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The ship fired a cannon ball against the Arlong Park. Arlong took advantage of Luffy's weakness of the sea and uprooted a portion of the concrete surrounding Luffy's implanted feet and tossed him into the nearby pool. He is also willing to kill her daughter Shirahoshi, whom he … The best example is when his crew urged him to keep Nami even if she brings the 100,000,000. All of Arlong's crew get arrested (exception: Hatchan) by marines. I've watched my beloved comrades be defeated by worms!!! [2], During his first raid on the Conomi Islands, he had a long, light green scarf hanging from his shoulders, and wore a dark green coat and a pair of beige Barmuda shorts with a chain-like pattern on them paired with a green sash around his waist. After that, Jamie did not see Nami kick Usopp's 'dead' corpse or the Arlong pirates sneak a peek at Nami's private map where she hid her treasure to buy back Cocoyashi Village. [38] Arlong then proceeded to extort money out of the residents of Cocoyasi Village. Arlong said that he could not possess any weapons since all they do was bring violence. Arlong considers humans to be inferior beings and is very cruel to them. The marine adopted her and Nojiko, another orphan. He was also seen killing Bell-mère with a flintlock pistol. [40], Arlong set up his domain on Cocoyasi Village, with a number of smaller villages in the vicinity under his control. The teeth are replaced by a new set in mere moments, each regrown mouthful stronger than the one before. 16) and Episode 541, Jinbe tells about himself, Arlong and Hatchan being part of the Sun Pirates. Launching himself like a torpedo, his attack's increasing speed was able to break through all solid objects. locking her in the tower and never properly feeding her. Arlong got angry, saying that Luffy was destroying his ambitions along with the room. He would even have his crew celebrate when Nami 'came home' as greeting their returning sister. When weaker members of his crew were hurt, Arlong would seek out revenge on those who had committed the act against those crew members. Of humans, the only one he ever had respect for was Nami. In chapter 634 when Hody Jones confronts Jinbe Hody quotes "You sure love humans even though Fisher Tiger and your sworn brother Arlong who you were raised with in the fish man district were both killed by humans." Using the full power of his attack Gomu Gomu no Ono, Luffy managed to send the full force of Arlong's attack, Shark On Teeth, through to the bottom of Arlong Park, destroying the building in the process and defeating the fish-man. During a battle with the Marines, Arlong told Jinbe to leave the unconscious Marines alone. However, when the giant sea cow appeared, he expressed fear after his previous encounter with Sanji and Luffy. When Zoro questioned why Nami was with the fish-men, Arlong asked if they knew each other. He has long, black hair with a widow's peak reaching down to his shoulders, under a brown ushanka. just remember This luffy invited jenbe to join the crew and beat the fishy shit out of arlong,.,. He is keen to separate his race from humans, and is constantly struck by this mentality that his people are superior to humans in every way. [27] Luffy demonstrated, however, that these teeth can also be used against Arlong, either by holding them in his hands or as he chose, fitting them in his mouth[16] and biting his opponent with them[16]. Despite this he and Tiger often had arguments about this; Arlong wanted to slaughter the humans they came across to make the world fear fish-men while Tiger did not want to kill anyone because they would be stooping to their oppressors' level. When Arlong brought up the suggestion of instilling fear in humans by using ruthlessness, Jinbe smacked him in the head. Luffy, thanks to a new attack, used Momoo to blow Arlong's grunts away. Although I highly doubt the government would keep him a secret because he's not really that big of a deal compared to others that have been locked in Impel Down. 39 (debut)41 (after timeskip)[4] Hatchan attacked the Straw Hats with his Jet Ink. "Arlong the Saw" (ノコギリのアーロン, Nokogiri no Āron?) During his childhood, Hody Jones looked up to Arlong. Shortly after, a fish-man approached Arlong, saying that a longed nose human got away. In the aftermath of the battle, Arlong commented on how brutal it was.[31]. She then left to return to her home in said village. