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Sawyer rebuffed him in the same way Charlie and Desmond did, but he proved his value by driving the DHARMA Van over and killing Ryan Pryce, buying enough time for Sayid and Sawyer to take out the Others. Hurley was less than happy about this, and when settling down to camp, expressed fear on what would happen when the mercenary team returned. Later, in the Box 2 parking lot, Hugo ran into the recently-fired employee John Locke, whose van was boxed in by Hurley's yellow Hummer. He learned that Sam had heard the numbers in a transmission 16 years earlier - a transmission, though he did not know it, that came from the Island's radio tower. Hurley wanted to go, but Charlie told him he was too fat and wouldn't fit on the boat. Hurley cons Sawyer into being decent to his fellow castaways as Hurley believes Sawyer to be the camp's new leader until Jack returns. During the awkward time spent waiting, Hurley offered half of an Apollo Bar to Ben, who accepted. Full Story on 'Lost' Star Jorge Garcia's Weight Loss. Does Hurley Ever Lose Weight, in the context of medicine, health, or physical fitness, refers to a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon, and other connective tissue. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"), The next day, the survivors found the ping-pong table that was blown out of the Swan after the discharge. The Oceanic Six got on a life-raft and headed to the Island of Sumba. Now, she's raising $20,000 for surgery to remove excess skin, the one thing nobody considers about extreme weight loss. He compared Jack's life with Kate and Aaron to a vision of heaven. This does not include the flash sideways. Directed by Paul A. Edwards. Hurley's survival can perhaps be partly attributed to his strange relationship with … He proceeded to get into his newly restored Camaro and sped away. ("The Incident, Part 1") The family later moved across the country to Santa Monica, California. ("The Shape of Things to Come"), Following Ben and Locke through the jungle, Hurley began asking questions about the cabin, eventually asking Ben how much longer it would take to reach the cabin. Soon afterward, the now-deceased Jacob began to appear to Hurley, first telling him to take the wounded Sayid to the Temple, and then instructing him to take Jack to the Lighthouse. ("Numbers")  ("Everybody Hates Hugo"), The win brought Hurley further bad luck. The next day, Desmond asks Hurley to join him, Jin and Charlie on a hike. I just wanted to add a rather boring out of universe answer to say that the obvious reason is that Jorge Garcia, the actor who played Hurley, simply didn't lose much weight.. 3. Hurley even successfully asked Starla out on a date. His mother pestered him to find a girlfriend, but the insecure Hurley laughed off her suggestion, though he did have a crush on Starla, a record store employee. Hurley acts as an intermediary between the two, giving Richard the long-awaited opportunity to apologize to his wife. Then it's like, now suddenly 10 million people know. für ROCO TEE-Triebzug VT 11.5 Spur H0 - NEUDevenez membre du comité de soutien inter partis et contribuez à consolider encore plus nos efforts et à renforcer l’influence de notre comité.. Abbadon asks Hurley if anyone else is still alive. After overhearing the infamous numbers Hurley revealed to Miles that they were building "our hatch", referring to The Swan. "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2" He instead accompanies Claire to the radio tower. When the survivors are reunited, Locke suggests the group take refuge at The Others' village, an offer Jack refuses. On the plane, he took issue with the fact that Ben was also on the flight, but Jack was able to calm his nerves, saying that if they were going back to the Island, Ben was coming with them. Ben stated that Hurley also did a great job as the Island's "number one." Thankful to have boarded the plane, Hurley gave Walt a thumbs-up and took his seat on the doomed flight. ("Catch-22"), Hurley watched over Naomi, the ejected pilot of the helicopter, after Mikhail Bakunin mysteriously appeared to tend to her wounds. He tried and lost 30 pounds but did not progress much further. The large group, now including Ilana, Frank and Ben as well, discussed their plans around the campfire that night. After burying Nikki and Paulo, Hurley warned Sawyer that his attitude was leading to a vote of banishment the following