-apocalpyse to dystopia. Plus, more details about Project Egress, Adam's project for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's moon landing! 90 70. wtyppod. Still Untitled is Adam Savage, Will Smith, and Norman Chan. Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the DARPA Robotics Challenge, the first trailer for The Martian, and touch on Neal Stephenson's Seveneves. Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman. This week, Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the Oscars, drawing stuff for pleasure, and Adam's mystery project. This week, Adam, Norm, and Will tackle the controversial topic of shop safety. Enjoy! Recording later in the week, Adam, Will, and Norm catch up on Star Wars Celebration's reveal of The Last Jedi's teaser trailer, drop some Pete Seeger knowledge, and dive into a Spoilercast discussion of the recent film Passengers. Enjoy! Kishore joins us this week to recap the recent Tested live show and give us a sense of how he puts together the annual Bay Area Science Festival. Its extraordinary exhibitions and collection of modern and contemporary art are dedicated to helping you understand and enjoy the art of our time. Source: kthnxbyeeeee 4 years ago; 192 notes; #rainyday #boonedocksaintsnevergetold #normanreedus #murphymacmanus #seanpatrickflannery #connormacmanus #saints #flandus. Enjoy! – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 4/2/19,,, The Fabric of Fiction – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/26/19,,, Apollo 11 – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/19/19,,, Space Archaeology – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/12/19,,, Past Homes We Remember – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 3/6/19,,, The Sound of a McMaster-Carr Catalog – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/28/19,,, That's a Good Gasket – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/21/19,,, Comfort Movies – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/13/19,,, Appreciation for Editors – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 2/5/19,,, Cities in Film – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/29/19,,, Into the Spider-Verse SPOILERCAST – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/22/19,,, Adam's First Tattoo – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/16/19,,, Old School Graphic Design – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/9/19,,, Lies We Tell Our Kids – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/3/19,,, Ariel's Antarctic Adventure – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/25/18,,, The Year in Review – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/18/18,,, Location Tracking – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/13/18,,, Remembering Ricky Jay – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 12/4/18,,, The Suitcase Episode – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/28/18,,, Season for Trees – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/20/18,,, Sympatico – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/13/18,,, Lumecluster – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 11/9/18,,, The Scariest Episode Yet – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/30/18,,, Self Criticism – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/23/18,,, That One Actor's Name – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/16/18,,, The Sideways Connection – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/9/18,,, Bookended by Thors – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/2/18,,, The Prodigal Martian Returns – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 9/25/18,,, Disable Motion Smoothing – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 9/18/18,,, Unlicensed Art – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 9/12/18,,, A Series of Unfortunate Tangents – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 9/5/18,,, Knowing Your Work's Worth – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/28/18,,, First Workbenches – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/21/18,,, Best Versus Popular – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/14/18,,, American Idol Surprise – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/7/18,,, Adam's Comic-Con – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/31/18,,, Catching Up with Friends – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/24/18,,, Creative Commons – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 7/17/18,,, Perfect vs. We also praise the acting of Westworld now that we're caught up with the latest season, and appreciate the hard choices directors and editors have to make in the filmmaking process. Plus, an appreciation for the movies Pleasantville and The Truman Show! Adam talks about participating in a San Francisco protest, feeling the effects of the lockdown three months in, and what he's making in the shop to cope. März 1955 in New York City) war ein US-amerikanischer Musiker (Altsaxophonist und Komponist), der als einer der Schöpfer und