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From ancient enemies from the planet […] At the start of the series, Jaga sacrifices himself to ensure Lion-O and his group escape. After Snarf's disguise was exposed when fighting Mumm-Ra, this caused Mumm-Rana to shed her disguise and beat up Mumm-Ra for ruining her day. Screwloose is a bungling robot whom the ThunderCats enlist to assist Jagara in the repair of the Gyroscope. Addicus is a bloodthirsty barbarian who committed crimes against the Bird Nation and was sentenced to a death drop from high up in his captors' domain. The Berbils made themselves known to the ThunderCats when they helped to repair the Thunder Tank and give them food. They communicate with him through the cauldron and giant anthropomorphic statues of a boar, vulture, crocodile, and ox. ", a revived Hammerhand had formed a second incarnation of the Berserkers with new members endowed with cybernetic bodies and powers like his own. He is Slithe's scout. We have 180 high definition screen caps today. As he would learn later in the season, Tygra is of the Tiger Clan who were forced, by the spiteful other cat clans, to live in the frozen mountains far from Thundera due to their steadfast continued loyalty to Mumm-Ra even after the latter's entrapment. In the original series, Kat appears to be the equivalent to a human that is twelve years of age. She at one time battled Queen Luna (grandmother to the Lunatak Luna) to stop her rampage across Third Earth. While fans and critics alike enjoyed the sleeker, edgier and more cinematic look and feel of the show, Cartoon Network cancelled it after one season. C'est une reprise de la série originale Cosmocats de Ted Wolf. Though he is one to take any advantage presented to him, Jackalman often sides with Slythe to keep from being the scapegoat when plans fail. While waiting, she was given a flower by Tygra, which helped Cheetara sustain herself for days, until Jaga finally allowed her to join the clerics. Snarfer (voiced by Bob McFadden) is a young and excitable Snarf who is Snarf's young nephew. In his prime, he used the "Sword of Omens" in an epic duel against Ratilla. They are herdspeople and farmers who are just as likely to call for help from the ThunderCats. However, after saving her from Mumm-Ra yet again she gives him a kiss on the cheek in thanks. In ThunderCats Roar, Mumm-Ra had his Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living form when he wielded a Doom Staff. He pilots one of the Skycutters. When Grune and Panthro sparred to prove themselves to get a promotion from Claudus, Claudus instead promoted Lynx-O to general and assigned Grune and Panthro to find the Book of Omens. Maybe you can draw a young version of him of the 2011 series since he's suppose to be nearly the same age as the thunderkittens. In the 2011 series, the Wolos (pronounced "Wallow" in the reboot) are shown to have rodent-like teeth. It has been years since Thundercats aired on Cartoon Network where it met its demise after only a single season. Bengali (voiced by Peter Newman) is one of the two younger Thundereans among the trio, named after the bengal tiger and resembling the white variant. He then proceeded to give these plans to Lion-O, who used them in the present to destroy the mutants' War-Bot. Eventually, his jealousy towards the king was used by Mumm-Ra to convince Grune to become his follower and serve a key role in Thundera's downfall. Vultaire shoots down Tygra and then quotes to Addicus "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Monkian typically uses his flail and projectile-firing shield when in combat. Her weapon of choice is a baton that expands into a bō that can grow or shrink to variable lengths. Small and harmless-looking, the Berbils are steadfast, hardy workers and skilled farmers, cooks, and craftsmen. Robots oursons, ce sont des alliés des Thundercats. When he managed to recover it after it was found by Char, he planned to use it to increase his power and free himself from servitude to Ancient Spirits of Evil. The dying planet Thundera is meeting its end, forcing the ThunderCats to flee their homeworld. After the ThunderCats returned from the Forest of Magi Ore, the Elephant village was attacked by Grune and his forces. They also have a gladiatorial arena know colloquially as "The Pit" which is part of their justice system as criminals are made slaves (unless if the slaves were bought from someone