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In the second film, Will's wedding to Elizabeth Swann is interrupted when they are arrested for piracy. They are caught, however, by Elizabeth Swann, and all three of them work together to fend off the crew of the Dutchman. He was killed during a battle with the crew of Wicked Wench, commanded by a young Jack Sparrow. When Jack asks about his mother, Teague shows him a shrunken head. This act enraged Barbossa, and he punished Bootstrap by tying his bootstraps to a cannon and throwing him overboard. Blackbeard exploits her affection for Philip to obtain Syrena's tears of joy. Mercer. He accompanies Barbossa on the shores of Whitecap Bay, only to be stranded there with the beach party as flesh-eating mermaids tear Providence apart along with its crew. Calypso breaks free, transforming herself dying into thousands of small crabs that engulf the ship and flee into the sea. Barbossa has become a privateer in the service of King George II in order to gain resources to take revenge upon Blackbeard. Beckett uses this information to blackmail Governor Swann, telling him that EITC ships are in pursuit of the Pearl, and that Elizabeth will be spared from being slaughtered with the other pirates if Governor Swann agrees to follow Beckett's orders. With their captain gone, Bootstrap and the other crewmen cut out Will's heart and place it in the Dead Man's Chest, making him the new captain of Flying Dutchman. Beckett offers Will a deal, telling him that he and Elizabeth will be pardoned if Will locates Jack Sparrow and brings back his compass for Beckett to use. When Will admits they want to rescue Jack, Feng becomes enraged and declares that he would only resurrect Sparrow to kill him in person. Barbossa goes ashore, but double-crosses Salazar and flees with Jack to search for the Trident of Poseidon. At the end of the film, Barbossa once again commandeers the Black Pearl, but it is revealed that Sparrow has stolen the ship's charts which point the way towards the Fountain of Youth. Crash (Pirates of the Caribbean) The Crew of the Black Pearl. To lift the curse, the crew needed to return all 882 medallions to the chest and offer their blood. While Bellamy is docked in Port Royal, Elizabeth Swann takes the opportunity to sneak aboard the Edinburgh Trader disguised as a male member of Bellamy's crew, as she is trying to escape from Cutler Beckett. Everyone hates Pirates, and Pirates hate everyone. In Dead Man's Chest, Jack trades Barbossa's undead monkey for a jar of dirt from Tia Dalma, who tells him that it will protect him from Jones. Beckett remains in a state of shock during the entire battle, forcing Lieutenant Groves to order the crew to abandon ship. 3. Barbossa persuaded Jack to reveal the bearings to Isla de Muerta where the Chest of Cortez was hidden. However, he eventually comes to accept that she truly loves Will Turner. Jack, however, does not respond in kind, and refuses to allow Barbossa, Will, Elizabeth, Pintel, and Ragetti aboard the Pearl until Barbossa convinces him otherwise with the Navigational Charts, the only map that tells one how to leave the Locker. In the fifth film, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Teague briefly appears during a flashback explaining Jack's relationship to Captain Armando Salazar. [5] He marries Elizabeth Swann before being fatally stabbed by Davy Jones. With the help of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, he lifts the curse and kills Barbossa. Hector Barbossa sacrifices himself to save his daughter Carina and knocks Salazar off the anchor chain by stabbing him in the back. Disgraced, Norrington resigned his post and disappeared. As the group searches for an escape route back to the mortal world, they encounter numerous souls adrift in the water. Just before the events of the second film, he orders Cutler Beckett to take control of Port Royal and report events back to him. As an adult, she is engaged to James Norrington. Yarr matey! After Barbossa's death, Jack the monkey becomes loyal to Jack Sparrow, returning Jack's compass as a gesture of peace. [25][26][27] Blackbeard is the captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge and a master of black magic, who wants to find the Fountain of Youth to escape a prophecy that he will be killed by a one-legged man. Upon hearing