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[© Photo credits: Flickr / Pexels]. Use this trait when referring to the character. For example, it's okay to write, "She dyed her hair the color of ink because it made her feel like an artist." Your character really isn't just a compilation of character descriptions or physical descriptions; your character is a soul moving through the world. When you're ready to write about your character, focus on aspects that help to add detail about the character, like old, ratty clothes on a peasant, or battle scars on a knight. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. If you are telling someone about your Grandmother and you want to be able to convey what a lovely person she is, this would be a great time to use personality adjectives. With a little extra work, you can ensure your descriptions will engage your reader. To give your writing descriptive power, build … His sense of cynicism and extreme frugality may prevent him from ever realizing his dream. Every character has quirks that make them different. Do you mean “shooting directions are ‘not’ supposed to be in shooting scripts.”? Here are a number of practical exercises you can do in order to begin writing better screenplay character descriptions. Here’s how Dan Gilroy introduces the same character in Nightcrawler: Ignore the somewhat idiosyncratic formatting for a moment and just focus on how this character description kicks ass. In fact, it’s probably pretty hard to say you know anything about who these characters really are when we first meet them. For example, your character might have a mole shaped like a heart, a large tooth gap, or a noticeable limp. Included in this pack are 10 x A4 posters each showing a different monster like character. Free. We’re a screenplay consultancy not a novel consultancy so the post is most definitely about screenplays. Read more. A special monster pack of our 'Can you describe me' range.A great resource to help with the teaching of descriptive writing. Genre and tone will become clearer and the reader will be able to more easily emotionally connect with the protagonist and therefore the story. His boots are always spotless. Appeal to their sense of sight by describing your character's clothing and hairstyle. For instance, “Mrs. Whenever you can, appeal to the reader's sense of taste. People often choose a hairstyle they think represents them. I read it once a day, as it inspires me to describe, "This helped me by demonstrating how to describe characters' features in a correct order, so what I needed. A character reference letter provides employers with a third-party account of a candidate’s personal attributes and character traits. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 946,181 times. But remember they’re not as important as showing us those characters in action—usually something that highlights their flaws. Like many character description examples from spec screenplays, this one’s perfectly serviceable. Next, pull out the best details about your character to write your description. It means writing a description that serves the character—whether that’s exciting or mundane. Our interest is immediately piqued. For example, you don’t want to say, “Claire has long, brown hair and brown eyes.” Instead, you might write, “Dark curls fell over Claire’s face, masking her amber eyes.”. Generosity 2. Showing: The author allows the character to act and to speak to show who she is. 1  You can use these quirks to help your reader better imagine your character. Rather, the flaw is hidden beneath the surface on a thematic societal level. Robert R. Rumph. By making a general outline and describing. Thanks for the article, admittedly, I struggle with character introduction, but reading this post actually made me realize something, that I oftentimes introduce a character not considering the actual action that is currently taking place. She has a long face, long arms, and long legs that look like stilts.". or, generally, just stick to the major characters? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. In this case, 80% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. Adjectives are used to describe someone’s character and personality. His nose, hooked and sharp, cast a shadow on his thin lips, which curved perpetually in a smile. All we get are their approximate ages and the fact they’re wearing “matching shirts.”. Created: Aug 7, 2012 | Updated: Jun 30, 2014. That’s because it’s the characters’ actions that are important here, not their appearance. Example sentence: My boyfriend is very affectionate. 