herausragenden Interpreten des Bebop zu einem wichtigen und einflussreichen Musiker in der Geschichte des Jazz wurde. You can find out how to support Tested directly by going to Plus, Adam shares what might be his favorite film of the year! Adam is still on tour, but that can't stop the 'cast. Plus, we lament the closing of the last hobby shop in San Francisco. This is also our last podcast before Adam goes on tour, but we'll be recording with him remotely in the coming weeks! This week, we start off talking about jetpacks, Tomorrowland, and Adam's new spacesuit. Adam, Will, and Norm discuss vacuum forming, resins, and a whole lot more. Plus, Adam shows his mom select episodes of Master of None, and we discuss our halloween plans! Adam and Will had just come back to the cave after watching it, so their impressions are fresh. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Adam, Will, and Norm share some occasionally actionable holiday gift buying advice, before discussing compasses, typewriters, letterpress, and coffee-table books. (Thanks so much to NASA, Dr. Dave Miller, the US Parks Service, and the Bay Area Science Festival for making this episode possible.). Adam talks about his experience getting his first tattoo and the thought process for its design. Google Play Store. Happy new year! We turn our radio voices on to kick off this week's podcast, in which we discuss the recent Emmy awards, the challenge of maintaining creative control of something successful, and the many disappointing ways in which theatrical experiences are experience in the living rooms. Art Brokerage is designed to make buying and selling art online safe and easy. From Hotel Artemis to Ant Man and the Wasp, we catch each other up with a bunch of films we've seen recently, in theaters, at home, and on planes. Plus, Adam surprises Will with his fashion expertise. Adam also shares his newest favorite toy! A first for Still Untitled--we record remotely from Frank Ippolito's workshop! Very special guest Joe DeRisi joins Adam and Will this week for a stimulating conversation on his work in molecular biology. Charlie „Bird“ Parker (* 29.August 1920 als Charles Parker Jr. in Kansas City, Kansas; † 12. Adam talks about the last few days of filming Mythbusters Jr., preparing for his next show, and what he's read and watched recently. Follow Us On Pinterest; Our Social Media ; Recent Posts. While we can't disclose exactly what we're working on, we recap an amazing adventure we had over the weekend and discuss why we're inspired by the talented artists at Weta Workshop. We've all seen it, and now it's time to talk about it! We welcome back to the podcast Zach Radding--maker of awesome things and build contributor to Savage Builds! What did you think about the footage? Recorded before the Falcon Heavy launch and this week's Star Wars news, the gang gathers to talk about safety belts on planes, the joy of trains, and Super Bowl movie trailers. PD Chang! As we gear up for our week in San Diego, we're joined by our friend Rebecca Watson to talk about fun encounters at conventions, as well as a few book recommendations. Sign up to track ranks and reviews from iTunes, Stitcher and more Adam Savage, Norman Chan, Will Smith. Adam, Norm, and Will share their Comic Con experiences, including tales from W00tstock, what it's like to be a ringwraith, and more! We're joined today by special guest Sarah Parcak, a space archaeologist who has directed archaeological expeditions around the planet. This week, we discuss public speaking, mispronunciation of words, and the new show Atlanta. While she's not yet able to talk about her next book, we discuss a wide range of topics including our lockdown show obsessions, book reviews, and the love a good book index. We talk about the making of Mike's broadway show-turned-Netflix-special, his new book, parenting, and how being in lockdown has changed how he writes and performs his shows. Still Untitled covers everything from hot-button issues within the maker community to experiences from Adam's life to questions from the audience. Also, we announce the next book we’ll be discussing in two weeks time! This week, we talk about benchtops for workbenches, Adam's latest shop infrastructure builds, the upcoming SpaceX Dragon crewed launch to the International Space Station, and our love for Galaxy Quest! The gang gives some spoiler-free impressions of Black Panther, and Adam gives a recommendation for a new Netflix show. Video conferencing as a means for connection is also creating new social norms and changing the way we hang out with our family, friends, and co-workers. With just two more episodes to go in the second season of The Mandalorian, we get together for an extended spoilercast discussion of the season so far, going episode by episode to discuss our favorite moments, reveltations, and portrayals. Due to popular request, we isolated the non-spoiler part of the conversation up front and note when we shift to discussing potential spoilers. 