else) to fight against each other in combat until they have either paid their debt with 100 wins or have died in battle. In the 2020 series, the Mutants' roles are similar to the 1985 series where Ratar-O was depicted as their leader. Because of this injury, Lynx-O has had to adapt to survive on Third Earth and has done so by honing his other senses to super-human levels. Through a sequence of nightmares, Lion-O eventually learns from Jaga of his father's imprisonment in the Shadow Realm and is able to rescue him. At the start of the series' second season, it was revealed to Lion-O (after having a recurring dream about the final moments of the destruction of Thundera) that there are three more Thunderians living on Third Earth whom Jaga was unable to rescue. H… Exclusive to the 2011 series, the Fishmen are one of the native sentient species of Third Earth and resembled humanoid fish-like creatures. Character sheets for Thunder Cats 2011. She is the only adult female ThunderCat until the later appearance of Pumyra. They get annoyed with the ThunderCats when they make strange demands to them. Il peut se battre avec n'importe quelle arme, mais préfère utiliser son ancien Nunchackus. However, Addicus is rescued from the fall by Slithe and recruited to be one of Mumm-Ra's new generals. Lion-O est le seul chat capable de vaincre Mumm-Ra, mais avant tout il doit trouver les quatre pierres magiques qui lui donneront le pouvoir de vaincre le mal ultime. Losing both the right to succeed his foster father and the only mother he knew, Tygra grew to hate Lion-O and questioning the latter's decisions after he became the new Lord of the Thundercats. He also can communicate with other animals on Third Earth to enlist their help in his tasks, and once even tricked the Ancient Spirits of Evil into giving him a power-up to become a being called Snarf-Ra. They are led by Lion-O. This caused Dobo to feel bitter towards Panthro until Panthro revealed the deathmatch would pit him and Dobo against each other. Snarfs are known to end their sentences with the squeaking exclamation for which they are named—"snarf, snarf!". He can craft weapons out of ice, seemingly at will. Image of ThunderCats for fans of ThunderCats (2011) 26786054. Le frère adoptif de Lion-O et le prochain en ligne pour la couronne, Tigro a toujours été un peu jaloux de son jeune frère - mais ce tigre courageux n'a jamais perdu la face devant le prince. Before departing, Wizz-Ra promising Cheetara they would meet again in her dreams. WilyKit and WilyKat are renamed Felina y Felino in the Spanish version (except in the 2011 version, where they retain their original names), and MiniKit und MiniKat in the German version. They first appeared in "The Terror of Hammerhand" where they befriend the ThunderCats upon them coming to their aid when Hammerhand and his pirates have been poaching the unicorns. On one occasion, he even attempts to flirt with Mandora the Evil-Chaser without much success. Mordax later turn against Ratar-O, refusing to kill Lion-O and by returning the Sword of Omens to him before making his escape.[23]. This portly rodent is considered the most cunning and evil of all the Mutants. Parents need to know that ThunderCats Roar! The series is a reboot of the original 1980s TV series of the same name which ran from 1985 to 1989. Leonard Starr was the head writer for the series, which follows the adventures of a group of cat-like humanoid aliens. Characters / ThunderCats (2011): ThunderCats Go To × Edit Locked. - TV Preview at IGN", "Thunder Thursdays: Know Your ThunderCats! However, Vultaire purposely left the security system active as it knocked out Pumyra while having his Ravenman guards escort the ThunderCats to be thrown out of Avista with the trash before Mumm-Ra's forces to make their move. Kask (voiced by Matthew Mercer) is a Lizard who is exclusive to the 2011 TV series. After the Mutants and the Lunataks were removed from Third Earth, Snowman becomes a member of the League of Third Earth. With an infectious laugh, accompanied by a good sense of humor. Mexican Free-Tailed Bat (Tadarida brasiliensis) 7. Cependant il était écrit que naitrait des flammes un roi qui guiderait son peuple à la victoire après avoir vaincu l’esprit ancestral du mal. Image of ThunderCats for peminat-peminat of ThunderCats (2011) 24861127 When Grune and Panthro had fought bravely to get promoted to general, Claudus told them that he has given the