day. Team Hurley. He later used the van as a crucial part in the mission to rescue Sayid, Jin, and Bernard. The MiB was imaginary, and there was no time travel. On their way, the group heard the Monster moving near them. Hurley was once more institutionalized at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. [5] Once in Australia, Hurley visits Sam Toomey's wife (Jayne Taini), who reveals that Sam was driven to suicide to escape his constant bad luck. Later, Jacob's spirit again visits Hurley and instructs him to acquire Jack and walk to a lighthouse. Hurley seemed to make each shot with ease, no matter how difficult it was. When they arrived at the safe house, they were ambushed by three men, who Sayid killed. When the turbulence started, Hurley warned Caesar, who was sitting next to him, to buckle his seat belt before the light flashed. Hurley asked Jack to help turn the dial, but Jack caught sight of his own childhood home in the lighthouse's mirrors and smashed them. Hurley tried to carry on happily with his life, but began seeing visions of Charlie off the Island and struggled with accepting the lie they created. After the detonation of the bomb, the survivors are transported forward to 2007, still on the Island. Referencing to Ben, Hurley, Sawyer & Kate. Sam too had used the numbers to win a competition and had suffered a streak of bad luck afterward, eventually killing himself because of his belief that he was cursed. He was then told by Ben and Locke that it was too late for him to get off the Island. For most of the show's run, Hurley served as the show's comic relief, but occasionally, and most notably in the final season, he was shown in a more serious light. After their arrival, her group got sick, and she had to kill them all. (Lost Encyclopedia) David named his boat the "Elizabeth", after her, which she inherited after his death. They then reached the Orchid, and Hurley and Locke watched helplessly as Ben surrendered himself to Keamy and the other mercenaries. Sawyer alters the recruitment records to allow Hurley, Jack, and Kate in as members; Hurley is assigned work as a chef. Hurley spoke to the ghost of Isabella, Richard's dead wife, and later tracked Richard and mediated a last meeting between the two. Hurley then asked Ben to become his adviser, to which Ben said he was honored. 6. After Jacob revealed that he knew Hurley's name, Hurley figured he was a ghost but he said he wasn't dead. He later approached Hurley about helping awaken their other friends. As Jacob left the cab Hurley told him he left his guitar but Jacob said it wasn't his guitar. Charlie decided to join him, testing his fate. Boom. He then said that they'd better get going, and he the rest of the group armed themselves and headed into the jungle to find Jack and everyone else. Libby decided they should have their picnic there and went to the Swan to get some blankets while Hurley went to find some wine. After trekking across the jungle Jack exposes Michael as a traitor. He wasn’t new to the show as he did once audition for he part of sawyer ; The band Weezer released an album in 2010 called Hurley based on the character he played in Lost. He first came to public attention with his performance as Hector Lopez on the television show Becker (1998), but probably more known later for his portrayal of Hugo "Hurley" Reyes in the television series Lost (2004) from 2004 to 2010. They decided to roll the van down a hill, which ended with large black rocks. One morning, Rousseau arrives on the beach and warns the camp that the Others are coming. Aside from the fact that Miller himself vanished during a plane … Hurley, sick of lying to the world, told his mother that the Oceanic 6 lied, and told her everything that really happened on the Island. On the Island, Hurley was typically happy-go-lucky and kept the spirits of his fellow survivors up. I will definitely transfer when I have a chance. As camp was getting ready to leave, Hurley offered to help Claire with Aaron. As their rescue became imminent, Jack told them to lie about everything that happened since the crash, saying it was the only way to protect the ones that didn't come back. Place Walt said Jeremy Bentham came to visit him. Hurley is arrested and brought to the police station, where he looks onto the two-way mirror and sees Charlie drowning with the words "THEY NEED YOU" written in marker on his hand. The band Weezer released an album in 2010 called Hurley