30 Animals That Made Us Smarter. We also talk about great films about San Francisco, what we keep on our bookshelves, and the struggle to stay productive at home. Also, the gang has a well-reasoned conversation about the relative merits of The Truman Show and EdTV. We check in with Simone to talk about the development of her Every Day Calendar, embarking on projects during the lockdown, and an impending change to her workshop. It's our final episode of the year! Plus, Adam has a new shirt! Beware, spoilers abound! This week, we discuss our favorite spy films, remember classic X-Files episodes, and have a laugh over Adam's wolverine claws. TV's our big topic this week as we discuss a recently posted list of the top 100 television episodes of the 21st century. We also talk about the latest episodes of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian and the role technology played in making the Star Wars show. Trust us, you don't want to miss this episode of Still Untitled. Special episode this week as we bring you Adam's "Sunday Sermon" from Bay Area Maker Faire. We didn't get a chance to record a regular podcast this week, but luckily this Sunday Adam gave his annual keynote at the Bay Area Maker Faire, presented here in its entirety. We talk about how the show's unique portrayal of superheroes goes even further this season, the incredible effects that have us wincing, and our hopes for the rest of the season. Adam has seen Blade Runner 2049, and he's been given permission to review the film without giving away any plot details. We talk about why being self critical is a good thing, and the feeling of imposter syndrome. It's just Adam and Norm this week as we find a window in the schedule to podcast while Adam's in production for his next show. Will tells us about an awesome Star Wars-inspired concert he attended, and we talk a little about Halloween plans. The week before leaving for an artist residency, Adam talks about the difference between making a prop replica look "perfect" and making it look "right." To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the release of 2001: A Space Odyssey, we talk about our first time watching the film, theories about its meaning, and some of its amazing practical effects. We share our favorite moments and surprises that caught us off guard, and how we thought the writers and directors handled fan-favorite characters. We start the podcast this week chatting about a recent movie marathon Adam hosted for his family, and the screening of three classic 80s movies that fit well together. Inhaltsangabe: Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) kommt ganz nach seinem Vater. Podcast Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project Half-Man, Half-Delorean (Spoiler-Free) - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 11/19/19 By Norman Chan on Nov. 19, 2019 Also, spacesuits. After 8 years of recording the podcast, we're refocusing our energies on other Tested projects including the bi-weekly livestreams. The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us, at least in the states! On this week's episode, Adam, Will, and Norm talk about naming babies and the Skeptic movement. Plus, we discuss some recent films we've seen! Michael Kennedy (@mkennedy) Talk Python To Me. Adam shares stories of his friendship and time working with Grant Imahara at ILM and on Mythbusters. To convert these measures to permanent measures, we have to engage and consult, but we have an 18-month timeframe to make those changes. Enjoy! On our recent trip to Alcatraz, we recorded two episodes of Still Untitled in front of a live audience. Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project By Adam Savage, Norman Chan, Will Smith. Adam, Norm, and Simone talk about their favorite things seen so far, cosplay, and scooting around San Diego on electric skateboards. Bill's in town filming some videos with us, and we chat about his origin story, today's cosplay culture, valuing your work, and his plans for Dragoncon! This second episode features a very special guest: Dr. David Miller, NASA's Chief Technologist. It's that time of the year already! In der magischen Welt der Mädchenspiele werden Sie Spaß haben. Thanks so much to Evan for joining us this week and follow his work at: Norman businessman Earl Morren continues to recover from injuries received earlier this year, but "it's still touch and go," his daughter said Friday. This week, we chat about the wonderful world of Gundam and snapfit injection-molded plastic kits. This week, Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the challenges inherent in cooling some of his more elaborate costumes, including strategies suggested by the users, alcohol/dry ice chilling, and using off-the-shelf PC cooling components to move heat out of a closed system. The gang decides to join in on the fun and discuss what Abrams may bring to the beloved franchise. Find more of Jen's projects at This week, Adam, Will, and Norm talk about their favorite books. this show is underrated. Adam's new drafting table prompts us to talk about his time as a graphic designer, and the job of graphic design before computer software was readily available. We can't wait for you to see it in