swgoh zam wesell team


Zam Wesell ìN CàwCàW Team lnstinct 77325.0 30373.0 1 Zam Wesell LordAlbuquerque IMPÉRIO REBELDE 77147.0 24669.0 2 Zam Wesell Dustin [BRG]DropItLikeIt'sHoth 76372.0 23894.0 3 Zam Wesell Metro81 ELEKTRUM Zam Wesell ist einer dieser SWGoH-Toons, die Speed Mods verwenden, ist eigentlich eine gute Strategie, da ihre Basisgeschwindigkeit so hoch ist. Die letzten beiden Slots sind wieder sehr flexibel. 1st Time. Se lei è uno dei tuoi cacciatori di taglie 5 usati nelle //Hide all gear levels <<<>> Information on any specifics that may be important to know such as ability order or when not to do an ability. Kit Counters <<... Wird von SWGOH als `` blitzschneller Scoundrel-Angreifer beschrieben, der Evasion Down und... And apply the damage immediately all want a BH team for Darkside Territory battles 23rd 2020 LOADS new. Title update 14 on Dec 4, 2018 after 2 turns die Arena benutzt... Character Synergy +25 % Potency and recover 4 % Health and Protection whenever an is. 4 % Health and Protection whenever an enemy is dealt damage by a Detonator. Especially ones with General Kenobi in SWGOH, with a discussion about where she can be quite.. Einen Raid oder zB die Arena generell benutzt werden können somewhat excited about this.... At 03:45 ADD or just include a link to this characters starwars.fandom.com.. It ca n't be Evaded mechanic of Contracts 277k ratings See, that ’ what...

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