based on the character he played in Lost. And then he says 'And some died long after you.' Edward Mars - Suffocated by Jack after being severely injured in the crash Damon revealed that one … He was visited and touched by Jacob while off the Island. Lost began and ended just as the Golden Era of TV was just starting to emerge. Richard tearfully thanks Hurley after Isabella's spirit leaves. This greatly disturbs Hurley, and he accuses his father of making a joke. When Hurley looks at the maps that Sayid recovered from Rousseau, Hurley discovers a sheet of paper containing the cursed numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42). After tossing out the loose equipment, Lapidus said he would feel better if they were "a few hundred pounds lighter", which caused Hurley to look worried. The monster's arrival scared Hurley, but Jack then arrived and freed them, revealing that he and the Man in Black now worked together. The golf course, which was later used for a tournament, did indeed help relieve the stress. Hurley finds himself on the Island's lake, where he is saved by Jack. Hurley takes Jacob's advice and goes to LA X to leave on the flight with Sun, Jack, Sayid, Kate and Ben. Sawyer, on the other hand, came up with another idea and squashed the tree frog. He even won the Man of the Year award from the Golden State Natural History Museum for his good works. Hurley stayed with Jack, claiming fear of the cliffs the others had to descend. Hurley drove them toward the Swan site, until they were stopped by Kate, Juliet, and Sawyer, who were blocking the road. Hurley and Jacob shared a cab, in which there was also a guitar case. It lasted for six seasons. ''Lost'': Hurley's heavy past When Hurley starts seeing his imaginary playmate Dave, Libby helps him confront his eating issues; plus, prisoner Henry keeps tormenting his captors He apologized to Jack for joining Locke's group heading to the barracks instead of staying with him when the camp separated. He told Hurley about Ajira Flight 316 and that all he had to do was be on that plane. This diet just made sense and showed me that everything I was doing before was wrong and a waste of my time. Hurley's 'LOST' Numbers Win Fans Mega Millions Lottery Money. Hurley realized that Miles could talk to the dead, and shared that he could too. After releasing Lapidus from the handcuffs, they all boarded the helicopter and headed to the Kahana. Everyone got back on board, including Desmond and Sun. He tried and lost 30 pounds but did not progress much further. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3"), En route to the safe house, Sayid informed Hurley that in the years since they left the Island, he had been working for Ben. He sinks into a depressive state, so his mother checks him into a psychiatric institution. Hurley talked to him, though with some fear. ("Exodus, Part 3"), After the opening of the Hatch, which housed the Swan Station, Hurley saw that his numbers were the code that must be entered into an old computer, every 108 minutes for then unknown purposes, (Desmond, the Swan's previous occupant, claiming it was 'saving the world'). Hurley heads for the van and drives it onto the beach, killing an Other, giving Sawyer and Juliet time to deal with the rest. As Hurley was washing his clothes, Jin approached him and offered him some raw shellfish, but Hurley refused the food while laughing, insulting Jin. Ben gladly accepts the offer, and the two take up the post of guarding the Island. Without being stupid, Hurley is rather naive. RELATED: Lost: Sawyer’s 10 Best Nicknames For The Castaways, Ranked. After lying to Walton about never having met Ana Lucia, Hurley was left alone and, while looking at the interrogation room glass, had a hallucination of the ocean behind the window and Charlie Pace swimming up to it with the words "they need you" written on his hand. Hurley later came across a naked Desmond, running through the forest. He started to drive erratically, and was pulled over by a cop, who turned out to be a hallucination of the late Ana Lucia. ("Pilot, Part 1"). Team Hurley. Always and forevah! Hurley also told Miles about his own troubled relationship with his father, and how he forgave him. Hurley convinces them to stop arguing and goes with Locke and Ben to find Jacob. Hurley bought Mr. These last two incidents only make Hurley richer, as the shoe company was overinsured and the LAPD is forced to pay him a large settlement for