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5. Here are some examples. 0. 0. 0. involved having to repeatedly cross flooded rivers. Below is a list of flood events that were of significant impact to California. 2. 2. River flooding occurs when water levels in rivers, lakes, and streams rise and overflow onto the surrounding banks, shores, and neighboring land. Flood-plain sentence examples. A large amount or number, especially when moving from one place to another: received a flood of applications. Flood in a sentence up(5) down(3) Sentence count:212+31Posted:2016-07-20Updated:2016-12-13. In the sense of "flowing water", the word may also be applied to the inflow of the tide.Floods are an area of study of the discipline hydrology and are of significant concern in agriculture, civil engineering and public health. flood of mail. The "'Flood of 1955 "'in Connecticut is one of the worst floods in Connecticut's history. During floods they pour over their banks upon the surrounding valleys, by a thousand channels which interlace and establish communication between the main streams. 32. Examples of ton of food in a sentence, how to use it. On the south side, above the Xingu, a line of low bluffs extends, in a series of gentle curves with hardly any breaks nearly to Santarem, but a considerable distance inland, bordering the flood-plain, which is many miles wide. Examples of floods in a sentence: 1. 0. Through no fault of the organisers, last year's River Festival was a total washout, with torrential rain and flooding. The water level rise could be due to excessive rain from tropical cyclones, snowmelt, or ice jams. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions) On the other hand, flood is defined by the insurance industry and the federal government as «water or water-borne material moving along the ground.» MONEY. flood of hype. Countries from around the world have been sending relief to the flood victims. Examples of Flood in a sentence. Flood definition is - a rising and overflowing of a body of water especially onto normally dry land; also : a condition of overflowing. flood in a sentence - Use "flood" in a sentence 1. Everybody is continuously connected to everybody else on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Reddit, e-mailing, texting, faster and faster, with the flood of information jeopardizing meaning. The water is dirty and, in flood times, deadly. flood of commercial. High quality example sentences with “flood of information” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English 2. Sentences with word «flood» (see phrases) A flood is an overflow of water that submerges land that is usually dry. The flood completely wiped out the village. Looking for sentences and phrases with the word flood? Learn more in the Cambridge English-Turkish Dictionary. 100 examples: A variety of ' loyal ' complaints and petitions flooded into government offices… RELATED ( 12 ) flood of campaign. Bill K. Kapri – Sentence commuted More commonly known as Kodak Black, the recording artist was sentenced to 46 months in prison for making a false statement on a Federal document. [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples. The town remembered her as the heroine of the flood and erected a statue in her honor. A floodlight, specifically a unit that produces a beam of intense light. Sentences Menu. flood (flŭd) n. 1. A flood is an overflow of water that submerges land that is usually dry. A: Flood can be a noun ("a flood destroyed this town recently") or a verb ("If we don't finish this wall soon, the town will flood") Flooding is only a noun, and it describes the situation of being covered by water. Before his conviction and after reaching success, Kodak Black became deeply involved in numerous philanthropic efforts. click for more sentences of flood … Example sentences with the word flooded. Sentence Examples. The purpose was to decrease the floods which sometimes threaten to entirely submerge the city. Several smaller earthen dams were also reported topped by flood waters. An overflowing of water onto land that is normally dry. Looking for sentences and phrases with the word flooding? German Translation of “flood” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Sentence Examples. See Synonyms at flow. flood of media. 22. flood of call. 2. flooded example sentences. Learn more. Questions about example sentences with, and the definition and usage of "Flood" Meanings of words and phrases; Example sentences . After-effects of Flood. They flood the open spaces in their time with lists of meetings and minutia - even during times of stress and fatigue. After numerous bifurcations they find their way into the sea by three principal mouths. Once the large dam broke, the flood of water quickly gushed over the sides onto the land. the Flood: a flood described in the Bible as covering the earth in the time of Noah. 28. flood insurance definition: insurance that protects against the risk of damage to property or possessions caused by a flood: . Find more ways to say flood, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. One tool in predicting river floods is the monitoring of flood stage. a larger amount of water than can fit into the container which causes it to spill over the sides. 