about the statues in the Leviathan Lagoon, the Pirates landed in the islands to find them, but were thwarted by the Skylander… Syrena, portrayed by Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey, is a mermaid who appears in On Stranger Tides. Norrington pursues Sparrow and Turner with three objectives: reclaim the Interceptor, capture Jack Sparrow, and rescue Elizabeth. Originally an officer in the Spanish Navy, Salazar sailed the seas for many years, hunting and killing pirates, and earning himself the nickname el Matador del Mar, (which means "the Butcher of the Sea"). Jones offers to let Sparrow out of the deal if he can find one hundred souls to replace him within three days. Her fury creates a giant maelstrom, in which the crews of Flying Dutchman and Black Pearl battle. He is subdued by Will, and only recognises his son after seeing Jones stab him. [2] Depp based his characterization on The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and cartoon character Pepé Le Pew. However, Gibbs and the crew later return to Port Royal to save Jack from hanging. Despite serving faithfully in his official capacity as a clerk, Mercer often executes Beckett's more sinister agendas as an assassin and spy. After Jones’s defeat and justice for her father’s murder, Elizabeth gives up piracy and returns to Port Royal. The character has also appeared in numerous video games, such as The Legend of Jack Sparrow.[8]. Prisoners vainly attempt to retrieve the keys from it (in a reference to the original Disneyland ride). Luffy's Pledge to His Friends! Before Calypso is fully freed, Will tells her that it was Davy Jones who betrayed her by revealing to the first Brethren Court how to bind her into her human form. The pirates have no allegiance to other factions or each other. Shortly after Will departs, Governor Swann tries to help Elizabeth escape from captivity by arranging for a ship to take her back to England. [41] He informs Norrington that Swann has returned to England. Bellamy is initially reluctant to sail to a pirate port, but Elizabeth dangles her dress from the mast of the ship like a puppet, making it seem as though it is a spirit telling him to go to Tortuga, which he does. His original purpose was to carry souls of those who died at sea from this world to the next on his vessel. After learning about the discovery of the Fountain of Youth, King Ferdinand sends his most trusted agent, known only as the Spaniard, to find and destroy the Fountain. He is mentioned in the first film, and he appears in Dead Man's Chest and At World's End. Between the events of Dead Man's Chest and At World's End, Lieutenant Groves is appointed as Lord Cutler Beckett's second-in-command aboard HMS Endeavour. Pirates was a highly popular LEGO theme introduced in 1989, running until 1997. She responds to his anger by saying that Jones never would have loved her if not for her uncontrollable and unpredictable nature. Scrum, played by Stephen Graham, is a pirate who appears in On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales.[43]. The crew of the Gull are captured and taken aboard the Essex, which they later escape and find a restored Black Pearl under attack by Salazar and his men. Salazar corners Jack on an island, but he is unable to set foot on land due to his curse. Sometime later, Mercer is placed aboard the Flying Dutchman. He is the leader of The Pirate Captain's Ship who is a selfish yet kind man and treats his crew with great benevolence. Salazar plummets to the bottom of Poseidon's Tomb to drown with the rest of Silent Mary's crew. He claims to be one of the few crew members to do so "just because he missed him." A pirate best known for a single incident involving a mutiny. Eight years later, Captain Norrington is about to be promoted to the rank of commodore. Gibbs visits Tia Dalma with Jack. They are posted as the main guards of the Dead Man's Chest on Flying Dutchman, but it is stolen by Jack during another argument. The skeletal monkey was added in post-production by Industrial Light and Magic. The commodore imprisons the surrendered pirates and returns to Port Royal with Jack Sparrow. He first appears onscreen in Dead Man's Chest, where he is sent to remind Sparrow of his debt to Jones. Believing that his daughter died when the Kraken took Black Pearl, Weatherby attempts to stab the heart of Davy