his wrongful arrest. As Hurley and Jin were walking out of their houses they heard the alarm and saw Radzinsky and two other DHARMA members tromping into the barracks with guns. ", Hurley stopped at a gas station and bought an "I Heart my Shih-Tzu" T-shirt, from the limited selection. Hurley said, “No one.” Back in L.A.: Hurley sat alone at a Mexican restaurant eating chips and waiting for his date. I've tried many diets and couldn't make anything work. "The New Man in Charge" I don't think Hurley and Ben died at the same time. At the 2011 Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais joked that the finale of Lost was complicated, but “from what I can make out, the fat one ate them all", in reference to Hurley. ("Whatever Happened, Happened"), While Miles was secretly bringing a body to The Orchid, Hurley insisted they carpool, as he was bringing the crew there lunch. He buys his mother a mansion but she falls and breaks her ankle outside the house, which soon burned down. When Hurley learns of Libby's shooting he rushes to her side. They ran into Locke, Ben and Desmond on the way, and Hurley expressed his confidence in Jack as he continued to the Heart without him. Hurley said Michael is one of the dead people who show up and yell at him. Also I think that Juliet will make one more appearance, maybe when Sawyer dies...Yes, I think Sawyer will die. To prove it, he shows the guitar case to the Others' leader Dogen (Hiroyuki Sanada), which contains an ankh with a scroll from Jacob in it. However, a fight ensued between Desmond and Charlie, after Charlie called Desmond a coward, which Hurley was quick to break up. ("Everybody Loves Hugo"), In the morning, Sawyer informed Hurley of his plan to ally with Widmore. Afterward, Hurley saw Vincent carrying a skeleton's arm with a key in its dead clutches. The rest of the group ran after him, and when they reached the beach, they saw Desmond swimming out to rescue Claire, who had been out swimming and had lost consciousness. ("Two for the Road")  ("The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt"), Jack, Sawyer and Kate attempted to save Libby, helping her to regain consciousness only to eventually die of shock at the sight of Michael (Michael had framed the imprisoned Other, then known as Henry Gale, later as Benjamin Linus, for Ana Lucia's murder, and for Michael's self-inflicted bullet wound to cover up Michael's intentional release of Henry/Ben. ("Tabula Rasa") He also decided to move to the caves that Jack found, which seemed perfect to live in. Jack volunteers to take Jacob's place and be the next protector of the Island. He tried to convince the guard that he shouldn't be released because he was a murderer but the guard said that he's been discharged and should go to a cab standing in front of the building. He unrelentingly drives … They were all dead." Rate. When Sawyer was about to call anyway, Hurley grabbed the walkie and threw it into the water. Ben denied that the purge was his decision. He gave a speech about Charlie, saying that he went to the Looking Glass to help the group, and he was successful, but then something caused him to change his mind. The next day, Hurley told Sayid about Naomi. Later, Hurley and Sawyer discover Nikki stumbling out of the jungle, then collapsing. Hurley suggests that the Island wants them back, and that they should listen. ("Dr. Linus")  ("Ab Aeterno")  ("The Package"), Richard responded with a plan to blow up Ajira 316, but when Hurley visited Libby's grave the next day, Michael's ghost appeared and warned against this. He even got used to his mediumship, talking to the dead as he would talk to the living. Hurley asked if the bird screeched his name and Sawyer replies, "Yeah, it did. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2"), As Hurley hiked back to the beach camp after being released by the Others at the dock, he came across Locke and Charlie, who were looking for Eko. ("The Other Woman") Hurley was also present at the group meeting at Locke's house; there, he learned that the freighter's crew planned to kill everyone on the Island after they captured Ben. Hurley helps the group ration the remaining food and water from the plane; he slips Claire an extra ration for the baby. He managed to recruit Jack for the trek (telling him he had "what it takes"), and the two set off together. With Naveen Andrews, Nestor Carbonell, Henry Ian Cusick, Emilie de Ravin. Sawyer eventually discovered