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. After she boarded the Sun Pirates ship, Arlong hit her for being a human and had to be restrained by Hatchan. Yosaku and Johnny then attempted to fight the Arlong Pirates but were easily defeated. When i watched the arlong arc in the anime..I… Exactly how can you confuse such small time villan to a respectable personality like jenbe ,,,,, Honestly!!!!! Arlong mocking Nami, after she discovers his betrayal through a loophole. [20], Despite his treatment, Arlong considered her as one of his brethren and always celebrated her return to Arlong Park. He spent eight years using Nami and her maps to plan his conquest of the East Blue. At first everyone believes Luffy is dead, but he emerges from the wreckage yelling "NAMI, YOU ARE MY FRIEND!!" Annoyed with his antics, Arlong was caught off guard when Luffy delivered a powerful blow which shatters his teeth. … When her eight years of hard work to save them fell apart after Arlong's betrayal, he decided enough was enough. Chew is also dead in one shot. [35] Arlong had also attempted to recruit both Hyouzou and Vander Decken IX, the first turned down Arlong since he had a tight-wallet and the second refused to be the subordinate of another.[36]. In Arlong Park, Arlong bribed a Marine known as Nezumi. "Here it is, Arlong the Saw… bounty is, 20 million beri." Luffy strikes Arlong for making Nami cry. Like many other One Piece characters, he has his own unique laugh, which is "Shahahahaha". Afterwards, Nami told the fish-man to lock up Zoro and she would kill him later. He has an eye for spotting exploitable talent that he can use for his ambitions and is an excellent planner. Arlong told him they were not just any papers and the room was where Nami was used to draw maps. Chopper is a fucking powerhouse by the end of the timeskip. "Just hang on Nami! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Seeing that direct attacks would not work on Luffy, Arlong decided to use the giant saw sword, Kiribachi. Since possessing a weapon might be seen as a start of rebellion against the Arlong Pirates, Arlong decided to execute Genzo to make an example of the inferiority of humans against fish-men. Shortly after, Nami appeared much to Zoro's surprise seeing her here with Arlong. He thinks nothing of killing a town full of humans, although he seems to prefer controlling people with money and deals (like Nami and Nezumi). He grabbed Arlong and threw him in the ground, slamming him and forcing Arlong to let go. Yosaku shouted. Luffy continued to mock him and he took up two swords to fight with, but Arlong effortlessly took them away. Arlong looked up to Fisher Tiger as a hero and a big brother; in fact, Tiger's hatred of humans may have rubbed off on Arlong. Chris Rager. Before he could kill the swordman, he realized that Zoro's wounds were not ordinary ones, due to the wound being able to kill a normal human. I hoped that you liked it and if you did, review and tell me what you think. If humans insulted their group, Arlong would react to the insult, and due to the high level of concern amongst his officers they would attempt to keep his temper under control. May 3rd[5] [40], Arlong and his crew were first introduced when Nami returned after her travels with the Straw Hats. Debut: He cared for his crew to a level that when Luffy used one of them as a shield, Arlong became extremely angry. Jinbe allowed the Arlong Pirates to run loose in East Blue,[34] and this was a decision that the Warlord would later regret. Funi English VA: Can't you understand why I'm upset? They would call him "Arlong-san" while Arlong would call his crew his "brethren". Arlong's arrogance then lead him into a fight with Jinbe. From Arlong Park, Arlong hoped to conquer all of East Blue using superior underwater tactics through maps drawn by Nami that charted underwater terrain. Arlong lied about Fisher Tiger's death to preserve his honor. [51], After Luffy got out of the water, he saved Zoro by switching places with him and started a few attacks on Arlong. [28] However, Luffy managed to twist his nose in another direction during the fight. Bell-mère (Nami's adoptive mother) only had 100,000 so she decided to pay for Nami and Nojiko and sacrifice herself. Arlong is released from Impel Down when Jinbe became a Shichibukai. Even at the final stages of his fight against Luffy, he still stated that he regarded her a friend.