Jones. [14] She is the daughter of Governor Weatherby Swann. Surprises Include Pirates, Ships And 'Arrrghs, "Producer Jerry Bruckheimer On Set Interview PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4: ON STRANGER TIDES; Updates on LONE RANGER and More", "Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Brenton Thwaites CONFIRMS role opposite Johnny Depp in swashbuckling sequel", "John Lewis Christmas ad Scot to star in Pirates of the Caribbean", "Pirates 6? Commander John Evenrude. Sao Feng is portrayed by Chow Yun-fat. He also appears in Dead Men Tell No Tales once again as Jack Sparrow's crew member. For every ten years at sea he could spend one day ashore to be with her. The Pirate Captain is the main protagonist of the movie. After the battle at the Fountain of Youth, she unintentionally poisons herself while trying to remove Barbossa's poison-laced sword from Blackbeard's chest, Jack tricks Blackbeard into sacrificing his life to save Angelica's. She will also fully give her love to Jones, and they reconcile. Bound by ropes, she grows to nearly sixty feet high, towering over the crew. Ten years after first being charged with the duty, Jones prepared to be reunited with his true love on land, but was heartbroken and enraged when she never appeared. When the pirates find out that Sparrow was chased by vengeful ghosts they raise a mutiny, electing Joshamee Gibbs as their new captain, who later tricks Scrum into becoming a captain himself shortly before they are captured. Barbossa asks that she fulfill their agreement and use her powers to aid the pirates. After finding Will Turner adrift at sea, Beckett, Will, and Jones sail to Shipwreck Cove using Jack's compass. Will Turner and Jack Sparrow commandeer the HMS Interceptor, stranding Norrington aboard the disabled Dauntless. After Admiral James Norrington is killed, Mercer proclaims to Davy Jones that he is now in command of the ship, as he holds the key to the Dead Man's Chest in his possession. Crew of the Silent Mary. Gibbs survives the Kraken's attack on Black Pearl in which Jack is dragged to Davy Jones's Locker. At one point, Beckett ordered Jones to kill the Kraken. A \"light grey\" cell (such as the one in the \"Will Turner\" and \"Elizabeth Swann\" rows in the \"On Stranger Tides\" c… After Jack and Black Pearl are rescued, Will leads them to an island where he and Feng arranged to meet. The film is accompanied with an 18-minute short stop motion animated film called So You Want to Be a Pirate!, where The Pirate Captain hosts his own talk show about being a true pirate. He scolds Barbossa for not helping the crew as Providence is attacked but Barbossa warns him to remain silent. At the end of the film, Norrington arrives in Beckett's office with the Letters of Marque, and offers him the heart of Davy Jones in exchange for his old life. When the smoke clears Elizabeth finds Feng under a small pile of rubble, impaled with a huge piece of drift wood. She did not return in Dead Men Tell No Tales. Joshamee Gibbs, portrayed by Kevin McNally, is a superstitious crew member on the Black Pearl and the closest friend of Jack Sparrow. He can outrun a hurricane, outsail a Portuguese galleon, and is handy with a cutlass. These characters are swashbuckling pirates that sail the seas or skies, exploring the world, pillaging the populace, or searching for buried treasure. Ragetti's wooden eye is revealed to be Barbossa's Piece of Eight, and he dons an eyepatch for the rest of the film after Barbossa takes it from him while gathering the Pieces of Eight from all nine Pirate Lords. The show has had many guest stars lending their voices, including Ariel Winter as Marina the Mermaid, Tori Spelling as the Pirate Princess, Lisa Loeb as Winger, Adam West as Wise Old Parrot, Josh Duhamel as Captain Flynn, Sharon Osbourne as Mama Hook, Tiffani Thiessen as the Mermaids, Jane Kaczmarek as Red Jessica, Rhys Darby as Percy the Penguin, Teri Hatcher as Beatrice Le Beak, Jerry O'Connell as Pip the Pirate Genie, Rosie O'Donnell as the Bouncing Bumble Queen, Jack McBrayer as Wander Pirate Mum… ", Teague sarcastically replied, "Does this face look like it's been to the Fountain of Youth? Hector Barbossa, working as a privateer, threatens to execute Gibbs if he does not betray Jack. Feng, Elizabeth, and Barbossa are interrupted by the East India Trading Company, led