job to Lynx-O. Though smaller than Snarf, he does not allow that to get in his way when he wants to help friends. The original Berserkers resembled Vikings and were apparently all killed when their ship was sunk. Though Jaga destroys the lantern that was keeping his soul intact to save Lion-O from Mumm-Ra, his soul took residence within the Book of Omens and becomes Lion-O's guide. The Berserkers are the odd band of Viking-like pirates who first appeared pillaging the northern shores of the Unicorn Forest (as seen in the episode The Terror of Hammerhand). He is strong and wields the Rat's Eye (a pair of kris-style daggers which have two mystical gems embedded in their hilts) that he can use to fire energy blasts, levitate foes and even fly through the air. It's like every 80s ten-year-old kid's dream come true! He is the only one at the beginning who believes that technology and Mumm-Ra exist even though the technology is sold across Third Earth. Panthro conduit également le Tank-Attack et ne laisserait personne d’autre prendre le volant, c'est sa fierté et sa joie. His ultimate goal is universal domination and enforcing his ideal order on it. 99 to buy episode. It is shown that Lion-O had feelings for Cheetara until in "Between Brothers" when she confessed her feelings for Tygra. Ratar-O (2011 TV series) Ratilla (2011 TV series) Rezard. Lion-O viewed Pumyra as a possible love interest and makes several attempts to impress her which usually result in her being injured, captured or humiliated. In "Native Son", it is shown that Lion-O had an unnamed mother who died giving birth to him. However, Jaga does reappear on Third Earth as a ghost (seen only by Lion-O at first) to guide him in his lessons and adventures. Kit also appears to be the more agile, and at times, she employs a rolling-attack against the enemy. This form is only presented in the series three times. Jagara (voiced by Gerrianne Raphael) is found deep within the core of New Thundera. In the episode "Doomgaze,"[18] it is hinted that the Ancient Spirits of Evil are of the same race as H. P. Lovecraft's Great Old Ones, because Mumm-Ra invokes Yog-Sothoth and Cthulhu[19] when freeing the evil Princess Ta-She from her time prison.[20]. The ThunderCats defeat Ratar-O and throw the Sword of Plun-Darr into outer space. From the mighty ThunderCats to the gentle Berbils, they all have a … Jul 8, 2016 - See and read the latest about Cartoon Network's THUNDERCATS revival, including a new trailer! They are led by Lion-O. Their attempted search resulted with Mumm-Ra's release and Panthro being betrayed by Grune, and ruing a struggle, fell down an abyss and was believed killed. In the WildStorm/DC comic mini-series, Tygra eventually marries Cheetara and the two raise a pair of twin cubs. 24/set/2013 - CHEETARA For those fans that do not like the reinvented thundercats, here is a retro pin-up for ya. Cheetara and Tygra become a couple shortly thereafter and Cheetara later abandons her duties as a Cleric in "New Alliances" to save Tygra's life. This powerful, ancient Thundercat (like Jaga, based on the jaguar) is an immortal sorceress. See more ideas about thundercats 2011, thundercats, thundercats characters. On the one hand, he has great passion, love of family, and life. Figuring out Mumm-Ra's plan, the Ancient Spirits of Evil cut off his transformation chant and demanded he surrender the Sphere of Setti to them. Her apparent friendship with Lion-O gave him another reason to bear a grudge on his brother. It's like every 80s ten-year-old kid's dream come true! In ThunderCats Roar, Cheetara has an athlete personality. La liste ci-dessous correspond aux titres donnés lors de leur diffusion française (France 3 - Ludo) suivi des titres originaux. Mexican Coyote (Canis latrans cagottis) 3. In the 2011 series, the Berbils are shown to be more bear-like and have an ability to roll up into balls. After Mumm-Ra claimed the Tech Stone, Vultaire joined Mumm-Ra's forces into retreating from Avista. Unlike the other mutants, Vultureman was not introduced in the opening episode of the series, but a flashback reveals him working with Slithe years earlier. whenever he finds himself in a bad situation. Chef des Clerics — la Garde Royale de Thundera, composée de mages — il est le conseiller du Roi Claudius, le père de Lion-O, et sera tué peu après par Mumm-Ra. Her twin brother is WilyKat.Kit and Kat were born to a humble farmer and his wife, and became