[21]. [55], Later, Arlong and the rest of his crew were arrested by the Marines. Statistics This caused Arlong to go berserk, and in retaliation, he destroyed the house that Usopp was perched on. He forced Nami to become part of his crew as a map maker and told her that he would free her village and everyone in it, including her adoptive sister Nojiko, if she brought him 100,000,000. Like with Nami he said he would free her village if she brought him 100,000,000 but is more than willing to cheat her by having his corrupted marines find her remaining amount to keep her in his services. Arlong looked after his subordinates and even though he betrayed Nami, he did so because he did not want to lose her talent. Arlong himself had expected Luffy to die quickly, but his anger made him become reckless and destructive, even seriously damaging his own headquarters building while attacking Luffy. It was Usopp who targeted him from a roof nearby and tried to act bravely. In the FUNimation dub, Arlong's dialogue was made much more believable and accurate to the original translation. It is over a foot long and lined with razor-sharp points, and more than sturdy enough to use as a melee weapon. Also, during his time with the Sun Pirates, he fought against the marines many times, including rear admiral Kadar and his crew and Borsalino (being a vice admiral at that point). He also did not see her betrayal happening until it was too late. [24] Hody claims to have learned from his hero's mistakes, dismissing Arlong as a barbarian and that the "Arlong Pirates" are nothing more than an empty symbol for the unity of fish-men who hate Humans. Predictably, as formidable an opponent as Arlong is on land, he is twice as powerful in the water. I think I have 2 broken or cracked. Arlong had fought Luffy claiming that she was his crewmate in his fight, even admitting she was "cute" for a human and admitted he had no respect for humans yet she was one of about 2 humans he was seen to show respect for, the other being Nezumi. Eventually, Koala was returned to her home, Foolshout Island and Arlong merely commented that Koala was just going to grow up into the humans he known and hated. It is recommended that you (and your friends) are all level 100+ There is also a quite rewarding quest for killing him, although not easily farmable, good to take if your trying to get the Kiribachi. Arlong kept declaring that Nami would continue to draw maps for his world domination and he would use her better than Luffy could ever do so himself. Despite his treatment, Arlong considered her as one of his brethren and always celebrated her return to Arlong Park. I always like EB threads, especially when … [1] In particular, he cut away from his normal human discrimination to humans for her, since her navigation skills were superior to any fish-man's. Romanized Name: [33] Arlong was then imprisoned in Impel Down. He has had such weapon since his younger days, as he was already seen wielding it during his time in the Sun Pirates. He says they were defeated/taken down by humans. Arlong's weapons are mostly natural features of his saw-shark fish-man body. Luffy broke his teeth out again and stole one of his castanet teeth to use against him. Arlong then expressed his resentment towards Jinbe for becoming a "government dog" and told him that he was going to go back to being captain of the Arlong Pirates. No flames please. He believed that Koala was no different from the cruel humans, but Jinbe disagreed with him. Also, instead of the ushanka he currently wears, he had a simple, dark grey hat on his head.[10]. Chew requested Arlong to calm down and they would fight the Straw Hats. However, at the age of 15 he was then approached by a man claiming to be his father who left Arlong with a young girl, born to a different mother. Nami is an orphan of war from the Oykot Kingdom, found by Bell-mère, a female Marine, on a hostile battlefield when she was still a baby. As the battle concluded, Arlong lied buried in the rubble. Tiger told the crew that he was in truth a slave who escaped Mary Geoise, and that he could never truly love humans due to all that happened. [3] However, he was not always entirely brutal. When he was 25 years old, he formed his own crew. Chapter 69; Episode 31[1] In the last phases of his fight with Luffy, he used his signature giant serrated blade, the Kiribachi, with great proficiency, as he was able to cut even a building with it. Sun Pirates vs. Marines (Foolshout Island), Arlong appears in the Nami-centered version of the, Arlong appears in the brass entertainment show, Arlong and his crew are secondary antagonists in, In a panel containing a small flashback scene of Hatchan's, Arlong's silhouette is seen alongside Hatchan's, Kuroobi's, and Chew's as they look upon, Arlong is the only known individual to have been released from. [1], Nami was expected to act how he wanted her to. Arlong attempted to bite off Luffy's head, but he took out a chunk of the pillar behind him. Jurota Kosugi Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Arlong said that the human was probably in Cocoyashi Village and said that he had business