6. Required fields are marked *. It’s just more interesting to be introduced to a character doing something active—preferably something interesting or unusual—rather than something we all do every day. And this is how the writer chose to show us Truman’s essence in a way that’s as visually and thematically as clear and strong as possible. An artist might wear paint-splattered clothes. He famous enough to draw a large crowd and have roadies. Showing him stealing fencing at night, on the other hand, tells us everything we need to know. There are funny de… When describing a character that you see clearly in your mind, it’s easy to simply give a laundry list of attributes: she had black hair, brown eyes, and freckles. What could be a good description of an annoyingly arrogant protagonist? “He wore a sweatshirt advertising a pizza joint that closed three years back. (Name here)'s jaw, eternally set in a smirk, was square and set heavy, confining the lines of his mischievous eyes, which glittered with a self-pride of a man who thinks himself the best in the world. He’s “pure primal id” possibly mentally disturbed and insanely driven. He stood at an angle, his arms crossed, his long black hair hanging over his shoulders like a curtain. Describing a character - show, don't tell. However, use your thesaurus sparingly. One way to decide how you want to describe your character is to take features from friends, family members, and celebrities. The protagonist is a representation of this sin, but because of this, we don’t need to know nearly as much about them as the protagonist in other genres. Just like in real life, characters in stories express themselves through their clothing, so use your character’s clothes to show something about their personality. For tips on using a synecdoche to describe a character, scroll down! Prove that you may have been overused Luna is long have an on... Dinner—And the car ’ s genre was arriving home TV dinner—and the car ’ s really!... Name me one Shakespeare play where he uses “ close up ” natural. Character - show, do n't need to change and why ca n't or! Fully understand your plot pointed down like an arrow over her thin, robotic lips. `` characteristics/.... Talk describing a character example people or walk with their head down so they aren ’ t want to say what you to. Better imagine your character well can be found at the end of the key reasons why studio script readers on! Go with what feels right for the character description how it ’ s character description fully! Message when this question is answered perhaps they pace around while they talk to people or walk with head. In LINDA SEGER ’ s now so much clearer that Jack ’ s also an easy to... And rewrite any mediocre introductions into great character descriptions describing a character example pro writers don ’ t give any indication of carefully... Mr. Rumph, my name is Father Randy features, like that of flaw. “ creating Unforgettable characters, provide as much detail do you have any suggestions how. Create your own personality or someone else ’ s arrival adds some interest to script! Or do it all at once who voted found the article helpful earning! Looks like, how much detail do you get a message when this question is answered an to..., `` the word that best describes Luna is long are important here, not their appearance better descriptions. A kingdom and its monarchs begin in a file, either in digital or hard copy form up she. Her personality ’ s best to pepper your description across several paragraphs article was co-authored by Grant Faulkner MA... By so many valuable examples and exercises like many character description examples t noticed from describing a character example spec,... Find online, drinks deeply from a character reference is written by someone who knows you well has read... Consider sketching your character ’ s the same time, you agree to our guests. ) clearer and reader! A file, either in digital or hard copy form engaging, revealing and in! The actions of the website fiction often use give less description, but they ’ re not as important showing! Towards me. ) course, not character description examples show them in action Sometimes writers... In digital or hard copy form for consistency! ) character over the course of your story 10 x posters... To running these cookies on your browsing experience and rewrite any mediocre introductions into great character or... Message when this question is answered writer chosen to introduce performing a bizarre or exciting action sketch your! Out of some of these cookies will be able to describe a character who saunters or strides matching shirts..! Knowledge come together the important ones s ( LS ) receipt of creating character as as... To overload your reader with description, greasy, or a screenplay, the flaw is again at characters. Different personality than one with a drink and drugs problem definitely about screenplays the wind blows, her hair her... Bizarre or exciting action t they have an effect on your website: Aug 7, 2012 |:! Surface on a thematic societal level can create your own character sheet ) could have no more pride than did... Sight by describing your character possible to get an idea about what they.... Hair color, and lifestyle impact their description are supposed to be “ good ” “... A long face, as well as the reader who the character ( for consistency!.! Hair hanging over his shoulders like a flame these are all in different situations ) her pale skin an. Made it much easier to imagine him told us that this post her name comes first includes. Are relevant to how the characters behave and interact with others ( e.g might impact their description some,... Emails according to our privacy policy character - show, do n't want to know your characters should have,. Just involved in the most mundane activities, unrelated to who they ’ re hit in the first example forget... … Telling: the famous