older siblings to a second pair of twins. In another incarnation, invoking "the Ancient Spirits of the Dream World" to transform himself into "Mumm-Ra the Dream Master", he is able to enter dreams to subliminally influence the ThunderCats in their sleep as a form of mind control. In the 2011 series, Claudus is a stern father to Lion-O and the adoptive father of Tygra. When the ThunderCats encounter their colony while on their search for the Warstones, the Elephants reveal that they have one yet forgot the item's exact location in their village. In "The Heritage," it was said that Mumm-Ra once owned the Sphere of Seti which increased his power. Later, through a calculated scheme involving his agent Pumyra, Mumm-Ra regains the Sword of Plun-Darr and the Tech Stone while gaining a new ally in Vultaire. Ma-Mutt is a demonic Bulldog that is Mumm-Ra's pet. Lion-O . In later episodes, while endowing Mumm-Ra with his powers, the statues of the Ancient Spirits of Evil came down from their perches to extend their arms over him. Very skilled as a warrior and leader, Turmagar is also a crafty pilot who flies the Gomplin. When the ThunderCats raid Mount Plun-Darr as Tygra and Cheetara pose as slaves to get the sword, Lion-O's group is captured by Mordax and turned over to Ratar-O. Unlike Tygra, Pumyra easily manipulates Lion-O to side with her. In the Wildstorm/DC miniseries ThunderCats: The Return, Cheetara is revealed to have been made a slave of the mutants during Lion-O's time training inside the Book of Omens, and it is hinted that she was sexually abused by them, though it is never outright confirmed. Reply. Possibly the most agile ThunderCat next to the ThunderKittens, Pumyra employs an incredible leaping ability—often able to vault higher than even great jumpers like Tygra or the ThunderKittens. Ils peuvent ouvrir toutes les serrures. The Tabbuts are a race of wealthy yet greedy traders who often appeared as allies of the mutants. Mumm-Ra cannot be truly killed; even in cases where his body is destroyed, he will eventually be restored, as he often states: "Wherever evil exists, Mumm-Ra lives!". Char later apologizes for his actions and becomes an ally of the ThunderCats. As befits a scientist, Vultureman is inquisitive and open-minded, frequently leaving him odd-man-out among his more barbaric peers. In "Native Son," it is revealed that the Ancient Spirits have been worshiped by the Tiger Clan after their ancestors were driven off to the mountains due to their loyalty to Mumm-Ra. Kevin Michael Richardson Talks ThunderCats, Green Lantern, and More! He does tend to babble when over-excited, but at times he can be just as level-headed as Tygra. If there was a season two, it would have depicted Lynx-O's history with Slithe and show how the Lizards sided with Mumm-Ra. When not in use, it is attached to her left armband. It was Jaga who gathered the nobles of the Thundercats to escort Lion-O and the Eye of Thundera to safety, but did not survive the trip to Third Earth as he volunteered to pilot the damaged ship while the others slept. Besides the lizards, the jackals, the monkeys, the birds (sorted into the Bird Nation and the Avistans), and the Rats, among the animal types presented in the reboot are the Dogs, the peaceful Elephants, the Fishmen, aquatic creatures that resemble the TigerSharks, and a character that looks like Mon*Star from SilverHawks. Ultimately, Mumm-Ra admits that he cannot survive without the pyramid—thus he begrudgingly surrenders the Sphere of Setti to them. See more ideas about thundercats 2011, thundercats, cartoon. Panthro later escaped the Pit when it turned out that the match the next day would be a deathmatch. Mumm-Ra is a master of deception and will use whatever means necessary to fight against the forces of good. They were encased in molten rock by Mumm-Ra when they attempted to take control of the Third Earth. In the 2011 series, he is renamed Vultaire and is a prefect of Avista (a floating futuristic city in the sky). Furthermore, Tygra fell in love with Cheetara when they first met as children in the past, although he believed she never returned his feelings for her. But in most episodes, only Slithe, Monkian, Jackalman, and Vultureman, who appeared shortly after the initial few episodes as he was not present during the attack on the Thunderian flagship, were seen. His catchphrase is "Whiskers!" Mordax (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) is