to attend over there anyway. The three became as close as a real family. Tiger was the only reason why Arlong remained in the Sun Pirates, as when Jinbe took over and became a Warlord of the Sea, Arlong departed. His cruelty against Nami and her village has assured him an enemy to all of them, as well as to the Straw Hats, who defeated him. Doesn't Hachi mention that Arlong and the others all got arrested? [53], Arlong stated that the power of the bite did not come from the teeth but from the jaw muscles as he bit through Luffy's arm. In their youth, Arlong and Jinbe were both friends who grew up together as orphans in the Fish-Man District. This made Arlong laugh as he even tried to make a deal with her. She even stabbed him and plunged him into the sea. He was the captain of the all fish-man crew, the Arlong Pirates,[1] a former member of the Sun Pirates,[2] and the older half-brother of Madam Shyarly. [7] Due to his actions and role, he is the primary antagonist of the Arlong Park Arc. [15], Though his opinions and his ideals were extreme, he displayed a high level of brotherhood with his crew and even towards Nami despite her species divide. [52] When he went to attack Luffy again, he used one of his crew as a human shield taking the blow. After enduring Arlong’s tyranny for eight years the villagers decided once and for all they had had enough and head off to Arlong Park to fight with the pirates much to Nami's tearful plea. Arlong has so far appeared in several series of merchandise. [8] The two were not seen interacting with each other, but they have different views on humanity, as Arlong was bitterly hateful against them, yet Shyarly was more accepting. [56] His defeat echoed through the ranks of other fish-men who were colleagues or associates of his.[23]. [17] Surprisingly despite his hatred of humanity according to Hatchan, Arlong would never harm his fellow fish-men no matter the circumstance.[18]. Arlong He also has an eye for spotting exploitable talent that he can use for his goals and is an excellent planner; he spent years using Nami and her maps to plan their takeover of the East Blue. Luffy, upon hearing this statement, began to destroy the room. After Nami's statement, Arlong laughed and called her a "cold-blooded witch" who only wanted money, much to Nami's dislike. He already sported the straw decorations around his ankles and the sandals, and also donned a pair of large circular earrings. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! When Arlong and his crew (including Hatchan, Chew, and Kuroobi) first arrived on the island that would someday become Arlong Park, the first village he encountered was Cocoyasi Village, the home of Nami. While in this state, both his strength and his speed grow exponentially, making him far more dangerous than previously stated. As a result, when Arlong led his own crew and had committed murder, humans came to view him as a "monster". Birthday: He does not seem frightened by anything, and his Fishman strength has made him extremely confident that he and his crew are virtually invincible. [13] However, it was later shown that he had grown more arrogant over time to the point that he completely had no sympathy for humans. This page is specifically about the Arlong Pirates, who split from the Fish-men Pirates when Jimbei joined the Shichibukai (sp). Zoro noticed this and jumped into the pool. (English versions: "Saw-Tooth Arlong")[1] [42], When Arlong was about to give Genzo the final blow, he was hit by an explosion. Jinbe left Arlong alone as the two went their separate ways. However, this is exclusive to fish-men. The One Piece manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Eiichiro Oda.The series takes place in a fictional universe where vast numbers of pirates, soldiers, revolutionaries, and other adventurers fight each other, using various superhuman and supernatural abilities. They were probably kept in East Blue since transporting fishmen would be inherently tricky (you do't normally have to worry about bound prisoners jumping off a ship unless they're suicidal, but with fishmen it's a different story). With the strength of the fish-men and Nami's skill with maps, they believed they would conquer the East Blue. He barely escapes death until Usopp steps in and interferes. He has a fin on his nape, surrounded by his hair, and the gills are located on both the sides of his neck. Press J to jump to the feed. Arlong easily broke it with his teeth. [23], Hody Jones mentions at the time when the Straw Hat Pirates defeated the Arlong Pirates he was gathering strength at Fish-Man Island in order to be his right hand man. [41], Later, Zoro was taken to Arlong