by Mr. In At World's End, Beckett has been appointed representative of George II. Upon arrival at Shipwreck Cove, she reminds Barbossa of her power by gripping his hand and temporarily rendering it skeletal. He is stubborn at times and is very protective towards his pet dodo bird, Polly. He confronts Tia Dalma while she is locked in the brig of Black Pearl. During the attack, Bellamy is hauled overboard by one of the Kraken's tentacles, dragged underwater and presumably eaten. Offscreen Groves is saved. (y) indicates the actor or actress portrayed the role in a flashback scene or when the character was young. During the battle against Davy Jones, he officiates a makeshift wedding for Will and Elizabeth. In a post-credits scene after the film, Elizabeth has given birth to a son and the boy, now 9/10 years old, eagerly awaits the arrival of his father as the Dutchman sails towards them. Syrena is left to die, but a mortally wounded Philip returns to cut her loose. After retrieving the tear, Blackbeard and his men leave Syrena tied up to die, while trying to bind Philip and bring him to the Fountain of Youth. A Father's Huge, HUGE Dream! Norrington escapes with the chest, heart, and Letters of Marque. According to the actor, he won't appear in any future Pirates of the Caribbean movies.[10]. Each has their respective "Pieces of Eight", the talismans necessary to free Calypso. She resurrects Barbossa, who is also one of the Pirate Lords, and organizes an expedition to rescue Jack from Davy Jones's Locker. Afterward, they serve on HMS Dauntless and survive the final battle. He assists Barbossa in claiming the Fountain of Youth before Blackbeard and the Spaniards do. The Major-General gives the girls in marriage to the various pirates, though Mabel is reserved for Frederic. It is one of the most popular and well-loved Disney attractions. He appears in At World's End, On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales. He soon becomes obsessed with reclaiming his honour, and seeks revenge against those he believes responsible for his downfall, notably Sparrow. The Witch Is A Major Scene-Stealer", "See Paul McCartney's 'Pirates of the Caribbean' character", "Who Does Paul McCartney Play In 'Pirates 5'? Seeing that he still loves her, Angelica tries to convince Jack not to leave her on the island by claiming she has knowledge of several artifacts that can give him control of the ocean and that she is pregnant with his child, but he doesn't fall for either of her ruses. Jack's crew returns to Tia Dalma's shack after Jack is dragged to Davy Jones's Locker by the Kraken. Beckett first appears in Dead Man's Chest, when he arrives in Port Royal with warrants of arrest for Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann (for aiding in the escape of Jack Sparrow), and also for James Norrington (for giving Jack a head start when he escaped), although Norrington had already resigned his commission and disappeared months before. He becomes delusional. When Jones attempts to collect on the bargain, Sparrow flees. When Jack Sparrow refuses to lead an expedition to the Fountain of Youth, the King sends Barbossa to find the Fountain in order to stop the Spanish monarch from becoming immortal. When the glass tank Syrena is being carried in shatters, she changes to a human form, causing missionary Philip Swift to remove his shirt and cover her. Only Depp, Rush and McNally reprised their roles in every film. When the pirates attack the Dauntless, Pintel and Ragetti join them, only for the curse to be lifted and for them to be captured by the Navy. Angelica, played by Penélope Cruz in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, is the daughter of Blackbeard and a former love interest of Jack Sparrow's. In the end, she allows Jack to captain Black Pearl. There, they infiltrate Sao Feng's headquarters to acquire the navigational chart needed to sail to World's End and Davy Jones' Locker. In contrast to his strong-willed daughter, he is something of a milquetoast. Scrum and his shipmates later save Sparrow, embarking on a quest to find the legendary Trident of Poseidon. He loves Elizabeth, although he is of a lower social class. He captures Henry Turner while the others reach land. He is still alive in 1750, though the story about his death at the battle of Ocracoke Inlet in 1718 is still well known in the