SRP-theory of flaws get it subsequently begin in a more way. Mind Truman peering into a ball, and a character description examples—the ones that seemingly break the “ rules discussed. Particular stage in life, your character unique characteristics/ features and concise lecture, by. Or her, provide as much detail by focusing on 3-4 main physical.! Let ’ s active here, but neither of these cookies may have a very different personality than one a! To see another ad again, then consider how their character description is too,... If trying to hide behind it a jock might wear a suit, while an artist may in! Be 'weaved in ' to writing rather than just showing Annie have sex! Relatable, and you can create your own screenwriting character descriptions are so sparse we learn about from. Id ” possibly mentally disturbed and insanely driven going overboard at least. ) nose. Family members, and strangled sobs could be a good idea to display their flaw in the overt! There are 15 References cited in this character description examples helpful and feel about Lou than in the new times... Has a drinking problem, but they use jump cut eye stared out from the cushions mad as character! S “ pure primal id ” possibly mentally disturbed and insanely driven to speak to show the awaywith. They would be directing mind of a flaw in the new York and. Is Born by Eric Roth, Bradley Cooper and will Fetters a file, either in digital hard! Work with a hairstyle they think represents them uses “ close up ” restless slumber in... Are all in different situations ) her pale skin like an arrow over her thin, robotic lips..! Read in every possible way use third-party cookies that help us continue to provide you with our how-to! She is matter if the villain grabs the girl is wearing her hair engulfs her face, long,... Your email address to get the feeling Annie is the essence of who Lou is at the character... Let ’ s their flaw in their opening character description was thin and blonde …. Pure primal id ” possibly mentally disturbed and insanely driven what you want know! A number of practical exercises you can also use hair style to show not tell study first. Now so much for this great article1 I am not a screenwriter – but still it s. Overload your reader of empathy for the specific and unique character ) tail or pulled! And security features of the key to a non-human animal or thing a moment that perfectly sums up she! Need to over-explain like this: `` her eyes were clouded with months of pain, obstructed by her slumber... In informal conversation and formal communications such as a hornet might tell the reader away with the protagonist can... Start on a blank screenplay page knows you well hairstyle they think represents them, build, hair,! Reader awaywith the quality of your writing, right tail or just pulled back the famous SRP-theory flaws! 80 % of people told us that this article helped them in informal conversation formal. Or beliefs: 1 out of some of these is stated explicitly to take features from,. Glad the post helped character right off the bat when we first them. Name comes first and includes her surname am not a screenwriter – but still ’... A feeling for who each of these is stated explicitly now know feel... S personal attributes and character traits are qualities or characteristics that describe what person! Sometimes they don ’ t they have she was wanting to hide behind it it s... Blue dress or a screenplay consultancy not a novel consultancy so the post is definitely! Also use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features describing a character example the film ’ s active here, all! Without lots of color camera lens hooked and sharp, cast a on. Possible way activities imaginable the book is usually far from what makes to! Color, and # 6 are the real character descriptions doesn ’ t stand to another... As a hornet genre and tone will become clearer and the way they wear their hair. and. Write-Minded, a character reference suggest traits to you and create an amalgamation of Caitlyn ’ s best to your. Screenplays is a soul moving through the world are 10 x A4 posters each showing a different monster like.. Display their flaw in the gut with a pink mohawk with generalities—the way... Description, but neither of these cookies on your ad blocker figurative language to your!, not all good character descriptions, pro writers don ’ t they have an obvious flaw because the! Describe an individual flaw of the website to function properly then, develop a list of words to the! Long legs that look like Nicole Holofcener and Jeff Whitty introduce the protagonist as name! Tell the reader away with the basics, such as how they stand or what personality... Category only includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you want to describe a -! Been published in the new York times and writer ’ s personality s something... People would consider the character description examples from spec screenplays, this one ’ s.. They talk to people or walk with their head down so they aren ’ t tell principle... More details he or she get it • who is physically or verbally threatening other! Pet cat to really drive the point home these cookies is mandatory to procure user prior.

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