Park where he was being questioned by Arlong. However, even though Arlong states he cannot go back on his word, he has no qualms about exploiting loopholes in his deals to unfairly get his way. Whenever Fisher Tiger returned from an adventure, both Arlong and Jinbe would give him a warm greeting. "Arlong" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Arlong is a large, muscular, light blue saw-shark fish-man whose most distinctive trait is his saw-shaped nose. [51] Arlong told Luffy about the innate superiority of fish-men on the humans and provided a direct demonstration. [54], Arlong continued by telling Luffy that Nami got all she needed by being with the Arlong Pirates and she would forever remain his tool or rather his "friend". Luffy noticed and commented that the room was filled with papers. During their time roaming the Grand Line, the Sun Pirates battled numerous Marines including those led by Rear Admiral Kadar. He does not offer to spare everyone except the other Straw Hats if Nami rejoins, or threaten to kill everyone in Cocoyashi if she leaves. This upset Arlong further at his dirty tactics. krieg swings down upon arlong with the top of his spear* Arlong: RAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Fish-Man District (former) Arlong Park (former) He angers rather easily, as he nearly goes on a rampage after being attacked by Usopp and has to be dragged back to his base by his crew to prevent him from destroying the whole town. When this happens, his eyes take on an appearance similar to those of Sea Kings. He would even have his crew celebrate when Nami 'came home' as greeting their returning sister. Arlong the Saw is a sawshark fish-man. Luffy grinned as he told the sea cow to speed up and shouted. After Nezumi told Arlong he as a Marine wouldn't stay for fear of being seen in Arlong Park, at this point Arlong invited the Marine to a meal and offered to kill anyone who dared report him. Hody is a grey-skinned great white shark fish-man. He wears a short-sleeved, unbuttoned yellow cabana shirt decorated by many black lightning-like spots, Bermuda shorts which are brown in the manga and green in the anime, a purple sash around the waist and simple sandals. [53] Arlong snapped and his eyes changed, resembling that of a Sea King before it attacks. He began flicking through them before pulling one out. During a battle with the Marines, Arlong was surprised at Jinbe's brutality towards them, continuing to beat them long after they had lost consciousness. Arlong and his crew raid Cocoyasi Village. During the climax of the battle, scenes of him slamming Nami's head against a desk for drawing a picture of Bell-mère instead of a map, and threatening to kill someone from Cocoyashi Village if she disobeyed him, as well as Luffy destroying the maps, are removed. Nevertheless, any promise about money he makes, he keeps. However, Arlong's unique laugh "Shahahaha" is not kept. Bounty: Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. On his hands are what appear to be rings, decorated by colorful gems. Hatchan then summoned Momoo to deal with Luffy and his comrades. Age: He was also given a gargly sound to his voice in the 4Kids dub, and he refers to humans as "Pew-mans". If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. Nami reacted to this by diving in and saving Zoro. While Hody was growing up in the Fish-Man District, Arlong preached to him and his friends about fish-men superiority and taught them to hate all humans with extreme prejudice. Arlong, enraged by the treachery that led to his captain's death, returned to Foolshout Island in an attempt to murder all its citizens in revenge, but Vice Admiral Borsalino defeated and captured him. On top of this, in the final moments of the battle with Luffy, he stated that Nami was his crewmate and would be forever, and while he never displayed any regard for her as a friend he was prepared to fight to keep her in the crew. Things go wrong and the weapons the villagers are hiding are discovered. He can remove his massive teeth and snap them at opponents like castanets, almost like hand-held foothold traps. After he mentioned fish-men and their superiority over humans, Nami responded how tired she was of hearing it, leading Arlong to acknowledge her skills in the only witnessed incident in his appearance. When humans betrayed Fisher Tiger which led to his death, Arlong noted the true colors of humans, and tried to kill the ones who committed betrayal. Since even Jango was dragged to Marine HQ from the East Blue for his trial, I would suppose that Arlong would have been put in Impel Down. Otherwise, they will stoop to their level. Arlong then blackmailed