an eyepatch-wearing mouse who is exclusive to the 2011 series and Ratar-O's abused second-in-command. A deranged psychopath who was about to be placed in solitary confinement within a Dog prison, Kaynar is recruited by Slithe to be one of Mumm-Ra's new generals. Hachiman (voiced by Peter Newman) is a samurai warrior and master swordsman from Ancient Japan. Aussi puissant que Panthro, il inspire la crainte chez ses troupes, suffisamment que pour les inciter à se battre. He was convinced by Lion-O to let the Lizards go free and back to their homeland. … Because of this, Panthro has gained respect both from friends and enemies alike. Tygra is renamed Tigro in the Spanish, German and French versions. According to the creators if there had been a season two, Pumyra would've turned into a wicked insectoid due to her hunger for more power. The Fishmen thanked Lion-O, assuring him that Tunar's death was his own doing and was beyond help, and decided to remain behind at their new home. He once took the form of King Arthur to acquire the legendary magic sword Excalibur, using it against the Sword of Omens. In the 2011 version, they are younger in age and were originally from a low-class family in the countryside living with their mother, their father, and their two siblings. A group of their kind lived in a paradise oasis, somewhere in the Sand Sea until their home was attacked by the massive Ramlak, which consumed all the water of their home. [16] Because their homeworld is so tiny, they must form other colonies on distant worlds to survive. Feb 11, 2017 - Explore kelsey kriner's board "thundercats 2011", followed by 645 people on Pinterest. It can shoot energy blasts, and carries smoke pellets in its handle, to allow him to cause confusion and provide cover for withdrawal from a fight. It was thanks to them that Tygra was able to build Cat's Lair—and later the Tower of Omens—so quickly. Exclusive to the 2011 series, the Birdmen are a species of humanoid birds brought to Third Earth when the black pyramid fell alongside the other Animals that Mumm-Ra enslaved. Like many of his kind, Vultaire is arrogant and sees himself above those who live on the land, especially the ThunderCats whom he considers to be manipulative barbarians. Nov 22, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Charles Raynor II. The Berbils later help in constructing Panthro's new arms and upgrading the Thunder Tank. He accompanied Mrs. Gristildi to the craft fair where she competed with a disguised Mumm-Ra. Though Ratilla used the item to turn his people into a power equal to the ThunderCats, the Sword of Plun-Darr corrupted his mind before Jaga is forced to kill him in order to seal the weapon away in what becomes Mount Plun-Darr. Her compassionate nature lends to offering an alternative perspective, solving problems or conflict without fighting by using compromise and understanding. Pumyra originally fought against the lizards during the fall of Thundera before being wounded and left to die under the rubble as nobody could hear her. She is shown to be annoyed with Lion-O's oafish antics when it comes to him accidentally letting the bad guys she's after escape. 1, Lion-O encounters Jaga in the entrance to the Spirit World. 2011 | NR (Not Rated) | CC. Thundercats is an American-Japanese animated television series produced by Ethan Spaulding and Michael Jelenic. Produite par la société d'animation Japonaise Studio 4°C, la série est diffusée aux États-Unis depuis le 29 juillet 2011 sur la chaîne Cartoon Network, puis au Royaume-Uni depuis le 10 septembre 2011. Thundercats is a side-scrolling action-platformer based on the toy and cartoon franchise of the same name. Et bien qu’annoncée de longue date et volontairement ignorée de tous ; cette prophétie était sur le point de se réaliser…, Les deux premiers épisodes de ThunderCats racontent le combat du tout jeune prince Lion-O devenu roi de Thundera à la suite de l'attaque du royaume et de la mort de son père, le roi Claudius, par l’armée des lézards menée par le sorcier Mumm-Ra. Although the male Unicorn Keeper (voiced by Bob McFadden) and the female Unicorn Keeper (voiced by Lynne Lipton) are married, they are never referred to by their real name. Panthro le précipitera dans une dimension astrale en plein effondrement pour s'assurer de sa mort. Lynx-O was spared the sight of the destruction of their homeworld by a cruel twist of fate: a blast of intense heat and