3. The great Red River flood of 1997 is finally over. ‘a flood barrier’ ‘The main cause of flooding in the city centre is the use of flood barriers beyond the city centre.’ ‘‘We don't know whether the bridge can cope with that amount of water during a flood and it could eventually collapse,’ he said.’ 20 examples: We must now take action to ensure that we grow every ton of food possible from… 2 . Below is a list of flood events that were of significant impact to California. Floods interrupt with the day to day functioning of the affected area. flood of tender. 3. Sentence examples for flood of advertisement from inspiring English sources. list of flood in a sentence - Use "list of flood" in a sentence 1. Examples of flood in a sentence, how to use it. Federal officials are compiling a detailed list of flood damage thus far but have not yet finished the survey or estimated the losses. What are to them these floods of grief you shed? See more. Definition of Flood. ‘Here droughts, floods and locusts destroy crops and rinderpest kills cattle.’ ‘When Cawood faced severe flooding in 2000, club members pumped away water seeping through the flood defences for three days.’ ‘Firefighters, police, council workers and Thames Water joined forces to fight back the flood … 4. Flood definition, a great flowing or overflowing of water, especially over land not usually submerged. a flood of tears. Great floods are feared as public misfortunes. flood verb translate: sel basmak, sular altında kalmak, dolmak, doldurmak, taşmak; tıka basa doldurmak. An explanation that I favour for the sinking is that the snort mast float valve jammed open, flooding the boat. How to use flood in a sentence. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases. flood of issuance. flood of marketing. 0. a flood of phone calls. Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Flood damages the living conditions and it takes a lot of time to recover from this disaster. Much high and dry "made" land has been reclaimed from the river flood-plain. 0. flood of 1997 in a sentence - Use "flood of 1997" in a sentence 1. Time Busy Stress. 2. When she realized all the damage the flood had caused, she burst into tears. Federal officials are compiling a detailed list of flood damage thus far but have not yet finished the survey or estimated the losses. Two more floods damaged the bridge, including the Flood of 1955 in the aftermath of both Hurricane Connie and Hurricane Diane. It's difficult to see flood of 1955 in a sentence . Similar words: floor, bloody, flour, flow, float, flourish, food, good. People prepared for the flood due to the meteorologist’s forecast of a hard steady rain. flood of advice . He has served nearly half of his sentence. How to use flood tide in a sentence. Flood definition: If there is a flood , a large amount of water covers an area which is usually dry, for... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Flood is defined as to overflow, or put too much liquid into something. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "flood", they often have floods after a heavy rainfallIn the Southern U.S.A., they often have floods after a heavy rainfall. What floods of tears and kisses and promises! Synonym: deluge, drench, inundate, overfill, overflow, oversupply. The severe floods sometimes cause mass destruction. We've received a flood of mail. a flood of criticism. At least two Little Egrets were feeding in the flooded lagoon. Flood tide definition is - a rising tide. flood-plain. The bridge was washed away by the flood. A flood tide. Therefore, the consequences of floods must be known and steps must be taken to prevent it. list of floods in a sentence - Use "list of floods" in a sentence 1. 3 [singular]: a large amount of things that come or happen at the same time. Mr. Jones paid extra for the flood damage endorsement on his house insurance. Antonym: drain, draught. 2. flood of announcements. The same flood of liberal humanism which has broken the back of the Church of England, flooded also across Western Catholicism. flood of material. 37. Menu. Dictionary ! Here are some examples. Translations of the phrase FOOD ALWAYS from english to german and examples of the use of "FOOD ALWAYS" in a sentence with their translations: Free food always tastes good. Another word for flood. The Red River Flood of 1997 devastated the city. Floods sentence examples.

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