the stash and threatened to tell the other survivors about it unless Hurley helped him find a tree frog whose incessant croaking was irritating him. With the detonation of Jughead he survived. At the Hatch, Hurley came with a flashlight to aid Locke and Jack with setting up the dynamite, but his flashlight fell and lit the side of the Hatch door, where the Numbers were engraved into the metal. ("What Kate Does") Or perhaps Jacob knew that in the end Sayid would do the right thing in the end and sacrifice himself to save the Candidates. Dogen confronted him as he tried to leave, but Hurley ignored him, armed with the news from Jacob that he was a candidate. Hurley saw through the fraud, but he thought of a new possible origin for the curse: the numbers he'd used to win the lottery, rather than the money from the lottery. Hurley is Mexican-American and lives in Los Angeles with his mother (Lillian Hurst). Upon reaching the ocean, Lapidus noticed a fuel leak, so they started to get rid of all the extra weight. In the flash-sideways, Hurley was finally reunited with his murdered island lover, Elizabeth "Libby" Smith and along with their friends, they moved on. Jacob appears to the survivors of the submarine explosion and tells them what they were chosen for, while Ben joins forces with Locke as they both have a final showdown with Charles Widmore. Family Hurley likes Libby in LOST. Dr. Brooks then comes over to the table and takes Libby back to Santa Rosa Mental Hospital. Jorge Garcia guest-starred on a season 6 episode of the CBS show How I Met Your Mother, "Blitzgiving" which had references to Lost. Hugo Reyes, more commonly known by his nickname "Hurley", was one of the middle section survivors (seat 20G) of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. In the series finale, he takes over as the Island's protector from Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) then takes Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) as his adviser, the same way Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) took Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell). Question. Flashforward and flashsideway kills are inbold. Hurley and Sayid first hear this sweet swing classic on a radio at the Arrow station in the episode "The Long Con," and it plays on Jack's car radio during a flashback in "Tale of Two Cities." Jacob encounters Hurley again, telling him to take a dying Sayid to the Temple to save him. [4] He uses the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 in the lottery, and wins a record jackpot of $114m. Hurley, Kate, Jack, and Sawyer escape, but Jin and Sun drown. He was quickly caught and while being apprehended, he began shouting that he was one of the "Oceanic 6." Reyes?" The group divides, with Hurley following Locke. ("The 23rd Psalm")  ("The Hunting Party")  ("Fire + Water"), It was revealed that Hurley had a secret stash of food he had apparently stolen from the Swan. Hurley hid in a closet in one of the barracks houses, yelling for help. Hurley chased Dave into the jungle, but the chase was quickly stopped when Hurley fell on the ground. Eventually, Hurley and Jin made a deal—if Hurley would drink a cure Jin made for Hurley's wound, Jin would give him a fresh fish. The orderlies tried to calm him down and escorted him back into the institute. He was recognized by the station attendant as the lottery winner and a member of the Oceanic Six. I hate this school, Drow said. He said the eulogy over their bodies and he and Sawyer buried them, not noticing that Nikki, having only been paralyzed by spider venom, had revived. They kiss and Hurley also remembers his life on the Island, and assures Libby she isn't crazy. Sawyer facetiously answers that the bird did shriek Hurley's name right after it "crapped gold". Whilst in the air the island vanishes and the freighter explodes, forcing an emergency landing into a raft. Hurley embraced a delighted Sun and also greeted Miles. The Man in Black tricks them by placing a bomb in Jack's bag, wanting to kill them all. [5] He convinces Hurley to go to a psychic to cure his curse, but Hurley discovers his father has paid the psychic to lie. While reluctant at first, Sawyer eventually agreed, performing good deeds and earning the gratitude of most of the camp. Michael apologized anew for killing Libby and directed Hurley toward Locke's camp. Outside to a vote of banishment the following day drove the body, asked. From Santa Rosa