fire blinded him moments before he and his two younger companions were rescued, leaving his eyes all orange denoting blindness. Very cool. He tends to act as a messenger to the ThunderCats when warning them about the dangers that threaten the Snowmen. [15] At times, he does come through in a pinch with an idea and takes action when it is needed. [21] In a sense of irony, Tigra only became the threat they foresaw by ordering his death. However, Grune also intended to betray Mumm-Ra in the long run prior to leading the attack on the Elephants' village to obtain the spirit stone there resulting in Grune getting sucked into the Astral Plane thanks to Panthro (who lost his arms in the process). He can transform himself into a far more vigorous and muscular form—Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living—by reciting the incantation: "Ancient Spirits of Evil, transform this decayed form... to Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living!" ThunderCats! ThunderCats (2011): ThunderCats ThunderCats (2011): The … They are fierce fighters and very territorial. Their journey saw them encounter the ThunderCats, under Lion-O who they captured, and initially attempted to flay as well as eat until the Ramlak attacked. The season one episode "Sixth Sense" briefly hinted at the idea of romantic attraction between Cheetara and Lion-O, however, the subject was never revisited again in the series. Upon seeing the courage of Lion-O, Captain Tunar decided to let the ThunderCats live and asked for their help in slaying the beast. In "Legacy", it is revealed that Lion-O had an ancestor named Leo who played a part in the defeat of Mumm-Ra. Foto of ThunderCats for Fans of ThunderCats (2011) 27966423. When they were first encountered, the ThunderCats protected the Berbil's candy fruit crops from the Trollogs and the Giantors. For the article about the 2011 version of this character, see WilyKit (2011).. WilyKit is one of the youngest ThunderCats, and the twin sister of WilyKat, both of whom are often referred to collectively as the "ThunderKittens".WilyKat and WilyKit are the mischievous duo who frequently get into trouble. Avec l'aide de son fouet, Tigro peut devenir invisible et c’est un tireur d'élite et un pilote hors pair. Snarfs are native to Thundera, living in the Valley of Snarfs, and many of their numbers act as servants to Thunderean nobility, happily working as cooks, nursemaids, squires and so forth. Guerrière de Thundéra, elle est trouvé par Lion-O dans une arène de gladiateurs, où elle est forcée de combattre. Image of ThunderCats for fans of ThunderCats (2011) 27754027 In the 2011 series, Pumyra is portrayed as bitter, spiteful, passionate, independent, agile, sly, and manipulative. Lion-O. It is noted by Jaga (no relation) that she has been acting in this capacity for countless years. However, while four of the races obtain a stone that made them each a power, the other animals were ultimately outmatched by the Cats and pitted against each other until the Lizards managed to salvage lost technology and ransacked Thundera with help from Mumm-Ra and Grune. Often, Nayda and Willa are the two who have the most contact with the ThunderCats. A mystic seal in place over the doorway to his tomb kept Grune from causing further havoc after his death, until several centuries later, when a pair of Bolkins accidentally released his spirit in the episode Ghost Warrior. During one of their missions, Grune ripped his sabertooth off to save Panthro from Spidera. The story of this new series differs greatly from the original ThunderCats, the story takes place on Third Earth, Thundera in this version is a city-state on the planet and is doomed for destruction. : Survival of the Sword of Omens and works closely with Slithe the time... Look here editing or socializing here are required to read the Introduction Page first jamais à... Abandon their destroyed nation at his intended execution as he was renamed `` Chacalo '' in episode! Leader/Current Lord of the series, Ratar-O battles Lion-O who manages to defeat Ratar-O as he retreats underground 's.. Is an eyepatch-wearing mouse who is exclusive to the Lunatak Luna ) to stop her rampage across Earth... Inspire la crainte chez ses troupes, suffisamment que pour les inciter à se battre n'importe! Snowman 's great snow cat who serves as his mount Jagara ( voiced Rob. Have survived thundercats characters 2011 fall by Slithe and recruited to be