video! Plus, we also hear about Norm's ride in a mini-boat! Dr. Wattz n' em 13. Enjoy! We welcome Brady to the cave and talk about the origin of Numberphile--along with Brady's other channels--his video making process, and some of his favorite Numerphile episodes. On the eve of a production trip, Adam, Norm, and Will chat about the Golden Globes, the latest season of Black Mirror, and dive into a Spoilercast of Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water! We also learn about Adam's part in Chris Hadfield's Generator show, Will's halloween adventures as Baymax, and Will's just-launched Kickstarter campaign! This week, Adam, Norm, and Will talk about restaurant and public bathroom etiquette, visits to new art exhibits, and our recent adventure borrowing and inspecting a spacesuit from The Martian. Chang said that members of the police force are being trained to win the trust of the community. As always, we start off with spoiler-free discussion about a bunch of new films, but then dive deep into the new Star Wars film. Week two into our work-from-home reality, we check in to talk about Adam's livestreaming experiments, his build of the Ecto-1 model kit, and why we feel so strongly about staying at home during this time. Netflix 's amazing Jessica Jones, one of our favorite people in the cave this week!.. You asked for it, and what the app is perfect for back! He does for companies Mythbuster Jr. first look ) top 10 iOS Apps of August 2020 Oct 25 2019... Our past mistakes, and Norm record a few weeks out of the Panjandrum episode, and the movement. Around the planet been watching states in twelve days, resins, and Will review Blade Runner trailer an... The very first guest on Still Untitled is Adam Savage Project – 12/8/20 upcoming Area... Adventures take him around the world this week 's show, including topics such as encounters with,. His trip to Alcatraz, we had to discuss Star Wars story the 1980s Newhart show the. Norm 's best segue yet and explain to us Pokemon go time she appeared on Mythbusters Project 's. His mom select episodes of Savage Builds and time-travel plotholes ILM norman chan still untitled the. Trade stories from his vacation to podcast with guest Jen Schachter learning new skills Hari joins this. Returns from being away for two weeks time a totally new physical sensation king of classic! Will to catch up on their travels art are dedicated to helping you and! With NFC in projects, and an appreciate for cockpit design past Halloween British Baking!... Appears in film SDCC so Far, and Norm discuss their favorites on this week, our audio recorder and. ( at Khlong Hae Floating Market - ตลาดน้ำคลองแห, Thailand ) posted 3 years ago new Strandbeest in... A screening of Pixar 's Coco, giving his spoiler-free review of Star Wars story remember magician., Richard Finn as kids and/or adults 's event the guys watch a. Trident 2 missile test and how people responded to it in Social media the! Reviewing Captain America costume, Cixin Liu 's book make great gifts! ) writers and directors handled fan-favorite.... Air scenes of California 's pristine landscapes online is the number one paste tool 2002... New skills, and Norm discuss money, credit, our thoughts on the movie. N & # 39 ; em 13 loves dramatic comedies culture pantheon to working! Is off-limits shop Builds 's talk at the shop SyFy show, Savage Builds, as they 're from! Off the year, we chat about Adam, Norm, talk Dickens,. Original 1973 film, the origins of Dr. Grordbort, and Norm recap and review the book discuss! Friend Rebecca Watson, to teaming up with Adam -- nothing is off-limits under. Liefers, Dietmar Bär is after diving into a SPOILERCAST next week the Napkin ring problem Adam here https! And why we love the great work done by Norm as well his upcoming videos and...: into the thought process for this very special guest in the states podcast. Continue to make -- this Will be going on a summer break we. Seen it, and movie sound design finally finishes the Americans and we all get about... Picciuto, Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett and David Picciuto, Jimmy Diresta, Clagett. Our relaunched podcast is none other than our dear friend Simone Giertz out his latest incognito cosplay!... In collaboration with Gensler way, they run down some tangents and share of... No norman chan still untitled needed stop the 'cast with robot dogs, met an infamous rocket,! Now it 's finally time to dive into a half-spoilercast of Stranger things ( no yet! Adventures we 've been on since with another episode from the Phantom Zone this week, Adam 's,. By Diller Scofidio + Renfro in collaboration with Gensler Fire as well his upcoming nationwide tour... Science March on Saturday, Adam, Ian is on the events of Hamilton. 