Caribbean. At Isla Cruces, Norrington, Sparrow, and Turner duel to claim Davy Jones' heart. Gibbs steals Jack's maps, which show the way to the Fountain of Youth, and memorizes them. Though the Fountain is destroyed before he can achieve immortality, Jack kills Blackbeard by tricking him into sacrificing his life as part of the Fountain's magical ritual. In the second film, Pintel and Ragetti have escaped from imprisonment, and are searching for the Black Pearl, now under the command of Jack Sparrow, so they can take it for themselves. [4] Jones raised the Black Pearl from the sea in exchange for a guarantee of service as a crewman on the Flying Dutchman. When Sparrow's first mate, Hector Barbossa, led a mutiny against Sparrow, Bootstrap was the only one who did not participate. As stated by Jack Sparrow, people believe that Blackbeard was beheaded, and that his headless body swam three times around his ship before climbing back on board. In At World's End, Norrington has now regained his career. After Beckett frees Will so he can search for Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth escapes jail with help from her father. Though introduced as a humble blacksmith in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of … He is one element retained from the novel On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers, from which Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides draws inspiration. Visit the Pirates of the Caribbean site to learn about the movies, watch video, play games, find activities, meet the characters, browse images, and more! Before he leaves, he impregnates his wife, Elizabeth, and leaves her his heart to protect. In the first film, they are the guards of HMS Interceptor. Calypso and Davy Jones briefly reunite while she is locked in the brig of the ship. In At World's End, Barbossa and Elizabeth intend to rescue Jack Sparrow from Davy Jones' Locker. John Scarfield appears in Dead Men Tell No Tales and was played by David Wenham. While the newly promoted Commodore Norrington proposes to Elizabeth Swann atop the fortress, she faints and topples over the wall into the harbor below. William "Will" Turner Jr. is portrayed by Orlando Bloom. In the final battle at the Fountain, the Spaniard kills Theodore Groves, who tried to stop them by proclaiming the Fountain as the property of his King. Post-Credits Scene Added to 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Sea creatures rise from the digital depths -, "Actor Martin Klebba: A 'Pirate' and a Champion for Dwarf Rights", "Wordplay Forums: Re: Just a small question for T. and T.", " WORDPLAY/Archives/"Ends of the Earth, "Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey uses her mermaid wiles in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie", "Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Begins Production", "Richard Griffiths Joins The Cast Of "Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Lands Richard Griffiths", "Disney deaths that traumatized us as children", "JOHNNY DEPP WANTS ANOTHER ROLLING STONE TO JOIN PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN", "The Little-Known Story Of Captain Jack Sparrow's Origin", "Chosen One of the Day: The dog god from Pirates of the Caribbean", "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Reviews Draw Comparisons to The Curse of the Black Pearl", "Trung úy John Scarfield của Cướp biển vùng Caribe bất ngờ đến Việt Nam", "Who's The Bald Woman In 'Pirates 5'? On their way to Isla de Muerta, Pintel and Ragetti relay the story of Will's father, Bootstrap Bill Turner, to him. After Salazar becomes mortal and still pursues Jack, Carina and Henry; Barbossa sacrifices himself to kill Salazar, revealing that he is Carina's father and that he loves her. Just as one of the soldiers aims his musket at Jack, he is shot in the back by Teague. The three of them flee aboard the Dying Gull. They are last seen at the end of the third film, strolling down a pier with Gibbs after once again slapping Jack following his declaration that he lied to them several times and on several levels. Jake and the Never Land Pirates Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Norrington denies any knowledge of or involvement in Governor Swann's death. Although Cotton does not appear in On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales, his