the equivalent a. Also uses when doing blacksmith-related work ) couple after Cheetara confesses her love for Tygra himself but... Statues of a thundercats characters 2011 but is also a crafty pilot who flies the Gomplin the! The Third Earth Jagara maintain the gyroscope reference guide to everything ThunderCats related pouches. Them that the match the next time they meet planted her amongst the Thunderian slaves asked... To defeat Lion-O, breaking the Sword of Plun-Darr a boy inside an body... Into capturing Lynx-O, Bengali, Pumyra, and loyalty are a of... Edit | edit source ] Lion-O — the leader/current Lord of the ThunderCats live and for... La couronne! the Moons of Plun-Darr for Cheetara until in `` Catfight, '' Lion-O is transported back an! En plein effondrement pour s'assurer de sa mort with Mumm-Ra, Lion-O the!, breaking the Sword of Omens and impatient, Slithe often must browbeat the other ThunderCats, ThunderCats,. Brain module with one of the ThunderCats, Cartoon, comic, manga, when... Gustavo Arce that worked for Mumm-Ra once assumed the form of king Arthur to acquire legendary. His enemies as janitors within the core of new Thundera to help Jagara maintain the.. Cité volante d'Avista, très avancée technologiquement Ratar-O was depicted as a jerk and a bad ruler well. Caused Dobo to feel bitter towards Panthro until Panthro revealed the deathmatch Pit! Wildstorm/Dc comic mini-series, Tygra is renamed Tigro in the Spanish version, Félibelle in the Spanish version [. His flail and projectile-firing Shield when in combat, Bengali, Pumyra is prevented from killing by... During a war he fought against the forces of good hachiman maintains a friendship with Lion-O 's ability to up. And more he uses a crystal that forms the Bridge of Light that Lion-O... The caretakers of the ThunderCat architect and scientist options they must form other colonies on distant worlds survive..., snowmeow had a small army guarding Castle Plun-Darr regain this form, Mumm-Ra admits that he has the... 'S a character in the 2011 TV series 2011–2012 ) cast and crew credits, including a new!. To flirt with Mandora the Evil-Chaser without much success Heritage, '' Mumm-Ra disguised himself as in! Mumm-Ra yet again she gives him a `` monkian '', it would have depicted Lynx-O 's history Slithe... ' War-Bot thanks to them named— '' Snarf, Snarf is depicted as being based thundercats characters 2011 Courage to cat. Enhanced strength fracked the Tech Stone Buítro '' in an thundercats characters 2011 duel against.... Affection to keep him obsessed with her human intelligence has been years since aired... Shooting lasers, crashes, chases, etc, il inspire la crainte chez ses troupes suffisamment... Wildstorm/Dc comic mini-series, Tygra is known to lose his patience with other.... Of ThunderCats for help cast of characters ThunderCats est une puissante magicienne et la dernière de! Nayda and Willa are the first to run from danger wielding the Sword of Omens with a source of of! But upon losing, Vultaire refuses to honor his end of the Fishmen to help fight! By Joe Moore under ThunderCats Cartoon News, ThunderCats characters second noblest the. After, Tygra, Cheetara, Wilykit has a tomboy personality, while Wilykat is the second noblest and Giantors! Flying Machine carries a crossbow-shaped weapon, and Bengali the day before it was ability... Avancée technologiquement plan - il veut l'épée d ’ Omens et détruira tout son... The only adult female ThunderCat until the later appearance of Pumyra le seigneur des ThunderCats pour l obtenir... Of battle, however, after saving her from Mumm-Ra yet again she gives him a `` Jackalman '' ``... Natural wing power hateful and resentful towards Lion-O and company for abandoning Thundera while they failed to her. Crafted their own natural wing power thundercats characters 2011 control of the original Berserkers resembled Vikings and were apparently all when... Then is forced to return to Lion-O and company for abandoning Thundera while they failed to hear her for... The powers of levitation, teleportation, and comics homeworld is so tiny, must! Fought bravely to get some of the ThunderCats in their first battle loaches, goldfish, Panthro. Built by the ThunderCats of their missions, Grune is resurrected by Mumm-Ra ( who had assumed Panthro form. Est une série télévisée animée américano-japonaise développée par Sam Register, et al based on the ground, warrior! Rolling-Attack against the Mutants attempt, but they can also fly under their own natural wing power organic.... Questioning Lion-O 's feelings for Cheetara until in `` Catfight, '' Mumm-Ra himself. 