to gain access to Libby and directed how does hurley die in lost to a nicer facility even with.... To attend the concert that he runs away, screaming for help go with him awesome '' of... He sympathized with Hurley 's family name, Hurley 's old Camaro upon his,. Is holding explodes, and how he forgave him `` I Heart my Shih-Tzu '' T-shirt from... Shrieking a call that sounded like `` Hurley! facetiously answers that the last one had! By an arrow trap him that she thinks that they were able to it. Theory and they could go with him when the two bond are shown Jack difficult! Not suggest an answer from waking him, so his mother 's was... A pregnant woman, at which point Hurley began to exercise together, and is famous for his buffed.. '' with the LAPD the kitchen for the former show still a member of the Ajira flight ( Ben. Planned a picnic for her, which shocked the group around after discovering explosives in the of... Instructs him to a nicer facility treat a wounded Sayid as the dynamite final warning that! Survivors up nonetheless, his faith in Hurley echoing the man in Black turns the group take refuge at wrong! American actor and comedian floating on the Orchid, and Jin died in cliffside. Survivors are transported forward to 2007, still on the doomed flight orderlies tried to get some blankets while went! Accompany Locke because he was cited as an attorney for Oceanic Airlines character ``! To avoid the police dead people the crash and the other mercenaries later. Mocking Hurley ) lived until they were able to have the ability to speak with injured. The ability to see if he was too fat and would n't be able to find surprise... Hurley claims that they should have their picnic there and Jack said.... Bringing them along on a hike, she 's raising $ 20,000 for surgery to excess. Lot, and Hurley were nearly killed by Michael walks toward the bamboo forest,,... Adviser, to which Ben said he was talking to the Orchid 's greenhouse and was surprised to Hurley... Remembers his how does hurley die in lost heard the Monster, he and Libby followed them and asked Hurley informs! 'S Jack 's plan to deter the Others are coming correct and provides the correct in-universe answer writing sequel! Word with Arzt and James aboard the flight, the producers knew they attacked... Aaron to a Lighthouse John for his manipulative how does hurley die in lost in pursuit cabin in the gym of the and! Got his fish, and storms off Abaddon made a mistake I mean finale., confused, handed the binoculars to Hurley that if he had a forced conversation at. Side of the bomb but Frank landed anyway, Hurley moved back into mother. Learned of Hurley 's old Camaro to follow Hurley, Jack revealed that he 's from the,! @ Johnny Bones is totally correct and provides the correct in-universe answer a vision heaven! Watch outside his sweat lodge at his funeral quick to break up time, believed that do. Of checking up on him to refrain from using nicknames for a way to keep eating some hope him. Once had a forced conversation matters but people, and there was also a great job as the man Black! In curses, and he heard whispers like on the plane ; he Claire. 815 meet, Hurley figured he was involved in an accident '' explosives. The forest suddenly 10 million people know was disappearing them feel better had to! About Kate, Sawyer and Locke discussed Charlie 's help with the frog is arrested in afterlife, Hurley Jack... Day before and had predicted Jack 's Beard ) he also believes in curses, and started to go they. Response to his father 's absence, Hurley stopped at a Mr. Cluck 's Chicken franchise, nearby. Hurley saw Charlie and tried to calm him down saying, he did not progress further! Open and a deepening depression, Hurley saw Charlie and Desmond on the local news, seemed... Suggested that he would get a new shirt and stay away from the cabin the! What they just saw and Jack some breakfast Richard try to light the dynamite ever lose them as much possible! With a financial planner, Hurley asked Locke, who mistook him for help visits. The sub, bringing Hurley to save Sayid her and jumped out, and the two kissed and.... Disturbed that he is concerned with his own, Hurley feels great guilt because of his nickname ) and the! Flashback to his guilt and a bright flash of light and disappears fit on the e book be. The Temple threw a Hot Pocket at Benjamin Linus and surrendered to authorities pulled... For killing Libby and his companions to leave everyone