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The AP3 is Titleist’s latest iron and the one that appeals to low and high handicappers. Pro V1; Pro V1 with Enhanced Alignment; Pro V1x; Pro V1x Left Dash; Pro V1x with Enhanced Alignment; Pro V1 with Pink Play Number; AVX; Tour Speed; Tour Soft; Velocity ; TruFeel; Upload Your Own … These are true players’ clubs where distance and off-centre strikes fail to feature in the sales brochure. Their goal is to improve the AP2 iron in three distinct areas: flight, forgiveness, and feel. An instrument of … The fact that the chassis size, unchanged since the first model in 2008, is similar to the MB and CB … When I first started playing AP2s back with the 712 version, I was a 12 handicap, and I too thought they might be too much club for me. Since I preach fitting all the time, I spent an hour with the Titleist rep in Phoenix dialing in exactly what I needed. The drop-off in yardage is close to 15 yards with a seven-iron between a solid and an average strike. AP3!!! Les fers AP2 sont la garantie d'une performance approuvée sur le Tour et validée par les meilleurs joueurs du monde. I am in the same … Consistent Ball Speed. The choice of those who know. from increased MOI and the tuned feel cavity insert. To kick things off we started with the 718 AP1, which is marketed as their most forgiving club and designed with the mid to high handicapper in mind. This edition gets a changed CG, and revamped look. Titleist 718 AP3 Video Review. My fitting came down to miz MP-18 and the Titleist 718 ap2's. It launched high, due to its low centre of gravity, but a low spin rate meant it produced a strong flight. Compare Titleist Irons. I was over at a golf store and the 718s caught my eyes...do you think its worth the upgrade? … Compare Titleist Irons. As if choosing your new Titleist 718 irons wasn’t difficult enough, THEY ADDED THE AP3!!! Flexes: R300, S300 Weight: 95g-116g (4-W) … True Temper AMT Red. Cliquez ci-dessous pour trouver votre Sac d'essai Titleist le plus proche de chez vous. I have narrowed it down to either the titleist ap2 or cb irons. The choice of those who know. Lorsque vous ouvrez votre colis marqué du logo Titleist, soyez assuré(e), vous jouez avec ce qui se fait de mieux. CNCPT by Titleist. What’s hot this Christmas at Golf Superstore? Le choix de ceux qui savent. Donnez une nouvelle dimension à votre jeu avec l'édition limitée des 718 AP2 Black. I am wondering if I should get the cheaper 712 irons or the more expensive 714 irons. Precise Short Irons. You could hold the greens due to its high landing angle, but it was not ideal for a knockdown shot. In theory, this should have been the longest. It’s the choice of many professionals for their long irons, even by non-Titleist staff players, and it looked like it could deliver a punch. Trouvez votre Sac d'essai The next AP iron in the line is the AP3. AP2 irons feature Tour-proven performance, validated by the best players in the world. Equipment counts courtesy of Darrell Survey, Equipment counts courtesy of Darrell Survey, Découvrez notre nouvel outil de sélection des balles Titleist, Responsabilité Citoyenne des Fournisseurs. Understandingly, it’s the iron played by Jordan Spieth and many other Tour professionals. Les fers 718 AP2 placent la barre des fers modernes sur le Tour encore plus haute. My handicap is seven (recently shot 78 with the 712 AP2) and there is a definite difference in the above clubs! Les fers AP2 sont la garantie d'une performance approuvée sur le Tour et validée par les meilleurs joueurs du monde. Titleist 718 AP2 Irons: Features. The AP2, T-MB, CB and MB all mix well but when Adam Scott uses a T-MB in a three and four-iron you have to be honest about your own ability, even if you are off scratch. through an advanced technology, multi-material, forged carbon steel body and high density tungsten weight design . Moving to the T-MB, I was expecting this to be the one. But before I got ahead of myself, the moment you stray from the sweet spot you are quickly reminded why they are for the better golfer. Both speed and MOI have been maximised to provide total control and distance anyone can appreciate. Traditionally, Titleist has produced simple, classical-looking irons with small heads and thin top edges. 718 AP2. What I wanted to find out is how the latest 718 range stacks up when put head-to-head using the same shaft throughout. Comparez les Fers Titleist, ©2018 Acushnet Company. Explore the entire Titleist 718 iron line and compare models side-by-side. The Titleist Story. I really like the Black 718 - AP2's but I do feel like Titleist should have communicated that the AP2 replacement was in the works and would be released soon. Vous vous investissez dans votre jeu, nous aussi. AP1 716 vs AP1 718 Unfollow Thread. TITLEIST 718 AP2 IRONS v TITLEIST 716 IRONS - NEW BETTER THAN OLD? Attaquez les positions de drapeaux les plus difficiles avec une confiance décuplée. taking them on course tom to see which I like better. Obtenez une plus grande tolérance et une plus grande stabilité grâce à une répartition périphérique précise du poids et à une construction co-forgée unique. An improved Centre of Gravity (CG) progression, with a lower and more centred CG in the long irons, improves speed performance on off-centre hits for precise … It is clear that AP1 718 have … Starting with a seven-iron I was impressed with the way the club interacted with the turf and delivered great feedback off the face.

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