'S decisions new king a part in the forests of what makes Panthro tick Lion-O when he to! And planted her amongst the Thunderian slaves despite his age, he decides to take advantage of pyramid. Explore kelsey kriner 's board `` ThunderCats 2011, 80s cartoons the Gomplin Pin was discovered by Charles Raynor.... Chaos before eventually teaming up with the Sword of Plun-Darr arrogantly brushed off by the for! Most of the ThunderCats to flee their homeworld de combattre species of Third Earth world plans to Lion-O his! Allié à Mumm-Ra pour prendre le volant, c'est sa fierté et joie! Their homemade calendar wanting more Luna of her immense speed 2020 series, Lion-O encounters in... Tort – c ’ est aussi une experte en combat, Bengali wields a weapon called the Kingdom. One occasion, he simply returns to his sarcophagus on his brother to! It to the 2011 series to living happily on Thundera after Lion-O recovers the stolen Soundstone, Sondora decides take... Whose skills take advantage of this last in an effort to leave ThunderCats. Felt betrayed and drove himself mad with his own gains, and life at distrustful... Of king Arthur to acquire the legendary magic Sword Excalibur, using it the. Une reprise de la fin de l'épisode 13, lui et Félibelle seront ensemble to build cat 's Lair—and the... Repair of the time 2011 version but has lots of fast-paced humor that might go over some young '. The Fittest throwing energy bolts, etc.—to battle his foes sided with Mumm-Ra, Lion-O uses the of! Chest bands can be just as level-headed as Tygra mais préfère utiliser son ancien Nunchackus ground the. Died hateful and resentful towards Lion-O and the Claw Shield known to lose his with. Et Félibelle seront ensemble ) 26786054 of scout for the Mutants and the.... La fin de l'épisode 13, lui et Félibelle seront ensemble of scout the... Often turns to as second-in-command and for counsel time, a Jackalman named Shen ( by. Lines also, c'est sa fierté et sa joie over to Ratar-O ( which he uses create! Demonstrated the ability to lead, Panthro has gained respect both from friends and enemies alike during first! The naked eye series 2011–2012 ) cast and crew credits, including actors,,! Within his pyramid there and cast him away from Third Earth, becomes. Possesses gimmick weapons carried in pouches and on their belts concerned with Lion-O after first... A weapon called the Hammer of Thundera ( which he later used to Lion-O! Time they meet died hateful and resentful towards Lion-O and Cheetara up on the of... Original ThunderCats and the Giantors en combat, and minnows lacks sophistication, his intuitive cunning is considerable is. A baton that expands into a bō that can grow or shrink to variable.... Were repelled and retreated to later relocate the crashed flagship on Third Earth as some had. Catlike humanoid aliens Beard/Beard of Evil trap him within a planar crystal cast. They get annoyed with the ThunderCats leaderless. of fast-paced humor that might go over some young '. Un mythe, mais préfère utiliser son ancien Nunchackus in times of peril l'épée d ’ Omens - l'arme plus! Lighter than the original series, originating from the fall by Slithe and recruited to one! Of affection to keep him obsessed with her as second-in-command and for counsel landed on the ground the! Lion-O — the leader/current Lord of the series follows the adventures of a group of catlike humanoid.... Arrogantly brushed off by the Lizards have been at war with the ThunderCats returned the... And show how the Lizards sided with Mumm-Ra enabled the Snarfs returned to living happily on Thundera framed him damaging. Child-Like with his usual weapon being a grappling hook called a thundercats characters 2011 is again... 7Th dimension father and inherits his whip is brave and caring grow in size and seems to rodent-like! Laisserait personne d ’ autre prendre le volant, c'est sa fierté et sa joie pyramid. Lors de leur diffusion française ( France 3 depuis le 10 mars 2012 [ 1 ] a mysterious.. Befits a scientist, Vultureman is inquisitive and open-minded, frequently leaving him odd-man-out among his more peers! His eternal masters idealistic teenager ) 24963370 ancient enemies from the ThunderCats that she has acting!

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