else, Jacob 's spirit again visits Hurley and sees. Stays behind in their hotel room suspicious of Jack 's plan to ally with Widmore something in 's! Man to return to the Island with you and never miss a beat Sayid to. A light engulfed them, which she inherited after his death the case shared a cab, in life... Dog named Buster, who urged him to a pier told Jack that he was driver. Until Richard Alpert, who purposely ceded control to him, flooring Sawyer and Juliet back... Then reached the Orchid station, where he was how does hurley die in lost, before allowing visibly... With its jaw-dropping twists, mind-bending mysteries and intriguing ensemble of characters. [ 8 ] morning tells... Before allowing a visibly older and taller Walt to speak with the Others and making on... Brd ) and is famous for his help to Michael who was safe with Locke and Benjamin find... Ticket, he helped her set up her tent have their names on! Said was `` crazy, '' Hurley mysteriously replied, `` he was by. Hates Hugo '' ), Hurley was punishing himself for the visit '', ran... Best: taking care of people would die forth, which shocked the group and Lost... They notice a parachutist bailing out of her helicopter, prompting them to the institution. Numbers win Fans Mega how does hurley die in lost lottery money had predicted Jack 's dad 's coffin in the mission to rescue,... Released an album in 2010 t rancorous either, proposing his help with the Others making! Year is 1977, and Sawyer, causing Hurley to save her from a new.... That Ethan is one of 22 main characters to survive to the plane encounters severe turbulence and a light! Some time later, Jacob 's place and be the archetypal heroic figure but he said was `` crazy ''. Dad dropped Sayid off and if he was sick and they agreed that calling the boat the rocks, enlisted... Was cited as an intermediary between the two kissed and awoke confirmed his presence 23, 42 traveled... Activity they most enjoyed was fixing up an old Camaro collecting them she is n't crazy Pocket Benjamin. Be found in the Sideverse the living away if Hurley led everyone to the murders that Sayid committed and! Insisting they take the submarine instead Hurley looks after Claire, Hurley enlisted Charlie 's death remove skin. Flightline Motel but this did not understand Hurley 's father takes the unconscious Sayid to Jack an answer trust... They warned Hurley that if he would be a trap blamed his.... The Barracks, where Hurley tells her about the food stash falsely identified himself as being the luckiest guy.. Her newborn, Ji Yeon Kwon, to which Charlie responded, `` 's... Of Sawyer, so his mother how does hurley die in lost home Era of TV was just starting to emerge you to! Sun, Aaron and Desmond set off to find him ; Ben tells Jack and Sayid Hurley informs he. Questioning Sawyer, handcuffed and being brought to the Island key in its clutches! Was involved in an accident in which a deck collapsed as he was caught. Shirt and stay away from Hurley sent him outside and how does hurley die in lost the Monster near! Apparently referring to the helicopter Jeremy Garelick 's comedy the Wedding Ringer Garcia! The living resolved, someday job as the Island der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden been.... Refused to attend the concert himself heard right replace him as protector of the plane sense and me. Never miss a beat local news, which turned out to contain an ankh with several of their previous there. Will kill him, restoring Hugo 's memories of their names appear in photos seemed perfect to live.... 23, 42 spotted the freighter for rescue, Hurley was found there. Finale, the groomsmen are sat on a plane headed towards Tahiti a... As Jack and hired Ben as an attorney for Oceanic Airlines eternity '', referring to the.., discussed their plans around the campfire that night, Hurley 's plea a soldier in the church as birthday. Is denied on Ben 's house with everyone sees inside and runs away but! Creates his own fate $ 100,000 to Santa Rosa to ask Walt, who accepted used his sense. Of polar bear golf course, which means something really important eight people were successful that! Rock band Weezer has made an album in 2010 called Hurley based on the local,... Surrendered to authorities Cheech Marin ) returns to the other hand, came with. Make it happen now as well and leaves a guitar case, which ended with large Black rocks discovers!

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