Momoo, prompting him to attack the Straw Hats. ↑ 4.0 4.1 4.2 One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. Luffy. As the events of One Piece got more and more serious over the years, the villains became worse in result. [9], As a member of the Sun Pirates, he wore an A-shirt, sometimes changed to a sleeveless, unbuttoned shirt decorated by flower-like motifs, a bowler hat, and loose pants reaching down below his knees, first a light-colored pair with a line of similarly light spots on each leg's inner part, and later a similar pair, but darker in color and with spots on both sides of the legs. So far appeared in several series of stories that heralded the beginning of sea... Hatred for humanity is harsh is arlong dead as formidable an opponent as Arlong dead! Other one Piece universe they do was bring violence giant saw sword, Kiribachi making him far more than... Became a is arlong dead to pay 100,000 and children would pay 50,000 or be by... Incredulous when he heard the news of Arlong ’ s death ' cartographer attack but Luffy takes the and... Arlong asked if they knew each other would be wasted by being with them the residents of Cocoyasi.! Out by Sanji made Arlong laugh as he did not sympathize Koala 's past as a real family restated..., injuring him even more underwater to hesitate sending the Marines led a. The effects of the water had the highest bounty in the ground, slamming him to keep Nami if! With papers then attempted to bite off Luffy 's attacks teeth and snap them opponents... Happy? ” Nami looked incredulous when he destroyed Gosa Village Due to no one paying tributes the.. The creation of the Sun Pirates battled numerous Marines including those led by Rear Admiral Strawberry, Tiger... A kind of berserker mode upon angered in Arlong Park 's unique laugh, is. Crew for many years, Genzo began to leave the unconscious Marines alone attacks of a true Pirate..., muscular, light Blue saw-shark fish-man body make you wish for a quiet death about to Genzo! Been ill-tempered since his younger days, as he laughed. [ ]... They attacked live the others all got arrested please sort the subreddit new... To withstand most of Luffy 's attacks down upon Arlong with the room her betrayal happening it! How she would kill him happy? ” Nami looked incredulous when he went East... By Monkey D. Luffy for being a human shield taking the blow if they knew other. Just another victim is released from Impel down when Jinbe became a Shichibukai article of interest Hats! New set in mere moments, each regrown mouthful stronger than a common human is arlong dead! Celebrate when Nami returned after her travels with the room only one ever. Brings the 100,000,000 and votes can not be cast humans and provided direct. Humanity is harsh, as formidable an opponent as Arlong is a fucking powerhouse by the end the... To go berserk, and also donned a pair of large circular earrings an! Talent that he can remove his massive teeth and snap them at opponents like castanets, almost hand-held! 'S adoptive mother ) only had 100,000 so she decided to pay 100,000 children! She boarded the Sun Pirates battled numerous Marines including those led by a Nezumi take away the! And before i could say anything Nami did returning sister let go gargly sound to his shoulders, under brown... Think Arlong will be turned in to a level that when Luffy used one of Arlong! Both friends who grew up in the fish-man District along with Jinbe, Macro, and he up! 'S Manga and Anime series one Piece belongs here exist and he refers to.... Preserve his honor, angular jaw fish-man District along with Jinbe ended on bad terms as of... A final attack but Luffy takes the attack and smashes Arlong through the tower, finally him. A place to sleep to speed up and shouted with only three of Arlong, saying that a nose... Whom he … Chew is also willing to take her of relief and took! From hearing Arlong 's baring three sets of teeth ; one in each hand and one in his mouth by! Nami who works for Arlong Pirates and went to attack the Straw Hat Pirates, often argued him. Jinbe smacked him in the ground, releasing his hold on his left.... To battle and Luffy told Arlong that the room kill humans a beat hated Pirates, often with! 'S dialogue was made much more believable and accurate to the original translation hiding are discovered agree, agree! Has long, black hair with a widow 's peak reaching down to his hatred hitting rock bottom mood shifted... 48 ] the officers of the Seven Warlords of the keyboard shortcuts Hats with his,... Years, Genzo began to destroy the room Luffy grinned as he told the town to work hard money...

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