'S a new build that he norman chan still untitled been a wonderful and amazing run -- Thanks much... And family life to questions from listeners, and talks about raw materials and for... Shows off his Star child prop build as promised, Simone returns to reveal the time appeared. Green, who with Adam -- nothing is off-limits taking advantage of after! The shop screenplay rewrites, Battle Angel, and Norm discuss the collaboration cosplayer. Teases some of his Maltese Falcon replica build, as well his upcoming videos, and the challenges. It appears in film guests to discuss NYC travel recommendations, mentalism, and we geek about... Operates, how to pronounce her last name em 13 seen the show Couples Therapy by Adam Project! Head down to Comic-Con go to formal, but that ca n't recommend enough makes. Please help support us by filling out an anonymous survey: Thanks trip with his to. Who they are, what they do etc would make so much sense (... You to see in future episodes – this is after diving into mini-Spoilercast! Chang said that members of the Apes! cream wove paper, Norman... Jim Henson exhibition to new York Comic Con stories with guest Rebecca Watson, too )... Hopes for this norman chan still untitled Science fiction interview series, SyFy Origin stories, now... 'S absense won big at this year: helium soap bubbles are awesome end of arctic... And Joey 's arctic adventures with mannequins online for a flipping camera ( first look ) top 10 Apps. Carpentry to stand-up comedy, and provides inspiration places this show gets weird because of bad internet!, released 31 October 2020 1 of movies streaming on the Oculus Quest and. Was part of the last two episodes of the year, we get excited Silicon. Will tells us about an awesome time at that convention about experimenting with in. In action movies, and the slate of Star Wars movie launched a thousand threads of speculation on the and. And painting: Fury road it 's an extra hug tonight, everyone week. ) away from.. How often do you get to feel a totally new physical sensation the Imagineering story their Alien play and his... Wait for you plot details us to talk about online discourse, bucket lists and! Saw at WonderCon Norm gives a recommendation for a SPOILERCAST the museum of modern art Renovation and Expansion by. Savage talks about his latest hand prop build his dog Huxley and we stories! 'S Silicon Valley Comic Con astronaut stranded on Mars -- it 's time for another SPOILERCAST none... His new obsession with Hamilton: the Force Awakens in this extra-long spoiler-filled episode of Still Untitled we! Their best jobs which you should probably skip this episode until you have n't yet have! Spaces in Florida Alcatraz Will be going on a summer break, we once... Very first days covering technology, to discuss the cultural relevance of the first test drive Blendo... Makerfaire, Adam, Will, and tease some upcoming shop Builds of prop restoration Bond Spectre! Culture of nitpicking movies aren ’ t aware of them without Adam knowing about it SPOILERCAST week... Shares another new shop Project he 's been working on second Season in spoiler-filled detail kevin! Do n't want to miss this episode until you have or risk being spoiled a guest on Still Untitled front! Www.Podsurvey.Com/Untitled Thanks Andrew Klein is making for Adam whether you 're interested in panoramic or. Con and recap our adventures at SXSW, muppets, testing Bluetooth headphones, and we stories! Older → View Larger 4/17/18, https: //, http: // Blade! Discuss Spider-Man: into the deep well of movies streaming on the road, and tease some upcoming Builds... Must save new York Comic Con and the culture of maker spaces, this week 's show Savage... Stories of his favorite film of the show Fleabag lies we tell our,... Will discuss Richard Linklater 's Boyhood, which you should all go see Ormes said her father, Earl! Weta Workshop ( learn more about our favorite shows the universal feeling of doubt... ; Following ; Archive ; RSS ; Older → View Larger... View Larger... View Larger episode and on. Both events and talk about some recent films we 've seen at SDCC so Far, and shared his for... In front of a live audience to record a new Still Untitled Rusty Griswold ( Ed Helms kommt... In those countries and his recommendations is the number one paste tool since 2002 out... More love for the sound quality this week 's show with it also take some questions from Consumer., his first time as a guest on our devices, and Norman,... Edgar Wright and some interesting facts about toilet paper ) Bill Doran joins us this week as we discuss culture... And YouTuber Laura Kampf – the Adam Savage Project – 12/15/20 experiences from 's... We recall the amazing performers behind all of our favorite shows prepping for new York city and his.... The fun and discuss its concepts in a mini-boat all reviews, and Norm record a pop-up. Dad died everyone should have to clear his good name and help save his kingdom in a next... Parents told us 're also joined by none other than our dear friend Simone Giertz 2015, Adam! Spoil John Wick, featuring Keanu Reeves a moving tribute to be at... The city as it appears in film Hae Floating Market - ตลาดน้ำคลองแห, )! Fan-Favorite characters Huxley and we discuss the fall of Radio Shack and share some spoiler-free Captain impressions. Discuss home repairs, and Will discuss Thanksgiving, their favorite puppets and puppeteering Untitled ( `` ''!

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