parrot is seen trapped on Black Pearl, which was magically shrunk and imprisoned in a bottle by Blackbeard. Before the events of the films, Davy Jones, a human, fell in love with the sea goddess Calypso. While Pintel and Ragetti may be some of the most popular characters in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, they’re certainly far from being the most competent pirates in the series, with the pair frequently making mistakes and being the butt of jokes. The pirates manage to escape, boarding the Black Pearl and later saving Sparrow, Carina Smyth, and Henry Turner from Captain Salazar and his crew of ghosts. Jack Sparrow secretly switches the magical cups used in the ritual, thus sparing her life and killing Blackbeard. They participate in the battle in Singapore against the East India Trading Company, and later join Barbossa's crew aboard the Hai Peng. At Whitecap Bay, he is almost killed by a mermaid. Jack Sparrow distracts them into arguing about Black Pearl, which allows him to steal the ship. Norrington spots Elizabeth's distress signal and rescues them. When the Spanish began destroying the Fountain of Youth, Groves' body was being carried away by two of his fellow officers. However, before they can even get a chance, the Silent Mary emerges from behind the Essex and slices through it, destroying the ship and killing Scarfield. However, Murtogg and Mullroy return in Dead Men Tell No Tales, as part of Barbossa's crew, they inform Barbossa that his fleet of pirate ships is being destroyed by Silent Mary, Salazar's ship and crew. Returning in the third installment, he joins forces with Will, Elizabeth and the Black Pearl crew in their attempt to rescue Jack from the Locker. He was unable to speak, while he trained his blue-and-yellow macaw, voiced by Christopher S. Capp, to use a large number of phrases to essentially speak for him (such as 'Wind in the sails' apparently meaning 'Yes'), although nobody has been able to figure out how he did this. After Carina Smyth and Jack Sparrow are captured in Saint Martin, Scarfield orders for both of them to be executed. Marty often provides comic relief, such as being blown off his feet after firing a blunderbuss in At World's End. After this fleet is threatened by Armando Salazar, Barbossa promises to lead him to Jack Sparrow. He is bartered to Tia Dalma, and he later rejoins the resurrected Captain Barbossa. Bandits are said to be the opposite of pirates, operating primarily on firm land instead of the sea. In the fourth film, Scrum assists Angelica in recruiting a crew while she is impersonating Jack Sparrow. In On Stranger Tides, Jack is trapped on Black Pearl, which has been magically shrunk and confined to a bottle by Blackbeard. Elizabeth does not appear in On Stranger Tides,[6] but she appears briefly in Dead Men Tell No Tales as she and Will reunite after 20 years apart. In At World's End, Elizabeth Swann is locked in the same brig as Bootstrap. He subsequently informs the Court of the conditions required for a declaration of war and the necessary election of a Pirate King. When Jack Sparrow is revealed inside the bank's vault, the Mayor sees his wife lying next to Jack, causing him to mistakenly think she's cheating on him. Shansa is a sea-witch who appears in Dead Men Tell No Tales and was played by Golshifteh Farahani.[58]. Barbossa sinks the Interceptor and maroons Sparrow and Elizabeth. Arriving on the scene, Davy Jones offers Norrington a reprieve from death if he will join the crew of the Flying Dutchman. The Spaniard, portrayed by Óscar Jaenada, is King Ferdinand's most trusted agent. He was killed in a duel with Blackbeard by Blackbeard's sword. After a brief confrontation between the parties, Feng directs Sparrow's attention to Lord Cutler Beckett's approaching ship, Endeavour. His last words are, "Forgive me, Calypso.". Akuma no Mi!! Elizabeth Swann takes the medallion from Will Turner. Uncle Jack, played by Paul McCartney,[59] is Jack Sparrow's uncle, and Captain Teague's brother. Pintel and Ragetti, portrayed by Lee Arenberg and Mackenzie Crook, appear in The Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man's Chest, and At World's End. For years, Barbossa searched for the last coin and the child of Bootstrap Bill, both of which were needed to break the curse.

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